The Legacy of Ancient Greece How did Ancient Athens influence Western Democracy?

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The Legacy of Ancient GreeceHow did Ancient Athens influence Western Democracy?Greek City-StatesAround 2000 BC, the Greeks established cities along the coastlineEach city was like its own country (City-States)Most Greek City-States had one of the following types of gov.1. MonarchyRuled by a king (absolute rule)Hereditary (born into/family)Power to rule comes from God Divine Right2. Aristocracy Ruled by rich, important families (nobles) Hereditary Power comes from wealth/statusHistory of Democracy Solon the ReformerAthens, most powerful city-state was an Aristocracy Landowners force farmers into slavery to pay debt Solon writes a law outlawing slavery based on debt3. Oligarchy/Tyranny Rule based on wealth, ability, or control of military If one powerful person gains control becomes tyranny Not hereditary2. Solon establishes citizenship based on four classes (wealth)Top three classes can hold public office, fourth class can only voteOnly free adult males born in Athens were citizens1/10 of Athenstotal populationAthens uses branches of Govt.Council of 500 = Executive BranchJury system = Judicial BranchCleisthenes allows 4th class to hold public office, leaders chosen by lottery (Council of 500)Pericles Pays people in govt, more Athenians can participate in governmentAthens becomes a direct democracy as citizens rule & make laws directlyAssembly of citizens = Legislative BrTrial by Jury Athens StyleHow big were juries in Athens?How was a jury selected?What was the difference between a hollow and solid disk?Answer Question #1 on page 9Answer Question #2 on page 9


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