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  • 1. The Location Shots by Shot By Chloe Killin
  • 2. Shot 1 - Hallway This shot of the hallway will be the first thing we see, as the camera follows the main character down the hall towards the kitchen.
  • 3. Shot 2 Kitchen Door The door shot is arranged into the rule of thirds, with Millie, the main character, positioned in the middle third peaking around the door.
  • 4. Shot 3 Kitchen This will be the first shot of the second character, Auntie Sarah, and roughly when dialogue starts. The shots will go back and forth between this, shot 2 and the following shot.
  • 5. Shot 4 Millie POV The point of view shot of Millie will be used while her and Auntie Sarah exchange lines.
  • 6. Shot 5 Hallway (2) The second shot of the hallway will show Millie leaving, but from a low angle to focus on her feet as she walks down the hall.
  • 7. Shot 6 Base of Stairs This long shot of the stairs will have Millie reaching them after the previous shot and about to climb up.
  • 8. Shot 7 Stair Close Up She now steps up to the stairs which is the cue for the music to start and the diegetic sound to stop.
  • 9. Shot 8 Ground Floor Stairs Low angle shot of the stairs as Millie climbs up.
  • 10. Shot 9 - Bannisters The bannisters create a shot following the rule of thirds as Millie goes past.
  • 11. Shot 10 Bannister (2) Shot of the bannister to show her reaching the top of the stairs, and her hand going along it.
  • 12. Shot 11 Millies Room This follows Millie into her room, which will have a series of teddies with a gap showing one missing.
  • 13. Shot 12 Teddy Close Up This will show a closer view of the teddies and the gap where Millies favourite teddy should be. I will probably have the shot nearer to where the box is around rather than the further out shot of the whole photo.
  • 14. Shot 13 Inside the Wardrobe Millie will climb up into the wardrobe in search of the teddy bear.
  • 15. Shot 14 Teddy POV This is from the view of the teddies, to help to get the audience into the mind-set of a child.
  • 16. Shot 15 Leaving the Bedroom This will be a shot following Millie out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the stairs
  • 17. Shot 16 Reaching the Stairs Medium long shot as Millie reaches the stairs and begins climbing.
  • 18. Shot 17 Walking up the Stairs We peer through the bannisters as Millie goes up the stairs again heading for Auntie Sarahs room.
  • 19. Shot 18 - Sarahs Bedroom This medium long shot will show Millie entering the room, possibly from her POV, then proceed to show her kneeling down to look under the bed.
  • 20. Shot 19 Under The Bed This shot is from under the bed and will be used before the previous shot shortly, but mostly after to show Millie looking under the bed and finding her teddy, which will be on the right of the shot, partially in sight. The shot will roughly conform to the rule of thirds. With the action happening in the middle.
  • 21. Shot 20 Opening the Case The camera pans around Millie from left to right, revealing her opening the case and examining the contents