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    August 2016 Web Edition

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    Our Vision A Community Where Our Spiritual Life And True Self Can Be Realized

    Our Mission

    To Live A Life Of Joy In The Nembutsu And Share The Dharma With Others

  • August 2016 t h e P a d m a

    BERKELEY BUDDHIST TEMPLE 2121 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 WEB EDITION Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri




    4BBT Camping Trip



    6 Gagaku Practice


    7 No service


    12Crafts 10am

    Temple Bd Mtg 7:30 pm





    14 No service

    Funeral Service 11am

    15Padma Articles


    16Padma Newsletter



    19Pacific Seminar

    20 Pacific Seminar

    21 No service

    Pacific Seminar


    23Crafts 10am




    27 College Welcome

    28 9:30 am Dharma Family /

    Shotsuki Hoyo Svc for September

    12:30 pm Taiko



    31 Gagaku Practice


    NOTE: For temple matters, please contact Rev. Shibata at (510) 508-0292, or the temple office (510) 841-1356. web: e-mail: facebook:

  • FUTURE DATES TO REMEMBEROn the cover Bon Odori led by Hanayagi Dance School

    Inside August Calendar..................... 2

    Future Dates to Remember ..... 3

    Great compassion is untiring, Rev. Shibata .......................... 4

    Presidents Message ............... 5

    Shtsuki Hy Service (for September) ..................... 6

    The Three Marks of Existence, Diane Ames ........................... 7

    College Welcome.................... 8

    BBT Taiko.............................. 8

    Congratulations Kelley ............ 8

    Save The Date ....................... 8

    BBT Apron............................. 9

    Alameda County Food Bank..... 9

    Toban ................................... 9

    YAC Retreat......................... 10

    Cranberry Nut Bars............... 12

    Silent Auction Thanks You..... 13

    Dana................................... 14

    Pledge................................. 15

    Board Minutes...................... 16

    August 4-7: BBT camping trip August 7-21: No services

    August 27: College Welcome event

    August 28: DFS & Shotsuki Hoyo for September; Taiko classes resume

    September 4: No service

    September 11: DFS; Start of Dharma School

    September 18: Fall Ohigan service & potluck

    Condolences ........................ 18

    Heart Mountain Pilgrimage.... 19

    Dharma School resumes September 11. We look forward to seeing new and returning



    Padma Staff: Rev. Shibata, Gene Chin, Pauline Fong, Susan & Al Gabriel, Lucy Hamai, Norman Hirose, Ellen

    Jorgensen, Keiko Kawakami, Emi Matsunaga, Yuki Otake, Mae Takeda, Scott Takeda, Edythe Vassall, and Yae Yedlosky

  • The per e Name: son burdened with extreme evil should simply say thAlthough I too am within Amidas grasp, Passions obstruct my eyes and I cannot see the light; Nevertheless, great compassion is untiring and illumines me always.1 In the wake of so many tragic events in America and all over the world, I perhaps, like many of you, have been at a loss in trying to make sense of so many violent acts against humanity in our recent days. Television and the Internet have been flooding our news feeds with ongoing strife and heartbreaking loss of so many lives. ersonally, these events have created a worry and a sadness that I feel not only for Pthe present, but for the future as well. Last week, I visited Rev. Seigen Yamaoka while I stopped by the Jodo Shinshu Center and I was able to consult with him and received some support with how I was eeling. This visit helped to momentarily calm my nerves and addressed my worry fand sadness from a perspective that was steeped in the Buddha-Dharma. In summary, Rev. Yamaoka suggested that we should view these recent events through the eyes of compassion. We must compassionately turn our hearts and minds to the individuals who have tragically lost their lives and to their loved ones. During this pastoral care type of visit with Rev. Yamaoka, there was also a gentle eminder to try to view others who have been blinded by greed, anger and rignorance with compassionate eyes as well. I must admit that it is difficult to do this at times since I too am blinded by my own greed, anger and ignorance. However, Rev. Yamaoka stated that we do not clearly now the circumstances and conditions of an individuals life that cause him/her to kcarry out the actions that they do. Shinran Shonins writing above reminds us that we are all embraced in the Buddhas compassionate grasp and is always guiding us. And yet, blind passions prevent us to see this guiding light, which causes us to experience the samsaric cycle of suffering rom greed, anger and ignorance. It is my hope that all beings may be freed from all fsuffering. Rev. Yamaoka further suggested that we must start by looking inward if we want to see change in this world. We are but one person in a world of over 7 billion people, ut individually we must make that first compassionate step in doing what we can ripple in the pond to take place. bdo, which allow for that oneamu Amida Butsu N In Gassho, v. Candice Shibata Re 1 From The True Teaching, Practice, and Realization II, CWS, 73.

