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The biggest blunder Widow contemplates suing 2 Did Premier overreact? 2 Caribbean local minsters 3 Lowering greenhouse 3 Local news in 4 Read more online


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    Week Ending Friday, September 05, 2014

    The Father of the heavenly lights . . . does not change like shifting shadows. - James 1:17 (NIV)

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    Lowering greenhouse 3

    Local news in 4

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    Widow contemplates suing 2

    Did Premier overreact? 2

    Caribbean local minsters 3

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    The biggest blunder

    Where does the truth lie?contd. on page 8

    contd. on page 6

    I have been listening with ever-increasing amazement to the unchallenged multitude of lies told by Premier Minister Reuben T Meade in furthering his political ambition and by his boldness in challenging us to fact-check his lies and con-fabulations. Please consider

    the following.Continued from last

    week - With the following caption:

    Fact-checking the Pre-mier: Where does the truth lie?

    Have there been any negative consequences from

    the Premiers decision to fl out the budgetary aid con-ditions set by DFID?

    During his appearance on the MCAP hour on August 1, 2014, Premier Meade gave the following lengthy and incoherent response to James Whites (Radio ZJB) ques-

    tion about governments authority in relation to the 4th bulleted item above about spending surplus funds in the ring-fenced contingency fund:

    Okay, the question is: What is contingency fund? The contingency fund, on

    by Bennette RoachThe biggest blunder,

    though anyone might be able to see beyond it as a mistake, is the one manism act of Reuben T Meade in his years at the helm of government politically. This is his ignoring the benefi ts of consulting, not so much with the people of Montser-rat even when that was most required, but his ministers as well, he is too grand to have advisors, so they do not exist. His blunder the SGP, while concentrating on Little Bay and Carrs Bay, set out on a part that would destroy the idea.

    Aided by the Governor he, true to form failed to fol-low the rules of disposing of governments property and that includes its finances, by giving away to strangers, via incentives and tax con-cessions, as well as its pre-cious materials in the exclu-sion zone, thus encouraging the demolishing of private property in and outside the exclusion zone. Both he and the Governor then blame the police for not being vigilant. Montserrat gets NOTHING (someone or more do). In

    fact Montserrat subsidises the Tobacco factory and oth-ers non-benefi cial to Mont-serrat. Another blunder, he and his ministers reject the advice of the Incentives Committee at the Premiers whim.

    It has been a myth, this great negotiator, which has gone on and gone wrong because the motives have never been about the prog-

    ress of Montserrat. Deliberately withholding the Group A modifi ca-tion of the Little Bay master plan and selecting the Group B plan at the Charette, was the worst move which when he would have wanted to be able to shine is now a dismal failure.

    Everything has gone wrong and rushed. But when one realizes how little has been achieved, all because of that which he has been accused, wanting to do everything himself and for himself. The pub-lic servants left without reason to provide support. Spending so much time being arrogant and insulting, belittling the one legislator who has accomplished over 100% in opposition what any before him has, including the premier himself. When you get accused to behaving as a know all, you need to have success to show for it.

    It is up to the politicians now Group A working on the old master plan A

    The mo-ment is now - go out and VOTE

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    Did the Premier over-react? Or was this

    a genuine cause for concern all round?

    Widow of deceased pilot contemplates

    suit against Montser-rat Airways Ltd.

    Miss Carmelita Kirwan with her daughter who ac-companied her dressed in a hoodie. Image courtesy

    By Warren CassellPremier Reuben T. Meade

    called on residents to desist from petty political differences that are designed to create violence and disturbance during the election campaign.

    According to ZJB Radio Mr. Meade made a statement against the background of an incident which he claimed threatened his safety on Radio Montserrat premises on Monday night August 25.

