the renaissance 1485-1660. means “rebirth” refers to a renewed interest in classical learning-...

Download The Renaissance 1485-1660. Means “rebirth” Refers to a renewed interest in classical learning- the writings of ancient Greece and Rome People discovered

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  • The Renaissance1485-1660

  • Means rebirthRefers to a renewed interest in classical learning- the writings of ancient Greece and RomePeople discovered the Greek and Latin classicsPeople read, wrote, and spoke Greek and Latin

  • People became more curious about the world than they were during the Middle Ages.

  • Where did it all begin????

  • Italy: 14th 16th centuriesWealth generated from banking and trade with the East.Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloChristopher ColumbusGalileo

  • Why are these people notable?Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloChristopher ColumbusGalileo

  • HumanismHumanists went to the classics and asked questions.

    What is a human being?What is a good life?How do I lead a good life?

  • Desiderius Erasmus(1466-1536)

    Thomas More(1477-1535)

  • Protestant ReformationRejected the authority of the Pope and Italian churchmenBy the 1530s, an open break with the Roman Catholic church was evident.

  • His wives..Catherine of AragonAnne BoleynJane SeymourAnne of ClevesCatherine HowardCatherine Parr

  • The Fates of his WivesDivorcedBeheadedDiedDivorcedBeheadedSurvived

  • Queen Elizabeth I1558-1603One of the most brilliant and successful monarchsRuled after her half-sister the Catholic Bloody MaryReturned England to a Protestant state

  • The last great writer of the Renaissance was John Milton. He lived in an age where educated people were becoming more worldly in their outlook.

  • The English Renaissance was over.


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