The Joys of Employee Engagement and Why You Should Start Now

Download The Joys of Employee Engagement and Why You Should Start Now

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    The Joys of Employee Engagement and Why You Should Start Now

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  • The Joys of Employee Engagement

    and Why You Should Start Now





    Why Employee Engagement Matters

    4 Tips You Can Implement Now

    Key takeaways



    Why Employee

    Engagement Matters


    Defining an Engaged Employee

    Emotional Commitment

    Connection to Your Mission

    Personal-Investment in Business Success

    Passion & Pride in their Work Sense of Ownership

    Opinion of Senior Leadership


    Defining an Engaged Employee

    Source: Gallup Business Journal, Five Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now, January 2014


    Work with passion

    Feel profound connection to company

    Drive innovation and move organization forward


    checked out

    Sleepwalking through workday

    Putting time (but not energy) into work

    Actively Disengaged


    Undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish


    Employees rank among the most trusted influencers

    when communicating about their companys

    engagement and integrity. 1

    Source: 1Edelman Trust Barometer, January 2015

    Building In-House Brand Advocates


    Boost Your Business Performance

    Companies with employee engagement programs achieve

    Source: 1Aberdeen, October 2015

    26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue,

    compared those who do not have formal programs. 1


    Beat the Competition with Happier Employees

    Glassdoors Best Places

    to Work list outperformed

    the S&P by 122%

    Lowest rated companies

    underperform S&P by


    Source: Chamberlain, Andrew (2015). Does Company Culture Pay Off? Analyzing Stock Performance of Best Places to Work Companies, online at


    Wondering what levers are at your disposal to measure & increase



    Top Drivers of Employee Engagement

    Source: Global Human Capital Trends 2014, Deloitte University Press


    4 Tips to Engage

    Employees Now


    Tip 1: Invite Feedback


    Set a Baseline

    Launch an anonymous

    survey or poll with free


    Use Glassdoor data to

    identify trends and

    monitor employee








    62% of Glassdoor users agree that their perception of a company

    improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.1

    Source: 1 Glassdoor US Site Survey, Jan 2016



    Glassdoors Feedback-Rich Culture

    Pump up new hires

    Address concerns at all hands


    Team leaders encourage by


    Signs and stickers around the


    Respond to reviews by department

    Wagl Surveys


    Tip 2: Rally Behind Mission and Goals


    Keep Open Lines of Communication

    Make it clear how

    employees contribute

    Provide insight into

    key business


    Revisit goals regularly

    Celebrate wins but be

    open about areas of



    Source: 1 Becoming Irresistible, Deloitte, February 2015

    Higher Levels

    of Innovation1 Higher Levels

    of Retention1 30% 40%

    Benefits of Mission-Driven Employees


    We Live and Breathe Transparency

    Company All Hands

    Quarterly Business Reviews


    Culture Club

    Coding After School Program


    Tip 3: Support Work-Life Integration


    The balance of power has

    shifted from employer to

    employee, forcing business

    leaders to learn how to

    build an organization that

    engages employees as

    sensitive, passionate, creative


    ~ Josh Bersin1

    Source: 1 Becoming Irresistible, Deloitte, February 2015


    Golden rule

    Peer accountability

    Trust employees to do the right thing

    Consider remote work options

    Allow autonomy

    Flexibility and Accountability Matters


    Redefining the Nine-to-Five at Glassdoor

    Flexible Work Time, Remote Options

    Health & Wellness Program

    Peer Recognition Programs

    Team Building Off-sites


    Tip 4: Invest in Your Employees Growth


    Source: Glassdoor Economic Research, 2015

    Foster an Environment for Career Advancement

    Culture, career opportunities and leadership matter most


    Leadership Matters

    1 in 2 employees

    have left their job to get away

    from their manager at some

    point in their career.1

    Source: 1 State of the American Manager, Gallup, April 2015


    Multi-Faceted Approach to Development

    New Hire Orientation

    Buddy System

    Educational Budget

    Clear Growth Paths

    Performance Evaluations +

    360 Feedback

    EQ Training

    GD University

    Speaker Series


    Key Takeaways

    Employee engagement impacts your bottom line

    It can be difficult to quantify, but there are toolsmany of which are freethat you can use to measure and increase engagement

    Create visibility into your companys business objectives and how each employee plays a role

    Consider key drivers and incorporate employee feedback when developing your strategy

    Revisit learning and development programs regularly



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