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Here is the Winter 2010 Edition of the Pinnacle Periodical. Take a look at some great work from Pinnacle Education students and staff.


Winter 2010 EditionA collection of work from the students & staff Pinnacle Education.PinnaclePeriodicalthepg. 3 | Section 1: Musings on Naturepg. 8 | Section 2: Invocing the Musespg. 10 | Section 3: Remembering Youthpg. 14 | Section 4: In Times of 17 | Section 5: Love and Heartbreakpg. 22 | Section 6: Death and Dyingpg. 25 | Section 7: Random Scribblings of ArtistsIn this Issue:WINTER 20101Musings on Nature23Ode to My TreeAs I grewI watched you grow.From as smallas a peato as tallas a tree.Youve given meall you can and Ive given my lovein return.Ive trusted youto protect mefrom the sun.Ive trusted youto shade mefrom my fears.Ive trusted youto give mea place toescape to.I love youand though youhave many yearsto come,Ill keep youin my memoryforever.By: Krystene BroussardHeidi Blestrud4Alex GuzmanAlyssa Grundman6By: Cody MooreOn a crystal clear day with no clouds in the waythe sun shines bright and all birds in flightI wake up and stretch with a yawn and crawl from the cloud which I sleptwalking to the kitchen and smell something delicousit is french toast on the white dishesI finish my meal and thank my mother for the treatI go to my room and put white socks on my feetI go right outside and smell the fresh airwalkinging farther and farther with no time to sparepeople walking to work they see me and call me jerkI walk and still smile without a carethose people are jealous of my great hairI get to the street and look at the carsi see lots of them all aroundsome of them red some real light brownI see lots of people tall and smallsome are different some not at allsome are bald some have hairsome have red underwearI feel sorry because they are bald.By: Bethany MatteraI learned the moons namefrom the last tileof the lotera board.I was five still short,with a broken leg.I picked a picture,a bright, luminous circle,from a pileof banjos, watermelon,and men.I compared images to words.The stars,las estrellas.The sky,el cielo.I held this night timesun in my handand whisperedla luna, la luna, la lunauntil it was imprintedon my tongueHow I Learned Spanish7The Man on the MoonBy Adriana ComstockHe rests in the crowded sky,admired bysilent drifters and sky seekerswho gaze at him but neverreach out to pluckhim from his starry home.When day comes andsunlight swallows the sky,he does not disappearbut is still there, waitingfor a comet,a satellite,a human face.Heidi Blestrud8Invocing the Muses9By: Clint VierraDesire Goddess! Muse! Sing Out the song from the son of Clints deepest intentionsA hidden brawl within, urging and persuading a capable mind,Relentlessly crossing a line separating progression and self seen well being,Captivating creation simply exists inside but clashes,Measures up only as its opposite will allow,Let it be heard, Dear Muse, this mystery that slows great potential,Leisure, disregarding actuality, pleasing my alter egocentric evil spirited nature,Cast down an angel with a drive to abolish any form of such temperament!By: Joanna FloresO candles rise your smoke and grant my wish;Spiral and magical granting dreams since the first candle.Bringing a family together for a festive day,spilling and splashing spirit in its own way.Colorful hats decorate everyones heads,A sailer ship present for the little one who dreams and pretends.A start of a new years begins its journey;Beautiful lit up cake, always creating a happy environment.10Remembering Youth11By: Megan Tidemann During my life I have had many people influence me to do things in a more positive manner; I wont lie, I used to be a pretty negative person, always seeing the downside of things and never the upside. I will narrow the many to three; my cousin Brianna, my stepmom Rachel, and my best friend April. These three people have made my life easier just by doing the everyday things they do and me benefiting from watching and listening to them. From Brees sweet forgiveness, to Rachels bold attitude, to Aprils carefree innocence; I have learned from every one. They have changed my life in ways I wouldve ignored otherwise. How about I explain them a little bit more; give a little more to chew. Brianna (Bree) has been my best friend/cousin since I was born; she was born two months before me, and has been inseparable since. We call ourselves sisters rather than cousins. When one of us has a problem or needs reassuring words we call the other. Which brings me to the subject of this essay, I was going through a really depressing slump in my life and needed arms to pick me up, so as always I called her, crying usually, and she was there to make me laugh and forget for awhile. She did this by telling me things get worse before they get better and when they do I will be so much better but I needed to give it time. She told me jokes and brought up embarrassing moments we