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    Pos i t i on of the Governor Strength-

    ened ly the (racionn Hninni-

    tnllt.v of IIIH Consort.

    Special to The .Journal. Des Moines, lown, April 19.Gossip in so-

    cial circles has it that Mrs. A. B. Cum-mins, wife ot the governor, achieved a com-plete conquest of the hearts of the ladies or the members of the legislature, in the course of the session just ended. It is not putting the case too strongly to say Mrs. Cummins has these members of the fair sex hypno-tised. Here in Des Moines it is all the talk. It is recorded that J.ohn. Henry Oear used to fcay of Mrs. Cummins, that she was his most dangerous opponent for United States sen-ator.

    The distinguished senator's dictum is borne , out by whnt has been happening here in.tho last three months nnd it is safe to say that if Governor Cummins needed to be strength-ened in order to insure himself another term, his wife has been able to do it.

    What has so charmed the ladies who have gathered here from various points Is the series of receptions that were held regularly during the session by Mrs. Cummins. Her home was thrown open for these and in the course of the session the wife of every mem-ber who was here was invited to receive with Mrs. Cummins. This, in connection with many other acts. _of hospitality, on her part, haa had its inevitable effect. ,,,,

    Moreover,, the Indies of Des .Moines, who thronged in great numbers, to the reception, were greatly pleased with them and altogether It is difficult to see how the governor's wife could have achieved moro of a social triumph than she has, though in an unobtrusive way.

    The gossips say that the Cummins family Is spending less on receptions and that sort of thing than the Shaws used to. And while the Shaws were lavish In expenditures, they did not come up to Governor Drake, who, it is said, expended more money for public functions during his administration than has been expended by any otner governor.

    CLUBS AND_CHARITIES ~ C'lnb Crtlrmlnr.

    MONDAY Ladies' Shakspere Club, Mrs. Stellwagen,

    1112 Logan avenue N, ":'M p. in. Clio Club, Mrs. S. R. Sikes, 317 Clifton ave-

    nue, 2:30 p. m. P. K. O., Mrs. E. H. Tryon, 2213 Aldrich

    a\cnue S, evering.


    m n n e n o t a W. B. M. I. Accented the MiniionpollH Inv i ta t ion .

    At the drains meeting of the Minnesota branch of the "VV. B. M. I. yesterday, a cor-dial Invitation for ,the next convention was extended from the missionaries, societies and official body of Plymouth church. This invi-tation was accepted, as It i3 the established custom to meet on ea:-h alternate year in either Minneapolis or St. Paul. An invita-tion was also received from Austin. The program of the morning was in charge of Mrs. J. A. Morris of Sauk Center,- for twenty years director of the Central conference.

    The following officers were elected: Presi-dent, 'Miss Margaret. J. Evans, Xorthfleld; vice-president, Mrs. Mrs, C :E. Swary, Min-neapolis; corresponding secretary, Mrs. S. W. Dickinson, St. Paul: assistant corresponding secretary, Mrs. H. Gale, Minneapolis; record-ing secretary, Mrs. H. G. Webster, Minneapo-lis; assistant recording secretary, Mrs. A. 8. Uphaioi, St. Paul; treasurer, Mrs. H. A. Seri-ver; auditor, Mrs. Willard Morse, ^Minneapo-lis; secretaries of- Young Ladies' societies and Y. P. S. C. E., Mrs, B. W. Smith, Min-neapolis; children's work and Sunday school, Mrs. J. M. Anderson, Minneapolis; assistant

    children's work, Mrs. J. C. Hunt, St. Paul; bureau of exchange of programs, Mrs. Isaac Burch, Xorthfleld; foreign -correspondence, Miss Hannah Griffiths, Minneapolis.

    Conference DirectorsAnoka conference, Mrs. Lowell Jfepson, Mrs. W. A. James, Min-neapolis: Mrs. W. J. Gray, St. Paul; child work, Mr3. J. A. Croaby, Minneapolis. Cen-tral conference, Mrs. J. A. Norris, Sauk Cen-ter; Mrs. W. C. A. Waller, Little Falls; Mrs. E. E. Cram, Burtrum. Duluth conference, Mrs. W. S. Horr, Duluth; children's work, Mrs. John Isham, Bralnerd. Mankato con-ference, Mrs. W. J. 'Richardson, Farnall; Mrs. M. E. Upton, Kerns; children's work, Mrs. Nelson Steel, Mankato. Minnesota Val-ley conference, Mrs. D. F. Wheaton, Mor-ris; Miss 'Rose Shu-maker, Ortonvllle; chil-dren's work, Mrs. A. A. Stone, Morris. Northern Pacific conference, Mrs. L. A. Hun-toon, Moorhead; Mrs. O. M. Carr, Pelican Rapids; Mr*. L. C." Weeks, 'Detroit. Owa-tonna conference, Mrs. J. Sidney Gould, Owa-tonna; Mrs. J. 'H. Albert, Faribault; chil-dren's .work, iMrs. J. Y. Wilson, Austin. Weatern conference, Mrs. B. L. Webber, Mar-shall. Winona conference, Mrs. H. J. Collins, Lake City; Mrs. E. W. Jenny, Winona. Pro-gram committee, 'Mrs. A. W. Wood, Minne-apolis; Mrs. F. A. Summer, Minneapolia; Mrs. A. N. Burton.


