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    Monday' Evening,

    ^^f^^^^p^f^, i; THE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL.

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    353^-Both Phones353

    Drink Hoffman House Coffee

    L a k e Minne tonka o r d e r s de l ive red w i t h o u t e x t r a c h a r g e .

    City N e w s TOWN TALK


    Store Closed Ail Day Wednesday.

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    Tea than any other house in the Northwest. Call at our Tea Booth and sample our teas. One hund-red varieties to select from. Minarda fi|fl* pound, Tea *BUPt# $1 value Special O f t * * nound, Japan Tea m V W 50c value Rolled $$#1 10 pounds, Oats fiisfc'Lr best Pure 4 I | A per Lard " " * * pound Creamery * J f l # * per pound Butter s & V U good, sweet White Clov-4 BS*% large comb, erHoney... * * * * fancy Bay Shore "7 tf* can* Peas m %M worth 10c HOFFMAN HOUSE COFFEE PLEASES

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    The annual meeting of the Free Will Bapt is t society will be held the eve-ning of June 4 at the church, Fif teenth street and Nicollet avenue.

    The Lad i e s ' Social circle of Stewart Memorial Presbyter ian church has post-poned for one week the ice cream so-cial which was to have been held on the church lawn Tuesday evening.

    Dr. H . H. Momnger, nat ional Sun-day school evangelist for the Christian churches, preached at the morning and evening services yesterday at the Port-land Avenue Church of Christ. He has recently returned from a tour of the Pacific coast and will remain here a few days This evening he will ad-dress a Sunday school rally, speaking on " T h e Graded School ."

    Dr. W. A. Mann, 412 Nicollet avenue, and Otto Kohler, 73 Western avenue, were locked up at Central stat ion th i s morning, charged with manslaughter.

    The complaint alleges tha t the two men brought about the death of Eliza-beth Engdahl , 838 Seventeenth ave-nue S. i

    The young woman died Saturday fol-lowing an operation performed a few days before. Coroner J . M. Kist ler was called and his suspicions being aroused, he reported the mat te r to the county at torney and ordered an autopsy.

    The autopsy showed tha t an opera-tion had been performed and tha t blood poisoning had followed, causing death. An investigation by the police resulted in finding Kohler, a friend of the young woman, and he was taken to po-lice headquarters . At first he denied everything, but yesterday afternoon he broke down and admit ted his par t in the affair.

    He said he had .given the Engdahl girl money with which to procure the services of a physician, and tha t after the operation she went to the home of her sister, where she died.

    Dr. W. A. Mann denies tha t he had anything to do with the case.

    County At torney Al J . Smith is get-t ing the evidence together.



    Mrs. Charles Lunt , 1510 E Twenty-thi rd street? was held up and robbed last evening as she was entering her own yaid .

    She had ,iust s tar ted up the walk to her house when she was seized from behind. A hand was clasped over her mouth to prevent her screaming and a man ' s voice told her to keep quiet and pass over her pocketbook. She refused and he then wrenched the purse from her hand and ran down street and dis-appeared in an alley. The purse con-tained $1.

    Mrs. Lunt did not get a description of her asasilant, bu t the mat te r was reported to the police and detectives are looking for him.



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    Work, not charity, is what Samuel Fahlarden asks 01 the Minneapolis chant ies . Crippled so tha t he cannot walk any great distance or do work which requires him to stand, he is still anxious to find work which will enable him to suppoit his wife and two chil-dren.

    Both the Salvation Army and Asso-ciated Charities are working on the case and consider i t a worthv one. Both or-ganizations have offered money and tood, only to meet with the same re-sponse. " N o , no char i ty ; it is work tha t I want . , "

    Neither organization has facilities for supplying the man with what he asks, as the charities maintain no work-shop, and the fact tha t he wishes to

    Fac ing death tha t he might prevent in-jury to a group of small boys gathered at Stevens avenue and Twenty-fourth street y ^ t e r d a y afternoon, Pat rolman C .C. Channells was instant ly killed by a live wire tha t he was t ry ing to put beyond the reach' of the youngsters.

