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    the origin storyBLACK OWL DESIGN:

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    did youknow...Well. Im a Kiwi...I was born in Melbourne, my Mum the Kiwi came over and married my Dad the greek so I guess that makes me a half cast or a wog.

    Mum moved back to NZ with me when I was 6 months old, re-kindled her love with an old flame, got married and I got a new dad.

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    Dad, new dad the only one I needed, was a shearer in his day, although all he has to show for it now is a crippled back! He owned a shearing run in Perth so every year for the shearing season we would fly over.

    great mullet mum!

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    taste testerofficial

    Mum would cook for Dad and the gang. I was her taste tester or quality controller. I made sure that what she was feeding the gang was up to scratch.

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    I have really fond memories of Perth. Collecting beer cans after the gang had had a few pile them up in my little wagon and wheel them 3 houses down to the old lady that would trade me for sweets!

    I also had a pet goat named Rio and we were inseparable, playing hide and seek in Dads big shearing wool bags or rocking him like a baby on the back porch while singing him nursery rhymes.

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    lets playdress UP

    Dad sold the shearing run when I was 7ish so we stopped flying over to Perth.

    Flash forward a few years I got a sister who I hated as she stole all of my attention, then I got a brother who I dressed up as a sister which he hated.

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    building raftsplaying with the animalsGRASS BURN

    fun =


    We had a fantastic upbringing. We lived on a small farm just outside of town so we were always outside none of this thumb cramp from too much PlayStation time.

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    believeAll through school I was always into my art so it was inevitable that I would have a creative career.

    After graduation I got accepted into the Wanganui School of Computer Graphic Design. Three years later, countless parties, drinking and all nighters to get the assignments finished, I walked out with a degree ready for what the big wide world had to offer.


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    broketime to get a real job!


    The degree wasnt cheap so I had worked 3 part time jobs while studying to help pay the way but somehow that money kept disappearing on the social side of uni, so I still wound up with a healthy student loan. Crap now I needed a real job!

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    I dont want to leave

    I got a job that I LOVED. It was working for a beef performance company dealing with all the beef breeders in NZ. I was in the design department and I had the best boss I have ever had. I was in charge of a magazine a big magazine, it was a yearly publication for the NZ Hereford Beef breed.

    I really didnt want to leave this job as it was my dream job at the time but in NZ the wage price waswellcrap!

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    can I have some of yours?


    I need a

    So after long talks, Ryan and I decided to jump ship across the ditch. We sold everything in our flat packed our bags with what we could fit I think I stole half the room in Ryans suitcase from memory hes a boy, he only needed a couple of shirts and some shorts right?

    In September 2011 we touched down in Hervey Bay .

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    was a bit


    O C K YWe bought a car and travelled up the coast until we found work. Ryan was offered a

    job in Rocky but we decided to keep looking, as Rocky just didnt feel right.

    He then got a job offer in Mackay and wellhere we are.

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    CLEANING,cooking,washingAfter a few weeks of settling in I got sick of being house woman, cleaning, cooking, washing, day time television, so I decided it was time for me to get a job and thats when I found CORE Magazine.

    It all just sort of fell in place, I had my interview with Jody and Bec and less than a week later I was under the pump trying to get pages finished for the print deadline welcome aboard Amy. It was a sink or swim situation and well, I was a pretty good swimmer I guess as I worked there for the next 18 months.

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    MWe bought a house and then we adopted Storm our fur child through MARS and it was the best thing we ever did shes amazing.

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    june 2013BLACK OWL DESIGN

    comes to life

    I got to a point where, as much as I loved the magazine I was missing all the other stuff, logos, branding, websites, meeting with the client talking about their idea and bringing it to life.

    So after a lot of thought I went out on my own, it was probably the scariest thing I have ever done. I threw away the security of a weekly paycheck, not knowing when or who would be my first client, how long it would take to get the business off the ground and not to mention I had some pretty big competition in town I was playing with the big boys.

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    conceptsout with the old...and in with the new

    case study: ZOETICI was expecting that it would take around 6 months to really get the clients rolling in as I had already built my brand but I needed to market myself.

    Turns out my biggest marketing tool was word of mouth. My first few clients had been over the moon with what I had created for them and they told everyone! So it didnt take long at all before my phone wouldnt stop ringing.

    Heather Woods from Insurance Management Specialists came to me wanting a re-brand as her current branding was old, dated and just didnt suit where their company was now at.

    We brainstormed about what direction she was taking the company, the team that she had behind her as your team members are just as important as your company and should not be forgotten even in a re-brand situation, her vision for the company and then of course what she liked and didnt like design wise.

  • ZOETIClife planning advice

    Presentation Folder 6 | A2 Sheet Required

    Description 10mm Gusset FolderFinal size 219 x 310mm



    07 4951

    life planning advice Representative. GwM adviser Services Limited. australian Financial Services Licensee.Zoetic Pty Ltd ABN 85 165 844 477 is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited, ABN 96 002 071 749, an Australian Services licensee with its registered office at 105-153 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060

    07 4951

    life planning advice

    07 4951 1125






















    authorised Representative. GwM adviser Services Limited. australian Financial Services Licensee.Zoetic Pty Ltd ABN 85 165 844 477 is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited, ABN 96 002 071 749,

    an Australian Services licensee with its registered office at 105-153 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060



    07 4951

    life planning advice owl design >> ORIGIN Story


    case study: ZOETIC

    Complete stationery range, new website, Facebook page, and then we ran an online marketing campaign.

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    case study: ZOETIC

  • owl design >> ORIGIN Story

    case study: ZOETIC

    marketing campaignInsurance companies can sometimes be perceived as dull and boring so we injected a bit of life and laughter into Heathers campaign with a strong use of imagery to capture the viewers attention and then just a simple call to action.

    Some people go overboard with their advertising and try to fit too much in, when this happens it creates clutter and becomes unappealing for the viewer and they will most likely skim read your ad (if that) and then move on.

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    no regrets

    So when I look back at the little girl running around on NZ farms I never would have thought that I would end up owning my own business.

    I love the flexibility that Black Owl Design gives me as it allows me to live my life with no regrets. Starting BOD was the best move I could have made and I look forward to what the future has in store.

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    thank you