The Joys of Employee Engagement and Why You Should Start Now

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<ul><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>The Joys of Employee Engagement and Why You Should Start Now </p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>Todays Moderator </p><p>Randi Kenney </p><p>Online Content &amp; Community Manager Human Capital Institute </p><p>@HCIRandi </p><p>/in/randirkenney </p><p>/company/human-capital-institute-hci </p><p>@Human_Capital /humancapital </p><p></p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>HCI 2016 Events Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference May 2-4 Boston Seaport, MA Employee Engagement Conference July 18-20 Denver, CO Global Talent Management Conference October 17-19 New York, NY </p><p>Human Capital Summit March 29-30 New Orleans, LA </p><p> Performance Management Innovation Conference June 27-28 New York, NY </p><p>Learning and Leadership Development Conference September 19-21 Boston Seaport, MA </p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>Thank You </p><p> </p><p></p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>Interact With Us </p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat #GDchat </p><p>Todays Featured Speaker </p><p>Lauren McNiff </p><p>Senior Marketing Programs Manager Glassdoor </p></li><li><p>The Joys of Employee Engagement </p><p>and Why You Should Start Now </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>#GDCHAT </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Agenda </p><p> Why Employee Engagement Matters </p><p> 4 Tips You Can Implement Now </p><p> Key takeaways </p><p> Q&amp;A </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Why Employee </p><p>Engagement Matters </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Defining an Engaged Employee </p><p>Emotional Commitment </p><p>Connection to Your Mission </p><p>Personal-Investment in Business Success </p><p>Passion &amp; Pride in their Work Sense of Ownership </p><p>Opinion of Senior Leadership </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Defining an Engaged Employee </p><p>Source: Gallup Business Journal, Five Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now, January 2014 </p><p>Engaged </p><p> Work with passion </p><p> Feel profound connection to company </p><p> Drive innovation and move organization forward </p><p>Not-Engaged </p><p> checked out </p><p> Sleepwalking through workday </p><p> Putting time (but not energy) into work </p><p>Actively Disengaged </p><p> Unhappy </p><p> Undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Employees rank among the most trusted influencers </p><p>when communicating about their companys </p><p>engagement and integrity. 1 </p><p>Source: 1Edelman Trust Barometer, January 2015 </p><p>Building In-House Brand Advocates </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Boost Your Business Performance </p><p>Companies with employee engagement programs achieve </p><p>Source: 1Aberdeen, October 2015 </p><p>26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, </p><p>compared those who do not have formal programs. 1 </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Beat the Competition with Happier Employees </p><p>Glassdoors Best Places </p><p>to Work list outperformed </p><p>the S&amp;P by 122% </p><p>Lowest rated companies </p><p>underperform S&amp;P by </p><p>29.5% </p><p>Source: Chamberlain, Andrew (2015). Does Company Culture Pay Off? Analyzing Stock Performance of Best Places to Work Companies, online at </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Wondering what levers are at your disposal to measure &amp; increase </p><p>engagement? </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Top Drivers of Employee Engagement </p><p> Source: Global Human Capital Trends 2014, Deloitte University Press </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>4 Tips to Engage </p><p>Employees Now </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Tip 1: Invite Feedback </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Set a Baseline </p><p> Launch an anonymous </p><p>survey or poll with free </p><p>tools </p><p> Use Glassdoor data to </p><p>identify trends and </p><p>monitor employee </p><p>sentiment </p><p>Download </p><p>Glassdoors </p><p>Employee </p><p>Engagement </p><p>Toolkit </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>62% of Glassdoor users agree that their perception of a company </p><p>improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.1 </p><p>Source: 1 Glassdoor US Site Survey, Jan 2016 </p><p>Respond </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Glassdoors Feedback-Rich Culture </p><p> Pump up new hires </p><p> Address concerns at all hands </p><p>meetings </p><p> Team leaders encourage by </p><p>department </p><p> Signs and stickers around the </p><p>office </p><p> Respond to reviews by department </p><p> Wagl Surveys </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Tip 2: Rally Behind Mission and Goals </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Keep Open Lines of Communication </p><p> Make it clear how </p><p>employees contribute </p><p> Provide insight into </p><p>key business </p><p>objectives </p><p> Revisit goals regularly </p><p> Celebrate wins but be </p><p>open about areas of </p><p>concern </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Source: 1 Becoming Irresistible, Deloitte, February 2015 </p><p>Higher Levels </p><p>of Innovation1 Higher Levels </p><p>of Retention1 30% 40% </p><p>Benefits of Mission-Driven Employees </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>We Live and Breathe Transparency </p><p> Company All Hands </p><p> Quarterly Business Reviews </p><p> CommunityDoor </p><p> Culture Club </p><p> Coding After School Program </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Tip 3: Support Work-Life Integration </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>The balance of power has </p><p>shifted from employer to </p><p>employee, forcing business </p><p>leaders to learn how to </p><p>build an organization that </p><p>engages employees as </p><p>sensitive, passionate, creative </p><p>contributors. </p><p>~ Josh Bersin1 </p><p>Source: 1 Becoming Irresistible, Deloitte, February 2015 </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p> Golden rule </p><p> Peer accountability </p><p> Trust employees to do the right thing </p><p> Consider remote work options </p><p> Allow autonomy </p><p>Flexibility and Accountability Matters </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Redefining the Nine-to-Five at Glassdoor </p><p>Flexible Work Time, Remote Options </p><p>Health &amp; Wellness Program </p><p>Peer Recognition Programs </p><p>Team Building Off-sites </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Tip 4: Invest in Your Employees Growth </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Source: Glassdoor Economic Research, 2015 </p><p>Foster an Environment for Career Advancement </p><p>Culture, career opportunities and leadership matter most </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Leadership Matters </p><p>1 in 2 employees </p><p>have left their job to get away </p><p>from their manager at some </p><p>point in their career.1 </p><p>Source: 1 State of the American Manager, Gallup, April 2015 </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Multi-Faceted Approach to Development </p><p> New Hire Orientation </p><p> Buddy System </p><p> Educational Budget </p><p> Clear Growth Paths </p><p> Performance Evaluations + </p><p>360 Feedback </p><p> EQ Training </p><p> GD University </p><p> Speaker Series </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Key Takeaways </p><p>Employee engagement impacts your bottom line </p><p>It can be difficult to quantify, but there are toolsmany of which are freethat you can use to measure and increase engagement </p><p>Create visibility into your companys business objectives and how each employee plays a role </p><p>Consider key drivers and incorporate employee feedback when developing your strategy </p><p>Revisit learning and development programs regularly </p></li><li><p>#GDCHAT </p><p>Q&amp;A </p></li><li><p>Human Capital Institute </p><p>#HCIchat </p><p>Thank You Visit us on the web for access to </p><p>more exclusive content </p><p> </p><p>Webcasts Podcasts Articles </p><p>White Papers </p><p>Research Blogs </p><p>Conferences Classes </p></li></ul>