shared and I was lost in the past, but then she would have to go. When it was time for us to stop talking she always tell me to stay positive and it would end with I love yous and I miss yous. Every time I would have a little smile on my lips after I hung up the phone; after some time the smile started to stick. I learned to smile more and stay more positive from her. That is no doubt a positive influence in my life. Rachel, my stepmom, has been with my dad since I was about three or four years old. Our relationship started out pretty rocky and we hated each other for a few years until I was about 13. I dont know if 13 is a magic number but everything changed, I was more grown up and she treated me like her own (and I thought 13 was an unlucky number!). It was great, she loved shopping with me and having fun, she even treated me better than my own dad did; she remembered my birthday every year and got me new clothes when I needed them. What I liked about the new Rachel was she had kind of a sassy attitude and wasnt afraid of people seeing it, and she also new how to be comfortable with the clothes she wore but still be attractive. I wore and still do dark colors but I wear it in a girl fashion. When I say this I mean I used to wear band shirts nonstop, and they were usually in the mens section, because they were cool looking and comfortable. She told me that I should step out of the mens isle and get the stereotype girl fashion out of my head and start shopping comfortably attractive. I did and I love the feeling of it. So, Rachel has influenced me to not be afraid to show attitude and dress how I feel. Now, I would be lost without my best friend April; she is the most loyal most trusting friend in the world. I remember the first time we met; we were both new to the school and we smiled at each other and said hi, it was an instant hit; we had mostly everything in common. I have many other friends but her and one other I would not lose for world peace. April is a wild card I guess one might say, a bit obnoxious but not in an annoying way, more like an innocent way; when she sees me after awhile of not seeing each other she will scream and sprint to grab me in a rib crushing bear hug, blissfully unaware of any audience that may be there with the what is wrong with her? look. She is definitely a keeper when it comes to friends; we have a similar relationship to that of mine and Briannas. April is also one not to be bothered by rumors in fact; she laughs at most and finds them absurd. She has definitely influenced me to not be bothered by people whom just want to make your life harder, and to show your love when others cant. These three people have changed my life so much and I love each of them to no end because of it. I am grateful for Bree being there to be my shoulder to cry on, and Rachel to be a changed woman and a great mother figure to me, even if it is a little more late than expected, and last but never least April for being my most loyal friend whom isnt afraid to show every one how much she loves her friends. So I smile when any one of them touches my mind because I know without them I would most likely be a very different person, and a not as happy person at that. Like I said I do have others but these three are most important to the impact they have had on my life. I hope I influence people positively thanks to them, pass it on and be one of those three most important influences in some ones life. Thanks to these three people my whole life turned around.Sand-Box DreamsBy: Adam ChavezSome think being young is lame and boring.I think its filled with wondrous warningsjust walk right pass and hear them warning.Youre pals are there to keep the play alivethrough the day.Sandbox dreams shot the skylike wondrous stars shooting through your mind.Can you truly believe that one day I wont be youngbut until then Im just gonna have some fun.I remember climbing trees without a care.For I was young and did not care.A childs mind can see past the sky,do I wish for youth just one more time.Remember being youngfor one day itll all be gone.KamilleBy Bethany MatteraSo much dependsupona praying child,hope,a pink blanket,a hospital,a doctor with her heartin his handsa wired daughter,a family,many restaurants, volunteers,and a founder.Hope is what so muchdepends upon.12Alyssa Grundman13By: Jamal MobleyAn area where you are free, but there is always room for correction.Where the ground is made of tar and it curves in four left directions.You have to leave the blocks when the gun soundsAnd those metal balls are getting thrown that weigh about 8 poundsThose are elements that consisted of my kingdom.We lost the 4 by 1 because I dropped the baton.I was only 8 and my arms werent strong.Maroon and gold our track team was called Jessie Owens.We treaded with weights in the wave pools to dangerous for the ocean.This was the place where I wanted to claim my kingdom.Ankle weights glued to me running up Papago MountainOne