the jordanian interfaith coexistence research center working to promote coexistence since 2003

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  • The Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center Working to Promote Coexistence Since 2003
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  • Bishop Riah Abu el-Assal The Episcopal Evangelical Church, Jerusalem and the Middle East We are all called up, and challenged, each in his or her place, to be people of Action.
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  • Nihad Awad Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations We at CAIR wholeheartedly support the spirit and content of the Amman Message released last year during the blessed month of Ramadan, under the auspices of HM King Abdullah II...We hope and pray that the Amman message will be applied in its spirit and letter by Muslims and people of all faiths worldwide.
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  • The Amman Message can be one of Islam's powerful tools to make this world into the world it could and should beit clearly and succinctly points out the root principles of a faith which calls upon all its adherents to submit to the good. Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor Director of Interfaith Affairs, The Anti- Defamation League
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  • Brandie E. Conforti ExecutiveDirector, WorldBoston By highlighting the beliefs of Islam, one quickly realizes that compassion, respect, tolerance, acceptance and freedom are not values which belong solely to any one faith, but to all faiths which are bound by a desire for goodness and a love of humanity. This universal connection is what binds people from all nations, creeds, religions, ethnicities, sex, and race.
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  • Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin Director, Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University We peoples of the Book must band together, each with our own religious texts and traditions in hand, to embrace the spirit of this Amman Message to teach these values together until they become the dominant message that reaches the masses of religious people on the planet today.
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  • Senator John Kerry United States Senate We know that true people of faith yearn for a world of respect and love for our fellow human beings We must dare to fight intolerance in all its forms, to live tolerant lives as examples to others, and to demand respect and dignity for other faiths.
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  • Professor Yehezkel Landau Faculty Associate in Interfaith Relations, Hartford Seminary We need an alliance of religiously committed Muslims and Jews, joined by faithful Christians, who can serve as visible role models for believers seeking a way to end the debilitating warfare. The Amman Message is a welcome contribution to that essential goal, and I salute those brave Jordanians who are behind this blessed initiative.
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  • Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick Catholic Archbishop of Washington I admire the initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II and of all those who have stood with him in accepting the challenge of this important Amman Message. It has the peace of the world and the love and friendship that all God's children must have as we move forward to build a time of hope and justice and peace for all nations.
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  • The Amman Message is a rich and powerful restatement of Gods love for all... God through the Holy Quran and His Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, embraced all of humankind and emphasized mercy and compassion, love and forgiveness. Joseph Montville Senior Fellow, The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University
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  • The Amman Message in Action is such a positive step in bringing hope and understanding to a region long torn apart by conflict, which is based on religious and cultural differences... we must see all life as sacred and all people as connected to each other, more alike than different in every way. Ms. Jane Olsen Chair, Human Rights Watch Chair, Landmine Survivors Network
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  • Reverend Dr. John T. Pawlikowski OSM President, The International Council of Christians and Jews I am glad to confirm our appreciation of this initiative which has already made inroads into the thinking and acting of so many engaged at varying levels, in the encounter and dialogue of our three Abrahamic faith traditions.
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  • Chief Rabbi David Rosen President, The International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations Religion must be a force for peace, reconciliation and mutual respect among people and especially among believers in the One God, Creator and Guide of the Universe. May this conference succeed in spreading the true and noble word of religion in our region and in our world.
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  • David Smock Director of Religion and Peacemaking, The United States Institute of Peace The Amman Message is a timely and desperately needed declaration to build bridges between the faith-based communities and to work towards building a culture of tolerance and coexistence[we] support the Amman Message in Action conference and believe that the interfaith commitment to promote peace, tolerance, and reconciliation reflects the true spirit in our traditions.
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  • Unless our religious communities find ways, words, actions to make our love for God a force for peace and not for divisions and worse, we have no right to preach to the world...The Amman Message really deserves to be celebrated, and lifted up for all the world to hear. Bishop Krister Stendahl Bishop of Stockholm, Emeritus