The Pot Project: An Ethnography of the Marijuana Culture at UMW

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The Pot Project: An Ethnography of the Marijuana Culture at UMW. Katie Knoop & Mary Cornell. Methods. 7 in-depth face to face interviews, 1 phone interview : 4 females, 4 males All students enrolled at UMW Ages between 21-23 years old All Caucasian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Pot Project: An Ethnography of the Marijuana Culture at UMW

The Pot Project: An Ethnography of the Marijuana Culture at UMWKatie Knoop & Mary CornellMethods7 in-depth face to face interviews, 1 phone interview: 4 females, 4 malesAll students enrolled at UMWAges between 21-23 years oldAll Caucasian Half smoke relatively frequently (at least 4-6 times a week)Half only on occasion (3-4 times a month)1 participant observation: 4/2016 students: 5 males, 11 females

Research Question(s) Does marijuana use influence the college experience at UMW? How?Are there notable sociological distinctions within this population that smoke?How do preconceived notions of marijuana use affect social behaviors and academic productivity within college populations?

Major ThemesSmoking creates a platform for socializing; most students interviewed preferred to smoke in a group settingMen on average are more comfortable with marijuana than women at UMWMarijuana use does not hinder productivity in academic and/or community involvement

Social PlatformI only smoke with other people, so I wouldnt think of myself as a pothead- Subject J (male)4/20 as a holiday for the marijuana subcultureCommunity bonding: provides a perceived judgment-free space for interactionSymbolism of passing a bowl: no sense of ownership, everyone can have a toke whether they paid for it or not Subject N (male)

Gender DynamicI almost prefer smoking to drinking because I have better control over my body and actions. Its more relaxing and it enhances ordinary things- Subject J (male)The improvement in quality of life is worth the potential repercussions. It improves daily activities; cleaning a bathroom high is a lot better than cleaning a bathroom sober Subject H (male) Smoking is not a cool, credible thing to do. Its immature, and something people only want to do because its taboo Subject Na (female)Im very uncomfortable after smoking, I feel vulnerable, like everything I say and do is being monitored Subject L (female)Academic/Community InvolvementSix subjects are employed along with being full time studentsFive subjects actively participate in extracurricular activitiesThe majority of subjects take their academic career very seriously I smoke when I have time. School takes first priority right now, but if its the weekend and nothings going on Id definitely bring out the bowl Subject A (female)4/20 Participant ObservationSomeone comments welcome to the mist as another joins the scene Pot Luck Dinner where everyone brings something to eat and smoke Communal sharing in a comfortable spaceTwo blunts were passed around in opposite directions while the HBO show Game of Thrones was playingEconomy of dignity within the cannabis subculture

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