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Career path for the artist from talented individual to Icon


  • 1. HIGH RISK STRATEGY Quick fix Illusion!
  • 2. X Factor has is in its 9th year and had 8 winnersand to date approx 1,000,000 auditions.1. Can you name the 8 winners2. Can you name additional artists you consider to have gained a successful pop careers from the show.3. Bonus point: Who won The Voice UK
  • 3. You have a musical talentYou enjoy performing for peopleNot made a decision to try and exploit your talent
  • 4. Understanding why you intend to pursue this career pathRealistically deciding on what you want and why you want it NB. Fun may not sufficient to sustain your career
  • 5. Committed yourself to the journey Giving your talent the responsibility ofproviding for your future Entering a new worldThe business of music
  • 6. Committing to your destinyDefining your artistic directionDefining your artistic identity Identifying your uniqueness what is special about you
  • 7. Beginning to expose your talent to potential fans Trying to develop a styleGetting used to interacting with audiences
  • 8. Develop a performance style and ability to handle difficult audiencesTo find ways to display your unique talent and ability within your performance To obtain gigs that will benefit your development To try and get paid for said gigs Not to get stuck in the gig zone!
  • 9. You begin to professionallyrecord your songs or songs written for youThe creation of professional products Presenting yourself as a product/commodity
  • 10. Achieving a level of skill in recording your material Writing or sourcing material that can garner significant attention Creating material that is unique but appeals to a mass market (but not everyone)Showing yourself to be on par with thebest and most successful, product wise.
  • 11. You begin to build a buzz through performances and recordings Industry begins to take notice and approachYou may be offered deals at this stage
  • 12. Do not assume success due to increased interest Develop ability to demonstrate your individuality Take advantage of opportunitiesBe prepared for interest not related to your music Avoid being a one hit wonder
  • 13. Recognised as someone with superstar potentialYou have the sound, the look and identity to make itHave experienced success with your materialMedia will become interested in more than your talent
  • 14. Do not allow new attention to distract you from you quest to fully fledged stardomNot all opportunities are for you, be careful of dangers to your careerEnforce your identity and message to increase your influence Your personal life will be in increased focusmake sure are careful and consistent with your identityDo not become lazy and assume your position is assured permanently
  • 15. Most successful or sought after star in a specific genreMost likely to win big awards which brings more opportunities and success First choice for large festivals and eventsFocus for corporate collaborations as you are seen as an influencer
  • 16. Continually produce high quality work representative of your genre Remain consistent with your identityWatch out for pretenders to your throne Continue to work hardChoose corporate opportunities in line with your identity
  • 17. A true pop star has fans and mediainterested in their personal as well as their professional activities Will be offered mainstreamopportunities in other areas such as TV and Film With clever concepts and good recordings it is not difficult to sustain continued success
  • 18. Remain true to your identity and do not try to please everyone Whilst you must work hard promotionally, be aware of harmful opportunities. Be careful of offering uniformed opinionsYou have influence over a large portion ofsociety be responsible with what you say. Although today media is everywhere youshould not expose every aspect of your life.
  • 19. Ability to attract huge attention and opportunities worldwideEven the smallest thing you dois now a massive media event People will subscribe to your message and ideals
  • 20. Surround yourself with good trustworthy and honest peopleAlways be true to yourself and our idenityBe careful of airing beef and your fans could act against opposing fans Mediocre work will be thoroughly discredited (media)You will have to cope with intense media intrusion
  • 21. Definition: A person or thingregarded as a representative symbol of something Had a significant change on mainstream society Accumulated a large body of high quality groundbreaking workAn Icons status increases after death


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