water source around, 3 miles away there was a fountain.45 minutes we all had time limitsFirst aid handicaps with Inhalers if you were long winded.I started to wonder if I could survive in this crazy kingdom.150 bleacher runs to my legs felt like absolute fire.Another extra 50, If you say I want water coach Im tired.The lights shine bright but the sky was pitch black.Hot baths too sooth hurt legs and sore backs.I sure endure pain trying to maintain my kingdom.The sound of metal on metal as runners on the bus tighten the spikes on our cleats.So anxious with butterflies preparing for the big meet.Check-in is chaotic checking for big contenders who are in your race.Hands down head down, the gun man says take your place.The gun sounds; now it is time for you to take your kingdom.By: Carl WilsonI wish I was young.My body may be new,but my mind has growntoo fast.I shouldnt feel old.I wish for the innocenceof youth. The youngare free, not tieddown by theirexperiences.I envy their blindfaith; their abilityto trust withoutdoubt, even atotal stranger.I miss that carefreefeeling, withno worries aboutanything. Not thefuture or the past.Ignorance is bliss,and children areblissfully ignorantof the problemsof the world.Im too young to feel so old.In Times of Trouble...1415The Day My City ChangedBy: Jeremy TambeOn that 29th day of August of 2005 my life changed.I watch the news and think how is this happening?My fear is like a child in the store that has lost its mother.I wait as my mother decides whether we stay or goThe pain cuts so easily into my heart like a stick of butterWhen the decision was made I didnt know whether to be happy or angryHappy because Im going somewhere safe, angry because Im just beginning my days as a middleschoolerAs I pack my things for the journey ahead I look back at what I am going to miss the most.Finally I leave my home not knowing how long it will be.On the road to a new location all I see is cars for miles and I think how long will this be?I awake in a place I cant call home.I ask mother what do we do now?She tells me not to worry son its alrightI look at the news and realize that what I knew as home was no moreI cant seem to watch anymore of it. This is such a horrible sight.As I pull myself together I know I wont be home anytime soon.The next morning I have to wake up at noon.As I get dressed I know that its something is going to be different.I walk in thin new school hoping and prying that Im liked and treated the same even though my accent is differentIts not so bad after all Im treated like Ive been here for yearsI met so many wonderful peersSo many kids are asking how I feelAt first I felt crowded but I just simpily tell them the truthThe pain is still like throwing salt in an open woundBut like all things they will get better soon.16Endless CryingBy: Nathali MunozHome wasnt safe anymore,and each day I would cry.Dad was drunk agin,stupid and high.I was five and didnt know why.Five years later,things were still not right.He would try to hit mom,while she would put up a fight.And we would watch and cry all night.Unforgettable nights,and endless days I would cry.He promised he will change,but that was a lie.He didnt care,and didnt even try.He was a great father,and loved us a lot,but then he would drink,and became someone hes not.So thats why mom and him always fought.For 15 years,this went on.Crying and crying,until my mom was done.I lost my dad, now hes gone,but our life still goes on.Zoey Dektor17Love and HeartbreakThe KissOriginal by Gustav KlimptRe-creation by Alexis Wagman1819By: Adam Chavez As my heart is broken into little piecesI begin to think of it began...From the sound of your voiceAnd the smell of your hairI knew from the startThat it was just too much to bare.Taking back those memmories with you,For sure I know that Ive been fouled.Now with all my breath,I take this spade and slit you throat... ! So Wrong !By: Calvin McBride Mistakes are meant to learn from, not to keepGoing on a path of self destruction of dysfunction.A cycle is a pattern, and a pattern is a habit thatIs hard to quit. A habit is a piece of life thatComes natural, but its how you deal with yourHabit that matters.TemptationsBy: Gabriel VelaEchoes of the desolate waters have pierced thy wilted heart.Let it not be the end of me.For they know nothing.Only I and he are capable of such dark things.Silent screams brings my teeth to a brief but small chatter.Thy growth for hunger has increased so greatly, but can thyself keep away from sorrow?What is thy temptation that keeps him so mysterious?These answers leave me no remorse.This rushing feeling is just pushing me to do other things that I dont want to do.For what is the love of a man, if he has no one to love.These aching days of just talking and never meeting are just too exhilarating.Why do I seek something that I am not worthy of?These questions seem to haunt me in a way that I cannot give up.It is shocking to me, to find someone who is exactly