the revised gre test introduction and overview. the gre – frequently asked questions* *for answers...

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  • The Revised GRE Test Introduction and Overview
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  • The GRE Frequently asked questions* *For answers to other important questions about the GRE, or to register for the general test, visit Q: What is on the GRE? A: The GRE consists of two subtests - one involving math skills and the other involving verbal skills - and an analytical writing assessment. Q: How is the GRE scored? A: The math and verbal subtests each receive a score ranging from 130-170, in one- point increments. The analytical writing assessment is given a separate score, on a scale of 0 to 6.
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  • The GRE Frequently asked questions Q: How is the GRE structured? A: The analytical writing assessment comes first. It consists of two 30-minute sections, each requiring one to respond to a given prompt. Next comes the GRE proper - 2 verbal sections and 2 math sections. The verbal sections each consist of 20 items, with 30 minutes to complete them. The math sections also consist of 20 items, but with 35 minutes to complete each of these sections. The GRE is computer-based, but otherwise much like a paper-and-pencil exam you may skip questions, leave questions blank etc. The best way to familiarise one with the interface of the computer-based GRE is to practice with PowerPrep software, which gives one the closest thing to the actual experience of taking the GRE.
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  • The GRE Frequently asked questions Q: What are the math skills tested on the GRE? A: Virtually all the math tested on the GRE is covered by most students by the end of the 9th grade. A few specialized topics, such as standard deviation, are more advanced, but their mastery is not necessary to obtain a high score. The GRE emphasizes problem solving, not math knowledge. GRE math items are hard not because the math skills themselves are difficult, but because the items that involve these skills require the test taker to analyze complex problems and implement multi-step solutions.
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  • The GRE Frequently asked questions Q: How important is learning new vocabulary to improving ones GRE score? A: Not very. Clearly, the more English words one knows, the better. But the revised GRE is designed to test vocabulary in context only, and so the emphasis is not on vocabulary per se, but on critical reading skills such as recognizing the roles of key words like although and since, and understanding the importance of surrounding words towards determining the meaning of a missing word. Most test takers who plan to take the GRE within two or three months are better served by developing these critical reading skills than by trying to learn new vocabulary.
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  • A B C D GRE Math: Item Formats Quantitative comparison: Four answer choices, select exactly one: These Items require you to compare two expressions and determine the relation between their values, if a determinate relation exists. Quantity AQuantity B The circumference of the circle 12 O is the center of the circle, and the perimeter of Triangle AOB is 6. 2 2
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  • GRE Math: Item Formats Multiple choice items Five options, select exactly one These are the standard multiple choice items with which most test takers are familiar. 14. If a is the smallest prime number greater than 21 and b is the largest prime number less than 16, then ab = A 299 B 323 C 330 D 345 E 351 a = 23 b = 13 ab = 299
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  • GRE Math: Item Formats Multiple choice items Three or more options, select more than one Some of these items require one to select exactly 2 answer choices; other instruct one to select all that apply, from one answer choice up. The number of answer choices available with these items ranges from three to more than five. Answer choices appear in squares to distinguish these items from select only one items. 11. In triangle ABC, the measure of angle A is 25 and The measure of angle B is greater than 90. Which of the following could be the measure of angle C ? Indicate all such measures. A 12 B 15 C 45 D 50 E 70 A B C 25>90


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