    Luat ProRrnm of P o l i t i c a l E q n a l l t y

    Clnb Poe t i ca l .

    The last program meeting of the year in the Political Equality Club was given last night at the residence of Mrs. Klssam, 2501 Fillmore street NE, with a large attendance. The program was made up entirely of the productions of Minnesota poets, several of whom were present and read their own poems. There was a large representation of mem-bers of the Authors' Club among the guests, as several of the poets arc members of that organization. Among those reading from their own works were Frank Dewey Redfleld, edi-tor of the Stub Pen; Mrs, Delia Whitney Nor-ton, Mrs. Lucy Sherman Mitchell, Dr. U. Q. Thomas, H. S. Goff and Frank G. O'Brien; Mrs. F. N. Stacy read Dr. Richard Burton's pi.em, "Across the Fields to Anne," and Mrs. Chone D. Bergren read a poem by Professor George Huntington of Northfield, "When 1 Am Old," and also sang his "International Hymn."

    Refrc-sl ments> were served during the so-cial hour.

    T a l k i n g Mnchine P r o g r a m .

    The presentation of a Victor talking ma-chine to the North Branch Young Women's Christian assoqiation by Miss Helen M. Gould of 5S!fcw York city was celebrated last night ly a "machine muBtcale." Mrs. J. M. An-derson, chc!rman of the extension committee, which directs the work of the branch, made tlie jn-ffentation of the machine and it was ac( opted for the girls by Miss Maude A. Wells, y-res'deut of the L. U. B. A. club. The program given included both music and readings. It was followed by light refresh-ment" served by Misses Henrietta Krueger and Katheiine Cross.

    Post nnd Corps Sapper .

    Instead of holding the regular meeting Wednesday evening Levi Butler corps sur-prised the men of the post by entertaining them at supper and presenting them with a roster of their dead, elaborately engrossed. The presentation was made by Mrs. Florence Shumway, senior vice, In the absence of the president, and Robert Pratt, commander, re-sponded for the post. Arter supper Comrade Eddy read a paper on his war recollections and remarks wero made by other comrades. Mrs. Manley also made a brief address. Among the guests of honor were Mrs. Cora F. Wright, department president; Mrs. Ida K. Martin, department secretary; Mrs. May, past department president, and Mrs. Irish of Pine island. The sewing society will meet Tuesday with Mrs. McDonald, Fifteenth street and Bryant avenue N.

    T r a v e l e r s ' Annnnl R e v i e w .

    The annual review of the Travelers was held yesterday afternoon with Mrs. W. I. Gray, 1400 Fifth avenue S. Several inter-esting papers were read and light refresh-ments were served. The annual meeting for the election of officers will take place next Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. F. W. Wurtzbach, 2024 Kenwood parkway.

    MISSIONARY SOCIETY OFFICERS, Special to The Journal.

    Aberdeen, S. D., April 19.The Woman's Missionary society of Aberdeen Presbytery, in session here, elected the following officers: President, Mrs. F. E. Campbell of Groton; vice president, Mrs. J. Scott Butt of Groton, Mrs. William Eaton of Pierpont, Mrs. M. L. Hinckley of Brltton; secretaries, Mrs. J. S. Vetter of Aberdeen, Mrs. M. E. Mosher of SIsseton and Miss Mary Cameron of Langford.

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    i t W i l l Be Held In the Armory

    W h i c h W i l l Be E l a b o r a t e l y

    Decorated .

    The first of the social affairs marking the approaching close of the university year-will be given Thursday evening, May 1, in the armory, when the girls of Miss Butner's clashes will give a May party. The arrange-ments Indicate that it will be something novel and there Is mui | eager anticipation In re-gard to it, as it is the first time, that the girls of the department have ever entertained on so large a scale.

    The armory will be elaborately decorated and one corner will be arranged in colonial fashion, with white and green as the color scheme where the patronesses will receive. The girls who will assist will be in colonial cost' nes. There will also be a Gibson corner and the girls of the different frate


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