alike to me but is already taken.This just seems to infuriate me.How could I miss the opportunity?It seems like I am to find someone else but yet I have already found the one for me.It seems like I missed the opportunity to meet someone exactly like me.20By: Aaron HendersonNinth grade me and youI knew nothing about youYou knew nothing about meWe had a conversationWe had laughsThen Jay came alongYall had a fightI sided with herI was mad at you for nothingWe made upTenth grade yearI saw youBut you saw himYou cried over himI was thereYou got back with himI said im out of hereI knew the entire truthThings I didnt want you to go throughYou finally told him you were throughI knew what I had to doI never wanted you to go through that againIt was me and youThen Brie came alongWe got rockyNow its the summer of our junior yearNo more tears, no more painBut I have one questionWhat happen to our love, our friendship?Is our love/friendship DEAD?By: Angelique Uribe The day I lost faith in youWas when I saw her on your pageI felt the clod plastic of the keyboard along my fingersI can feel range building up inside me,To see you with another girl.When I saw her picture,My heart dropped to the floor.The color of her pail white skin,The leaf green color of her eyesThe poke of her lips.Ive never felt such pain,My heart sank to my kneesI was red from my head to my feetI couldnt help but cryWho knew you were that type of guy.When I confronted you from what I sawYou didnt even care to tell me the truthThe rolling of your eyes,Shrugging your shouldersFrom that moment on I knew we were through.Sometimes in the back of my headI knew it was a mistake to take you backWe agreed to forgive and forget,But all I feel in my heart is pain and regretYou lost my trust, you lost my faith.21Alyssa GrundmanSorrows in the NightBy Jon DaleyHow does the moon hideher tears? No one knowsthe moon completely.Half of her is a mystery.The moon is allalone. She is like my soul.How does the moon hide her tears?Yin & YangBy: Gabriel VelaThese voices I hear are left for thy embrace.Upon the shadows I feel no disgrace.I once heard a person ask How can the darkness feel so wrong?I know the answer because I was born in it.We know that there is a relationship between good and evil.For one cannot live alone.They share a bond of balance.That is how I know.The darkness can never feel wrong because I was born into it.Thus leading to some people belong being born into the light.But it was not a path that I have chosen, but neither do I deny my beginning.Like the balance of good and evil.There must be a balance among people.For one cannot live alone.22Death and DyingBy: Gonsalo RiveraThe sun went down,The night came up,The people were around,They had not know,The goon who had flewThis one misunderstanding,The only one left standing,The lights were bright,The one last fight,The hands were hurt lieing in the dirtPeople wonder why,Please said the guy,Public places were he was found,Persuasions were said all around,Persons lieing on the groundDisoriented from the night,Dont wanna remember his last fight,Didnt think before he thought,Distruction in the street,Dirt beneath his feetTired from the fun,Turned around the sun,To many things to do,Today will be the new,Totally went blue.2317 Without HimBy: Brionne FieldsWhat do I do knowing he wont be there? What do I do when you just want to cry? What do I youre turning 17 and your heart turns cold and bare! What do I do when every smile becomes a LIE? When I cant be happy you cant laugh anymore! I cant pretend hell walk through that door! Balloons and a cute teddy bear he would always bring. A smile on his face that could light up any room! My little girl is growing up so fast! Thats what I wish I could hear him say, my darling I LOVE YOU happy 17th birthday! When my heart starts to yearn for that smile on his face? 17 years of life and he was only there for 5, A million left to go and I dont know where to start!!!! So, Im laying here tonight my heart crushed and sad. Its my SWEET 17 this year without my wonderful dad!!!By: Krystene BroussardHe was driving alongminding his business.When he came to a stopwith a sudden quickness.He didnt know what to dobut he knew the day would be his last.Hoping that his presentwouldnt come in contact with his past.He saw the great problem solver,as they would say.Hoping that the hunterfound the wrong pray.As he looked in the eyes of the shooter,he cried a tear.Knowing the truthof his fear.The shooter shot three times.One in the headand two in the heart.He laid there lifelessas the hunter ranwith no intentions offinishing his life plan.He left behind a wife and two sonsand many family membersthat will miss him so.But no matter what you try,you have let the feeling of misery go.We celebrate his deathbecause he was a good man.He lived a good life even thoughDeath wasnt part of his plan.24The Dead ToreadorThe Original by Edouard ManetRe-creation by Ana Martin25Random Scribblings of ArtistsBy: Tia KashoyaChest is pumping madly. My stomach feels ill.I cant catch my breath and my heart wont be still.The house lights fade out. My hands start to shake.Thousands of screaming fans. The stage is in a quake.And out of the darkness, two figures emerge.Im so excited, so nervous, so scared I think Im going to purge.People wall to wall, of all shapes and sizes.All of us gathered together, for a night of luminous prizes.The guitar rift comes in, and the drums sound off like thunder.Then two voices hit the microphone and the crowd goes into a blunder.Dont bend, dont blink; dont beg, dont scream, dont whine.Dont fight, dont tell me, dont tell me, dont tell me.Im happy to be here. I cant believe its real.Ive waited what seems like a lifetime.To get my Tegan and Sara Show feel.Six years of fandom, and four life changing albums.I have the DVDs, the videos, and the books.Theres something about these girls that gets you in a hook.Their music is legendary. Their wit is quick.Their presence is mesmerizing.Their beauty makes you sick.Frenzied fans pledge their love.Love notes tossed on stage, with care.Its hard to see someone so beautiful,And not go off in a hypnotized stare.The last song ends, and the band takes a bow,One last overhead clap, Wow.2627Hello everybody! My name is Paul, Paul Bunyan. I used to have an ox, but then he died. So now its just me and my friends, Chuck, and Billy. We all currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I dont know if youve ever been there, but its a desert and its very hot!It was the middle of winter, and I couldnt be any happier, because winter equals cold weather and I love cold weather! Except, we live in the desert, so theres never any snow. I love really cold places, but Arizona is never cold enough. I want to be able to use two or more sweaters or jackets, to keep me toasty warm- then I would be ecstatic!So I was walking with my friends to the mall, but as we got closer, we noticed that there was something huge blocking the mall, and from a distance, we werent sure if there was anyway to get around it.Whats that huge thing in front of the mall? My friend Chuck asked.I dont know, it looks like a mountain of some sort, answered my other friend Billy.It cant be a mountain! I exclaimed. Theres smoke coming out of the top!We looked at each other with puzzled looks and decided to run towards the mall, to see if we could identify the object better. The closer we got to the mall, the bigger the thing got. When we were finally about 50 feet away, we could clearly see that it was indeed a volcano.I could have sworn that we didnt have any volcanoes in the desert! I said. In a questing tone, my friend, Billy, replied to my statement, by saying, Thats because we dont?Then how do you explain that? asked Chuck.We walked closer, and after a few steps, the delicious scent of apples filled our nostrils and we ran as quickly as we could to get a closer look. The smell drew us in as if it were calling us towards it. Finally we got next to it, and all we could feel the heat radiating from it.Mmmm It smells like yummy apples! We exclaimed.Grrr went our stomachs with hunger for the scent of warm apples and we laughed as our mouths watered.Hey you guys, why does the volcano smell like apples? asked Chuck.And why does it look like an apple pie crusts? asked Billy.It must be an apple pie volcano!!!! I screamed.What do we do about it? Billy asked.Yeah! We need to go shopping, Chuck said.Well its really hot to eat, but maybe we can add a lot of ice cream and whip cream to it and then we can eat it. I said.Billy looked extremely eager to join me in my plan, but then the volcano made a weird noise and we felt the temperature rise.Uh-oh! Chuck said. Its going to explode!AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! We yelled as we ran for cover.The Apple Pie VolcanoBy: Dulce OrtizWe got out just in time to witness the volcano spit out huge large slices of apples. They landed all over the place. We knew that that would cause a big mess and we didnt know how we could possibly clean it up. But then, we remember how many birds and dogs were in the city, and we knew that a lot of those birds and animals to come form all over the city to eat up the slices soon.So if the birds and dogs eat up the pie, how are we going to have some? Billy asked.We still can, we just have to grab some huge chunks of it, but Im afraid that it maybe too much for us to eat all by ourselves. Chuck said.I know what we can do! We can tell everyone about the apple pie volcano and they can come eat some too! I said excitedly.And we did just that! We ran to the closest store and bought a lot of ice cream, whip cream and milk. We also bought really big con-tainers. Afterwards, we ran back to the volcano and got a lot of huge chucks of the apple pie container. Some we ate there, and the rest we took home to store.Then we went to chucks house and made a few flier advertising the Apple Pie volcano and its