  • PRESIDENTS MESSAGE This month we celebrated Obon Odori with our fellow Temple in Berkeley. It was so wonderful to see so many from our respective Sanghas participating in this event. Part of the beauty lay in the flowing fabric and the movement of the dancers but most of the beauty lay in the purpose of the dancing, to remember, honor, and offer gratitude to our ancestors. Our Temple Camping trip is upon us thanks to the hard work of Dina Honda. It is always a good thing to commune with nature and rough it. Being away from our regular schedule is a great way to gain new perspective. We hope that everyone has a great time. A reminder to members: Please consider serving on the BBT Board of Directors for the 2017-2019 term. It is a three-year term and an opportunity to give back to BBT, to have a say in the operation of the Temple and to preserve our future. We urge you to consider joining this great group! We are always looking for those amongst us who can provide our organization more knowledge and insight as it is these qualities that help our organization thrive. Please reach out to any of our board members if you are interested. P.S. There are snacks at the meetings! We look forward to seeing everyone soon! In Gassho, Takashi Nikaidoh BBT President 2016

    August 28, 2016 9:30 AM

    Please Note The Date!

    September Shtsuki Hy Service August 28, 2016, 9:30 AM The following persons will be remembered during the Shtsuki Hy (monthly memorial service) for September.

    Toichi Ariyoshi Masano Fujinaga Ai Hamamoto

    Kiyoaki Hamamoto Dr. Lawrence K. Harada Chiyoko Hiramoto Takayo T. Hiramoto Richard Imazumi Mary Ishiura

    Akio Kino Kazuko B. Kono Mine Kubo Arthur W. Long Masami Mayeda Teruo Ted Mayeda

    Misako Miyamoto Sayuri Lily Miyamoto Kimiye Morimoto

    Alice Hanako Murakami Waseko Nagahisa Yonezo Nakagaki Matahei Nakahara Iku Nakaso Yoshiko J. Nakaso

    Mishi Nojima Kanki Oda Koto Okita Sozaemon Okita Keiko Ono-Moores John T. Sakai

    Gentoku Sakiyama Helen Y. Sato Shizue Shiozaki

    Matsu Taketa Gihei Tanada Tora Tanada Edward H.Tsukimura Iyono Wakida Sumiko Yamamura

    Hinaye Yokota Otoichi Yoshida Tsuruko Yoshida

    Note: If there are any additions, corrections or deletions to the above list, please notify the Berkeley Buddhist Temple at 510-841-1356.

  • The Three Marks of Existence

    By Diane Ames

    An old friend told me that she felt troubled by finding herself, well, no longer young. And the

    cute little toddlers who used to be her children seemed to have morphed into thirty-something

    adults before she knew what was happening. I replied that her experience exemplified what the

    Buddha called the three marks of existence, which are suffering, impermanence, and lack of a

    solid self anywhere. To further illustrate these three marks:

    1. Suffering

    Everybody grows old unless they die young, and both fates are crummy.

    Modern prosperity is based on increasingly complicated machines, but the more

    complicated a machine is, the more ways that it can malfunction. See your computer.

    We are finally at the mercy of forces we cannot control but can, in some cases, make

    worse if we mess up enough. Examples are the aging process, earthquakes, and the climate.

    2. Impermanence

    Everything you have--the roof of your house, your car, your major appliances, and your

    own body--will one day wear out, and not all of these things can be replaced.

    Adorable babies become teenagers.

    Worse, your adorable baby has somehow turned into a bald, middle-aged man who is

    telling you that you are too old to drive, and how will you get around now?

    3. Lack of a solid self anywhere

    As you hand your son the keys to your car (he doesn't know that you have a duplicate

    set), you wonder whether