The Power of Social Media in Inspiring Travel

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In todays world social media plays an ever increasing role in inspiring and motivating people to travel. By harnessing these social media channels and applying proven techniques we can reach potential clients as well as drive conversions. By partnering with influencers we can reach an engaged and motivated audience that has established a connection with these particular individuals. Developing campaigns and partnerships will allow us to reach a different part of the market that might otherwise be unattainable.


<ul><li> 1. POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN INSPIRING TRAVEL WITH DAVE BOUSKILL &amp; DEBRA CORBEIL WWW .THEPLANETD.COM </li></ul> <p> 2. THE PLANET D Dave and Deb The Planet D 3. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA 4. DIGITAL STORYTELLERS Creating Content using Multiple platforms Two way communication: Creating Conversation Personal voice First Hand Experiences 5. VIDEO STORYTELLING;feature=share&amp;list=PL33094DC2CCD675D0 6. BENEFITS OF A BLOG Detailed Account Trusted Voice Entertained - StoryTelling 7. The Average consumer is subjected to over 6000 marketing messages in any given day! 8. CASE STUDY #1 Emilia Romagna Tourism Board More than 10k tweets generated 70 million Twitter impressions 7 million Twitter accounts reached #BlogVille was a global trending topic on Twitter on 8th July, 2012 2,000 updates published on Facebook; 500 comments received More than 3,000 shared photos/videos on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube 50 Bloggers 9. SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media Channels Storyline in the Moment Creates a connection between brand and reader through a personal story in Real Time. Puts a human face on your brand or destination. 10. ICELAND IN REAL TIME Twitter Google + Instagram YouTube Facebook 11. CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE 12. CYCLE OF TRAVEL SOCIAL MEDIA: PLAYS HUGE PART 13. HAVE A STRATEGY Buzz Event Follow Up 14. THE FIRST STEPS Have a story angle in mind. What do you want to Highlight Find out how you want to communicate the Who, What , Where, When and How of the story 15. INSTAGRAM Best Real Time Story Telling Tool Visual Share to Multiple Platforms Video 16. FACEBOOK Make a connection between you and the storyteller Ask Questions 17. FACEBOOK Use Visuals Evoke a sense of place and experience. High quality photos Include Real People 18. GOOGLE + Live Hangouts On Air Best Platform for Photos 19. TWITTER Engage audience with questions Be consistent Provide information Have a hashtag Twitter Chats 20. EXPEDIA FIND YOURS;feature=share&amp;list=PL33094DC2CCD675D0 21. EXPEDIA FIND YOURS 22. Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. Seth Godin 23. QUESTIONS? Continue the Conversation with us! @theplanetd on Twitter Facebook Google + Instagram </p>