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  • The Renaissance The Rebirth
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  • TermMeaningExamples
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  • Setting the Stage The Middle Ages Valued mainly the church Spread Christianity at any cost The Crusades Experienced the bubonic plague The Renaissance The revival of art and learning Lasted from 1300- 1600 A celebration of life and the human spirit The Rebirth
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  • Getting Started Started in Italy Why? City States Due to overseas trade in the Crusades Created large city-states
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  • Who benefited? The Merchants A large merchant class developed in each city- state Examples: Milan and Florence The Medici one of the most powerful banking families in Florence Cosimo de Medici was the wealthiest European and gained control over Florence in 1434 His grandson gained control after Cosimo died and he was known as Lorenzo the Magnificent
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  • Worldly Values Renaissance Man All educated people were expected to create art Baldassare Castiglione wrote the Courtier do describe the Renaissance Man CharmingDance WittyPlay Music EducatedWrite Poetry Sing
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  • Artists Michelangelo Painter, sculptor, and poet Famous for painting the Sistine chapel Donatello Sculptor Carved natural postures and expressions that reveal personality Famous for his statue of David
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  • Artists Leonardo Painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist Famous for his designs that include: The parachuteDiving suit Power LoomSubmarine Armored TankConstruction Crane Raphael Painter Famous for using perspective
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  • Writers Petrarch One of the earliest and most influential humanist Known as the father of the Renaissance Wrote Poetry Machiavelli Humanist that sought to advise those in government Wrote: The Prince Political guidebook that emphasized that most people were selfish, fickle and corrupt.


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