the lion the witch and the wardrobe - twelve stages of the hero’s journey

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Twelve Stages of the Heros Journey The Hero Quest

Twelve Stages of the Heros JourneyThe Hero QuestThe Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe

Stage 1: Status Quo (Life in the ordinary world)Normal everyday existence.No conflict.Life as usual.Peaceful, calm, quiet, ordered.

Stage 2: A call to adventureA serious situation emerges that threatens life in the ordinary world.The hero is summoned or called upon to undertake a very important task or mission.

Stage 3: Assistance and Refusal of the callThe hero sees the task as overwhelming and feels inadequate or unable to fulfill the quest.Or the hero doesnt want to undertake the task or quest.Or the hero doesnt believe the quest is essential.Or someone refuses the call for him/her.The Herald / Mentor encourages, compels, or forces them to continue.

Stage 4: Departure / Discovering a MentorThe hero leaves their old life and meets a mentor = GuideThe hero finds a mentor / friend who will guide, instruct, or lead him.The mentor typically convinces the hero that the task or mission is necessary.

Stage 5: Trials / Passing the threshold

The hero leaves his world, his home, behind and embarks on a journey.This marks the beginning of the quest.Small challenges and trials are met.

Stage 6: Approach / Finding Allies and encountering enemiesAlong the way, the hero discovers a band of allies who will help him along his quest.

The hero also learns who his enemies are.

The hero approaches the challenging place with his allies.

Stage 7: Crisis / Tests and challengesThe hero, alone or with allies, faces small challenges in the form of henchmen / threshold guardiansHero undergoes many tests and challenges.Each challenge brings them closer to his goalEach challenge makes them stronger, bolder, wiser, etc

Stage 8: Enters the innermost cave and collects / learns the treasure.The hero must enter a place of darkness.Literally: a deep cave, underground, a very dark and scary place.Figuratively: emotional depression, sadness, melancholy.Hero learns something of extreme value during this stage, claims the treasure (which will be key in the final battle).

Stage 9: Showdown / ResultThe Hero undergoes the most challenging test.Usually face-to-face with their mortal enemy.The fight / battle is resolved.

Stage 10: Return / ResurrectionLiteral or figurativeThe hero dies and is miraculously brought back to life. The hero is thought to be dead, only to return again, surprising everyone.The hero is reborn into a higher state of being or consciousness.

Stage 11: New Life / Returning with the elixirAn elixir is a potent potion that restores one to health.The hero brings back an elixir that restores their ordinary world.The elixir can be peace, calm, hope, order, a cure, an actual healing potion, etcThe hero has gained or learnt or fought for some new part of themselves.

Stage 12: ResolutionThe hero/es have improved / changed, now they receive their reward, or claim their new place in the world. Awards or fame or riches or importance are earnt.