The Medieval Church. Church Authority Involved in spiritual and political matters Structure –Clergy –Pope –Bishops –Local priests.

Download The Medieval Church. Church Authority Involved in spiritual and political matters Structure –Clergy –Pope –Bishops –Local priests.

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The Medieval ChurchChurch AuthorityInvolved in spiritual and political mattersStructureClergyPopeBishopsLocal priestsReligion as a Unifying ForceStable force during constant warfareSense of security and communityReligion was very importantChurch building served as a religious and social centerChurch JusticeProvided a unified set of beliefsCanon LawMarriageReligious practicesExcommunicationBanish from churchFreed kings vassalsInterdictHarshest punishment to kingNo religious services could be performed on the Kings landGermanic people adopt ChristianityFrankish rulers convert peopleMissionaries spread ideasMonasteries- religious communitiesChurch ReformProblems in the churchMarried with childrenLay investiture-kings or nobles could appoint religious officials Concordat of WormsOnly the church could give a bishop his power, but the emperor could veto a proposed bishopGothic architectureTallLight, filled with stained glassUsed flying buttresses, ribbed vaults, spiresAlmost 500 churches were built between 1170-1270Effect on Town$$$$pilgrimsArtSculpture, Woodcarvingsstained glassCathedralsCrusades - CausesPope Urban II issued a call for a Holy War crusade main goal was to gain control of the Holy Land and Jerusalem from MuslimsMotives:Quarrelsome knightsYounger sons and positionsReligious zealMerchants First and Second CrusadesBriefly conquered JerusalemDefeated by SaladinSaladinMuslim leaderThird Crusade 1187-1189Crusade of the Three KingsGoalLeaders:Philip AugustusFrederick IRichard the Lion-heartedRichard and SaladinTruceResults- still hostility betweenMuslims and Christians todayReconquista-SpainEffort to drive the Muslims from SpainLed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella1492 all Jews and Muslims were expelled*


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