    Channells was walked his beat when he noticed Beveral small boys on the corner. He investigated and found tha t they were gathered about a broken wire tha t hung to the sidewalk threat-ening death or in-jury. The officer first made the boys step back and then at-tempted to lift the wire with his club and place i t across a branch of a tree tha t i t might be safe unti l an electri-cian could repair it. The wire slipped and Channells thoughtlessly grasped it m his left hand. '

    The shock hurled him violently to the ground, burning his hand and blacken-ing his body. " I guess I got i t t ha t t i m e , " he said to the frightened boys who picked him up. He could say no more, but became unconscious and died a moment later. His body was re-moved to the family residence, 1134 Fremont avenue N. Coroner Kistler pronounced death due to accident.

    Channells was married and had been on the force since last January . He was considered an efficient officer and was a member of the Police Benevolent association from which his family will receive insurance.




    Virginia Drew Trescott Tells W h y She

    Advertises for Local Young Women

    to Take F a r t in FlayBelieves She

    Can F ind a Carter or a Bernhardt .

    "Memor ia l S u n d a y " h'as come to be scarcely less important than Memorial day itself. Nearly every church in the land devotes one or more services on tha t day to national topics or to a serv-ice in which the Grand Army and the great service of the old soldiers to the country are prominent.

    The ten Minneapolis Grand Army posts and the auxiliaries to them or as-sociated with them were guests yester-day of almost as many churches. I n some cases two Or more posts or auxil-iaries went to the same church, and in all cases programs were prepared which were fitted to the occasion. Hennepin Avenue Methodist, Minnehaha Method-ist, Broadway Methodist, Thir teenth Avenue Methodist, F i f th Avenue Con-gregational, Fremont Avenue Congre-gational, Como Congregational, Imman-uel Bapt is t and St. P e t e r ' s Evangelical Lutheran were among the churches which in the morning, were a t tended by Grand Army men and women, and which had services especially prepared for them. Indeed, every Congregation-al church in the ci ty devoted either the morning or evening service to patr iot ic subjects, as did several of the Method-ist , ' Presbyter ian and other denomina-tions.

    In all the churches the music was par-ticularly effective. Songs tha t cheered the soldiers who bat t led for freedom forty-five years ago, poems t h a t were worth a regiment in inspiring men t o valor, and sentiments of great leaders in the dark hours of the civil war were given to sympathetic and appreciat ive audiences.

    Services a t the Soldiers ' Home at Minnehaha were conducted in the home chapel in the afternoon, and were large-ly at tended by Grand Army men and women of the twin cities. Dr. J . S. Montgomery was one of the principal speakers a t the home meeting.



    Many Eminent Pract i t ioners Wil l Ad-dress State Association.

    Well known practi t ioners have been secured to address the twenty-third an-nual meeting of the Sta te Dental asso-ciation, to be held in Minneapolis a t the universi ty college of dentistry June 11 13. A diversity of s u b l e t s will be

    Tie Shame anil Dissrace of It

    of the Wisconsin Alf ied Owre, I> M D

    State M D

    remain with and support his family pre- discussed by them, and opportunity will vents his entering the a rmy ' s industrial be given to consult over difficult cases, home Among those on the list a re :

    ITclhlaTrten i s a p r e s s e r a n d r e p a i r e r \ x> r> s imtL M D T> D S 1-hUadeiphia. bV trade, and Tvorked in a tailoi shop 'eminent a taneoastsr P r e e n s Tsro Kind* of & Oceana* Most DeQefeas in Qns&ty* Step in to our Hardware Department , 5 t n S t . a n d I d Ave. Bo&ranecs any t ime Tuesday,, see t tds Re-markable MadMtte in Operation and Sample i t s Product , w i th our Oomplimenta.

    Fux*r i l t i z ie &CajrpetQ>/

    5th St, 6th St. and 1st Av. S-I




    Tonight and ' Wed. Night

    Tuesday Bve, "VERMLENDINOARNB." Wednesday M a t , Two W i t t y Comedies.

    Thursday, N. 0 . Goodwin, "The Genius." N e x t week Ferris Stock C


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