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This article is about Dale Calvert a very successful Off-line Marketer and Mike Dillard a very successful Online Marketer.


<ul><li> 1. I have recently finished reading an eBook by Dale Calvert called.The 7 Lies Of Attraction Marketing.As you can imagine from the title.It is rather controversial, and thats putting it mildly.Dale is certainly not pulling any punches with his views on Attraction Marketing.So, if you are a Network Marketer.Who has... as Dale would put it drankThe Attraction Marketing KoolAide"You will find what you are about to read, just a little bit uncomfortable.For those of you who are non-Internet or Network Marketers, you might just be wondering whatexactly is Attraction Marketing, and where did it begin.Well, it all started with Mike Dillard. The man who first coined the phrase, and made it famous. MikeDillard had a very basic teaching principle which was to."Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter"He called it his Magnetic Sponsoring System, and I first heard about it in 2008As you can imagine. It was a massive success, almost overnight taking the Network MarketingIndustry by storm. And making Mike Dillard the talk of the town.Even people who by definition were not Network Marketers, was heavily promoting the MagneticSponsoring System.My email inbox was flooded with messages from other Internet Marketers urging me to buy theproduct. Which of course, I eventually did.Dale Calvert Says...That the Magnetic Sponsoring System is flawed because Mike Dillard teaches from a stand point, ofsomeone who had initially failed at offline marketing,Which according to Dale makes Mike Dillard a great marketer, but not really a good NetworkMarketer.Dale firmly believes that the reason why Mike crashed and burned in his early years. Was because hehad virtually non-existent lead generation and prospecting skills.</li></ul> <p> 2. Having read the Magnetic Sponsoring manual myself, from front to back on more than one occasion. Iwould definitely say that Dale has a point.Mike Dillard Says...That his Magnetic Sponsoring System has been one of the best things to happen in NetworkMarketing for years. Mike impliesthat he is actually the real godfather of attraction and leadgeneration.And that, most of the current crop of top MLM and Network Marketers. Are simply re-hashing stufffrom his MLM Traffic Formula and Magnetic Sponsoring systems.He readily admits that he sucked at attracting leads in the early stages of his career.But puts that down to his up-line mentor keeping him in the dark about how much trial and error hewould have to endure, before seeing any reward for all of his hard work.Final Thoughts...Having read The 7 Lies Of Attraction Marketing and Magnetic Sponsoring, It seems to me like, thatthis is a classic battle between a successful offline marketer, and a successful online marketer. Whoboth hold very strong views on Network Marketing.While there can be no denying that the foundation of Internet Marketing, originates from offlineMarketers like Dale Calvert. A lot of credit and respect must also be given to Mike Dillard for adaptingthose tried and tested MLM and Network marketing strategies for todays budding onlineentrepreneurs.Please leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.</p>