    The reports reaching TMR are that during Mr. Meades interview with MNI Alives Jeevan Robinson Mr. Meade was asked whether he condones fear tactics and made the following statements : I am not aware that MCAP is getting involved in any fear tactics. Let me put it this way. We dont have any known criminals putting up signs in the dead of night in hoodies in Montserrat. In Montserrat PDM is using a known criminal to put up the red plastic on all the lamp posts them and doing things in hoodies. At 3:15 in the morning you have two persons with hoodies coming out of Don Romeos house. Its a statement I can backup with facts because Ive seen the person myself. So when you are talking about fear tactics, you have known drug people nominating the former leader of the opposition convicted of drugs and drug dealing in Montserrat and thats the person nominating you. Do you see anybody from MCAP in a hoodie going around stick-ing up things on people vehicles?

    Further reports say that about 30 minutes after that Mr. Meade was informed that a young man was outside on ZJBs Varandah. TMR has since learnt that the man to whom the Premier referred was Leverson Charles commonly known as Goldie. Mr. Meade remained inside and telephoned the Police who showed up. Persons who were present told TMR that Mr. Charles did not address Mr. Meade in any form or fashion but only exclaimed in amazement at how the police was contacted when there was no confrontation. Charles said the Police told him that the Premier said that he (Mr. Charles) should have

    By Warren CassellMontserrat Airways Limited

    - the operator of Fly Montserrat may soon face a lawsuit arising from the death of Captain Jason Forbes, the pilot killed when the companys plane crashed at VC Bird International Airport in 2012.

    In speaking exclusively with Observer media, Captain Forbes widow, Florisca Forbes announced that she is contem-plating legal action to hold the company accountable for the death of her husband suggesting that serious management failings led to the tragedy.

    In a report coming out of Antigua, Forbes told OBSERVER media, What has me concerned is the approach Nigel (Harris) has taken with me his lawyers tooI took a letter to the DPP here in Antigua and I sent one to Montserrat to look into the case and if required Ill charge Nigel for corporate manslaughter because I dont see nowhere else to go, Im not getting justice for what

    nothing to do with him (the Premier).Speaking on the Breakfast

    Show the following morning, Premier Meade explained that he was forced to call the police to provide escort from the Radio Station to his home, because his personal safety was compromised. He is calling for a clean and peaceful campaign free of violence and the threat of violence. Premier Meade while accusing MCAP and PDM supporters for inciting violence, also made it clear that he doesnt want Montserrat to go through an election where he is fi ghting to retain political offi ce at the expense of the island. The day I need police protection is the day I totally give up politics. This many fi nd ironic since it was the Premier who requested the polices presence, after he made unsavoury remarks and before he was accosted about them.

    While some shared a similar concern, many felt that the inci-dent was blown out of proportion. MNI Alives Jeevan Robinson, fact checking during this election season tracked down the individuals the Premier referred to as hooded in-dividuals who visited Don Romeos house at 3 a.m. and conducted an exclusive interview.

    According to Miss Carmelita Kirwan, she resides in the village of Davy Hill and had a medical emergency. She turned to the leader of the Opposition. I walked from my home in Davy Hill to Mr. Romeos home. When I knocked on the door the mom answered. She told me that he was sleepinghe responded and he didnt hesitate and took me to casualty, she said.

    She explained that her

    daughter who accompanied her was dressed in what is re-ferred to as a hoodie (as seen in photo below).

    The MNI Alives Editor-in-Chief also caught up with Martha Farrell who nominated Don Romeo seeking her response to being referrred to as a criminal. She told Mr. Robinson that as the Premier he should not come on the radio and make such a comment. She also said that she has during and since prison sought to improve herself and became certifi ed to take care of the elderly.

    Meantime, political leader of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) Donaldson Romeo is also reaching out to supporters, as well as citizens and friends in what he calls this tense moment leading up to the September 11th poll. Romeo is calling on residents to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner at all times.

    Meanwhile Charles told TMR that there was never an intention on his part to confront the Premier with any violence. I felt that he is a down to earth man that I could have reasoned with. It is unfortunate that he took such drastic action. I only attended the station to speak to Mr. Meade to express how disappointed I was at his remarks.

    When the story unfold ed the question by many asked about the Premie