location. We posted the fliers every-where and handed them out to everyone in sight.It took a while, but because the apple pie was a volcano, it stayed warm the whole time! And after about three or four days, the whole volcano was gone and once again, we were able to go shopping.The Apple Pie Volcano (cont.)By: Kyle UsherLiberty and freedom wrote out with a penCarried out by fifty six brave menA country formed, rights upholdIn with the new, and out with the oldFreedom is now knownOur four fathers fought, for us to enjoyThe simple things in life, always to employOnce a courtesy, now a lawWhat we dont appreciate is our own flawGratitude is what we lackToday we find joy and prideNo longer needing to run and hideLooking back just to seeWhat this country has come to beThe end of yesterday, today beginsOne day we will all shake handsAnd bury our grudges beneath the sandSo now we go forth and fight for truthUnder our flag we hold as proofToday is gloom, tomorrow is bright The Ballad of the Declaration of IndependenceKristen Boomer2829Enmmanuel BarcenasAlex Ramirez30By: Clint VierraYou cant see that I am sorry,But please just hear me outI never meant to hurt you,When I hit you off the couchWith the pillow,It was close,Plus you know your not supposeTo get up on the couches, You were asking for the blowMy impulse was simply just to get you on the floor.I reacted without thinking, so I swung with a forceAnd you flewFor a split secondThen you crashedA thud on impact and my heart dropped fastIt had to hurt, I was regretful the very firstMoment I heard you crying,From my actions as a jerkStill you made me feel worseWhen I try to give you loveI whispered I was sorry, And I placed my hand aboveYour precious head,I know how you like being petBut insteadYou choose to hiss,I hate you is what you saidIve never done anything to you to deserve thisI hope you feel guilty youre the reason that Im hurtingIm sorryBy: Miajah BonnerAmazingly, I was stillbending over to get the quarter when his bumbercaught my backpack anddemolished my life.EverythingFlashed in my head and I went away.Groggy - I woke up with doctorshovering over me.I didnt know where I was.Just seeing was a relief.Kendall, mylovely sistermanaged to say Hi before crying.Nobody spooke except here.Obviouslly they were happy.Possibly relieved.Quietly I sat up andreached for my glases.Smiling I asked if I got the quarter.To everybody else it wasnt funny.Unfortunately all I could do was make jokes.Very slowly I recovered.With therapy, surgeries,X-rays and doctor visits. I haveZero quarters now but I am still alive! I win!By: Jamal MobleyIts a guarantee that every day the sun will rise and the sun will set; but what is not guaranteed is that every person has a place to lay their head at night. One issue that doesnt get dealt with enough in our country is poverty. In 2008 the census reported that 13.2 percent of the nations population was living in poverty. To me this seems like a major problem that has to be addressed.Where I come from its not uncommon to find the majority of people acostom to living in poverty. Im from a cold city in Indiana called Gary. I refer to my home town as cold, due to the fact that Indiana doesnt show much affection and care to the city. Normally in your city you support the local sports teams and become a fan; well the state of Indiana doesnt claim Gary. We are 15 minuets out from Chicago and you will find that the majority of the people are Chicago Bulls fans, Cub fans, and Bears. I say all this due to the fact that no one tries to help the community and continue to let the city parish.One way I think we could give a helping hand is to provide a food bank to help feed the homeless. Most people cant afford to buy groceries, because they have to pay their mortgage and utilities. We can help out by creating afterschool programs that provide basic needs for the youth. This would extremely help the community by getting kids off the streets and away from gangs. I think there should be a committee to help renovate the city and fix up old abandoned buildings. When you leave abandoned buildings in the community it just becomes a facility for drug attics to get high in.If we made students complete 75 hours of community service it would have a major impact on the students and the community. This would help build character within the students and give them empowerment to give back. It could help students see how people are struggling and why its important for the youth to go off to college and get a degree. The community service would help humble the kids so that hey arent so material and egotistical.Community service is something that everyone should want to get involved with. People prosper and get wealthy then forget where they come from. It is important to give back if its your country, community or world wide. We are all people and we need to learn to care for each other and love thou neighbor.31A Helping Hand in the CommunityPinnacle Online High