the next step beyond cooperation—synergism

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    The Next Step Beyond Cooperation

    SYNERGISM Cooperation paves the way for synergistic thinkingwhen minds, cooperating to get better results, "click" from the impact of idea meeting idea and e v o h t a result that is far greater than the sum total of the ideas expressed.

    Where chemistry is concerned, synergistic thinking between buyer and seller uncovers new and better ways to make old products, new and superior formulas, entirely new products for n e w purposes.

    A t l a s S p a n s a n d T w e e n s offer a fascinating chal lenge for synerg i s t i c thinking.

    Atlas Spans and Tweens are new surface active agents, with an amazing range of accomplishment, modifications and combinations.

    Some of the Atlas Spans, for example, can emulsify 250 times their weight of water in petrolatuma great aid in the manufacture of low-oil content wirt?er-irioil emulsions. This extreme water-holding power constitutes a reserve against: "bleeding" and "sweating" of water-in-oil ointments, creams, pastes, jellies, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

    Spans and Tweens make water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions, of eitlier tlhe stable o r quick-breaking types . T h e y can easily be tailor-made to particular problems. The field of application of these emulsifiers has barely been scratched ! "What an opportunity for synergistic thinking in evolving new or better products!

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    ATLAS POWDER COMPANY, Wilmington, Del. Offices in principal cities - Calle .AddressAtpowco

    Apply synergistic thinking to a chart like this, describing some typical esters of the Atlas Spans and Tweens family. You may get a solution for an unanswered problem that con-fronts you.

    SPAN AND T W E E N Reg. U.S. P a t . Off.

    Introduction to Synergistic Thinking As an introduction to synergistic thinking, Atias has prepared a 20-page booklet on Spans and Tweens. Write for your copy today. Of course, there's no charge.

    The Next Step Beyond CooperationSYNERGISM


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