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Rules for outdoor games


  • The outdoor games we played

    3rd Primary School of Zografou, Greece

  • The little tilesChildren draw a circleand build a tower of 5tiles at the centre.Then, they draw a lineat a distance of 5-6metres and divide into 2groups. One player ofeach group at a timeshoots at the towerwith a small ball. Ifthey succeed, theyscatter the tiles in thecircle. The opponentteam must build thetower again trying toavoid being hit by themembers of the firstgroup.

  • The statuesOne member of the groupis the leader. The leaderstands against the wall,eyes shut and asks: Littlestatues, is it day ornight? If the answer isday he turns around andsees the other players instill poses. The leaderapproaches each statuetrying to make them move,laugh or speak. If hesucceeds then anotherplayer becomes the leader.

  • Whos afraid of the Boogie man?One player plays the Boogie man.There is a line on the groundwhich marks his home. TheBoogie man stands opposite theother players and asks Whosafraid of the Boogie man? Theothers answer No one! and tryto cross his territory withoutbeing caught by him. The oneswho are caught join hands withthe Boogie man so that there isa chain of pupils who try tocapture more players. The chainbecomes bigger and bigger. Thelast player who manages to crossto the other side is the winner!

  • To mantilaki(the little handkerchief)

    The children form two rows, one facing the other, andthey sit on the ground. Each child is given a numberby the teacher (if 10 children in each row they aregiven numbers from 1 to 10 and they sit facing eachother). In the middle of the distance, there is a smallcircle, made with chalk and a handkerchief in it.The game starts when the teacher calls out a number.The children from the two teams who have got thatnumber run to the circle and try to catch thehandkerchief and turn back to their place withoutbeing caught by their opponent. Everyone whosucceeds in this, gets one point for their team whichis marked on the ground.The game is complete when all children have playedand the winner team is the one with the most points.

  • The little tails

  • Every player has got a stringlike a tail fixed at their back atwaist-level. The other playerstry to catch as many tails aspossible making sure they dontlose their own tail! The one thatcollects the most tails withoutlosing their own is the winner!

  • The elastic string

  • We use an elastic string which runsaround two players legs. These twochildren stand at a distance of about 2metres. The string is placed at adifferent height (on the ground, roundthe ankles, round the knees, round thewaist) and each player must jump over itdoing certain movements.

  • Hopscotch

  • It comes in different shapes according to theplace of origin

  • Children use some chalk to drawthe square patterns on theground. Then they pick a flatround-shaped stone which mustbe placed inside the firstsquare and be pushed with thetip of their foot across thewhole pattern. For more details watch our headmistress inaction in the playground!


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