the middle ages - 500 to 1500 - fall of rome to modern era - aka dark ages -key events: revival of...

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  • The Middle Ages 500 to 1500 fall of Rome to modern era aka Dark AgesKey events: revival of learning under Charlemagne, breakup of Charlemagnes empire & return to Dark Ages, end of Dark Ages, slow return of learning (scholasticism), & Renaissance

  • The Middle Ages

    millenia fear importance of the church Christendomwhat is so important about the year 1000?Early Middle Middle Middle Late or High Middle

  • Early Christian church in Europe little organization at beginning no distinction between laity & clergy need arises for organization as church grows two officials presbyter (elder) & bishop (overseer) by 100s, presbyters (later known as priests) answer to bishops local churches administered by priests several churches make up diocese run by bishop several diocese adm. by archbishop modeled after Rome

  • Growth of monasticism St. Benedict monk lives apart from worldly concerns prayer & labor early monasteries adm. by abbot- provide important function in medieval world social worker care for sick & poor schools centers of learning role model transcription kept alive European culture

  • But before we keep talking about the role of the church, we need to talk about

    The Franks (great name)300s on Rome was a mess! invaders, bad govt, etc. 476 last Roman emperor replaced by German king Odoacer Franks settle in northern Gaul or known as France today first king Clovis unite Franks converts to Christianity begins Merovingian line of kings

  • Merovingian kings Do-Nothing Kings problems: succession, Mayors of the PalaceCharles Martel the Hammer! Mayor of the Palace 732 defeats Muslims at Tours son Pepin the Short Seizes kingdom 751 Carolingian line of kings helps pope remove threat of Lombards rewarded by pope proclaiming Pepin king by the grace of God

  • Donation of Pepin - takes land from around Rome and gives it to the Pope accomplishes 3 things:

    create long-lasting alliance between the Franks and the pope that greatly benefited both sides Pope looks west for help rather than east established precedent where pope confers right to rule onto the king

  • Charlemagne Charles the Great768-814 expands Frankish empire to most of western and central Europe 3 great achievements (maybe 4)

    Military- conquers Lombards in Italy- Avars in central Europe- Saxons in Germany- drives Muslims back into Spain

    2. Government (administration)- each region organized into county headed by count- missi dominici- Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen- no taxes - low expenses- each person responsible for military duty

  • 3. Education- founded palace school- brought in best scholars from around Europe- produce authentic and readable Bibleliked to have books read to him illiterate Carolingian Renaissance

    4. Crowned Emperors of the Romans solidifies relationship between Franks and papacy - established empire in the model of the old Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire- with the churchs blessing

  • Charlemagne dies 814 empire divided by 3 grandsons Treaty of Verdun (843) Charles the Bald (France), Lothair (middle kingdom), & Louis the German (Germany) begin fighting amongst themselves- Difficult to hold together divided kingdoms division allowed invaders to come north Vikings south Muslimseast- Magyars begin the Dark Ages again end of Carolingian Renaissance