the new face of learning management systems. definition of mobile learning mobile learning is the...

Download The New Face of Learning Management Systems. Definition of Mobile Learning Mobile learning is the usage of mobile devices ( Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops)

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Mobile Chalkboard:The New Face of Learning Management Systems

1Definition of Mobile Learning Mobile learning is the usage of mobile devices ( Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops) in the systematic delivery of curriculum and instruction


Define Mobile Learning in a general sense.2Focus of Mobile Learning:

Focus on which device will be presented3Introductions:Chalk Media Group

Chalk Media Group, Subsidiary of Research in Motion, established 1997 Mobile Communications Software CompanySpecialization: Enterprise Technology Platforms & Video ProductionProven Ten-Year track record with assisting organizations in effective communications with its employees, business partners, & customers

4Stage 1: Need for Innovation Chalk Media recognizes (2006) industry need for mobile communications that offered:

SecurityTrackabilityRich Multimedia Pushcart Effective Inner-Connectivity within Organization Real-Time Adaptability

5Stage 2: Research: Mobile Deployment Content Central focus of Chalk Solution is to drive business efficiencies and improve productivity through interactive and effective mobile communications through high-impact messaging

Chalk mobile off the shelf library separately service Blackberry Smart Phones

Lead project developers: Steven WachliJody GliddenMichael LaBlanc

6Stage 3: Development of Mobile ChalkboardTarget Audience:Large/Medium Enterprises which deploying Blackberry devices to its workforce

Target Market:Fortune /Global 500 CompaniesIn diverse industries :TelecommunicationsProfessional ServicesMedia GovernmentFinancial Services

7Stage 3:Deployment of MobileChalkboard8Stage 4: Commercialization of Mobile Chalkboard

Business Model/Strategy(Recurring Business Model: Active Sales Cycle)

Increase software license by less than 1% of Blackberry users for profitabilityAnticipate greater demand for license subscriptionsProgressive strategy of obtaining reseller contracts within Fortune/Global 500 Market Marketing Strategy allows minimal downturn through diffusion into diverse markets

9Demonstration of Mobile Chalkboard

Mobile ChalkboardExperience

10Mobile Chalkboard: Benefits of mLearning Solutions for EducationFacilitation of curriculum and instruction: anytime.Lends itself to the Constructivist Approach to LearningImproves Retention of Knowledge/Student EngagementInstant communication outside of classFeedback through wireless channels

11Mobile Chalkboard: Current Applications for mLearningCourse slides with audio voiceover Videos (or audio podcasts) of professors or subject matter experts Productivity-enhancing information (ex. study tips, reminders, best practices) Mobile quizzes feedback surveys Faculty updates

12Mobile Chalkboard: Is this right for your Learning Community?Point s to Consider:

Institution objectives & budget?Target Audience? Creating or using existing content?Presence of existing library to draw content?Integration & tracking needs?Who will be responsible for End User Support?Success criteria?Market Strategies for mlearning platform?



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