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Astrological document about the quincunx aspect.


  • The gods spin the self into shapeAdvice I could have used 4 years ago: NEVER want a thing so much that you are binded to it; For it will keep you bound; and what you wanted before it, what you wanted 'during' and what you want 'now' are all members of the same desire chain of which I became, was, but will not be a member of neither should you, for the sake of actually achieving what you 'really' want in the end.

    It was once a great honor for me to spread words out over the lawn of my curious mind like a child at a picnic, mixing and matching their beauties to make the perfect juicy verbal sandwich, taking what I believed at the time to be 'moderately tinting my thoughts with emotions' and manifesting sentences of somewhat impressive originality, but then I didn't understand the power of my emotions, though I could tell deep inside me there was something soft & delicate, yet vast & immense, I never knew fully what its purpose was or how to incorporate it's qualities. I didn't think of my emotions as anything more than uncontrollable outbursts of insecurity fueled with anger.

    Now that I am fully aware of myself, fully capable of controlling my feelings and absolutely content with the purpose of both mental & emotional activity within. I am renewed to some extent, now able to decipher things from 2 previously incompatible perspectives, to feel, and to analyze now 'being' able to moderately blend them.

    Analysis was a matter of gathering only mental information before, now analysis is used to decrypt my feelings as well, at the same time leaving them in tact but understood while taking advantage of their effects in full throttle as raw emotions. Once there was light everywhere, uncontrolled and passionate, now the light is magnified to a pinhead, giving birth to laser-like-analysis, excellent remedy to sculpture ones future. Though I speak of the world belonging to Hermes, he is only part of the miracle, an articulator in this instance for the 'essence' of Poseidon & Apollo, (as Mars acts in Capricorn: a well-sharpened blade is a cutting one) a progressed Mercury in Virgo articulates my Moon in Pisces which trines my Progressed Sun in Virgo.a soft, thin & stable detail-brush, accentuates the illusion

    My point is simple: I used to be mental, logical, practical, arrogant and yet extremely emotional. The result of a Mercury in Leo Quincunx Moon Pisces. Most would say that Pisces & Leo have nothing in common, that's right. But there was a reason for that two worlds in-depth absolutely, leave to find one-another at an apex and create balance. Firewater. This doesn't mean I have achieved it, only that it's there if I wish to.