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  • The Internet of Things(IoT)

    Making Waste Collection Part of a Smarter Future

    Looking Ahead - IoT, Smart Cities and Refuse Collection

  • Connecting our World

  • Internet of Things (IoT) IoT connects people and things

    via the Internet

    Uses IT analytics, cloud computing, smart devices and apps

    Built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors

    Delivers mobile, virtual and immediate connection

    Makes everything smart

  • IoT, Smart Cities and Waste Management IoT powers Smart Cities

    Smart city mandate includes smarter waste management

    IoT systems monitor trash, vehicles, drivers and customers to optimize many elements of the essential services offered via:

    Asset scanning

    Data gathering

    Chip/sensor technology

    Camera-based real-time monitoring

    Optimization of vehicle fleet logistics.

  • How IoT Connects Smart Trucks Smart display computing devices

    Real-time information to drivers and managers

    Integrate cameras, scales, RFID readers, tire pressure and fuel monitoring

    Easy control and real-time communication

  • Database Manager







    Mobile Terminal

    In-Cab Solution w

    powered cradle

    GPS Positioning &

    Satellite Communication

    Fixed Terminal

    In-Cab Solution w



    connected to ECM

    Cellular Network

    GSM - GPRS

    CDMA - 1X, iDEN

    Dispatch System / RMS

    Internet or Private


    FleetMap, FRM

    Real Time Transfer

    of Route


    Pictures, Engine

    data, alarms

    Solution Overview

  • ScaleInterfaceMessaging Interface

    Message Store

    Communications Manager Alarm Module


    Process Workflow Driver Interface


    Telemetry Module

    Engine ECM Transmission, Brakes,

    Ignition.Angle Switch Etc...

    RF/Cellular/Satellite/ Modem, Cables, Antennas

    On-Board Scale

    RFID orBar Code ReaderRFID or

    Bar Code Interface

    Back-up and peripheral

    video cameras

    Video capture & display



    Hours ofService

    Mobile Overview

  • The IoT Advantage1. City administrators > control over

    budgets, service quality , refuse collection service providers.

    2. Municipal fleet and dispatch managers > better manage fleet logistics, service accountability.

    3. Private haulers > better organize, optimize business processes.

    4. Customers > timely, consistent customer service.

    5. Drivers > tools to improve safety, driving, visibility etc.

  • IoT Sensors on Waste Collection Vehicles

  • Sensors to Manage Lifts

    Lift Sensor/Actuator for Commercial Waste Vehicles

    Lift Sensor for Residential Side Load Vehicles

  • RFID Sensors for Cart/Container Management

    Residential Side Load RFID Sensor Commercial Collection Vehicle RFID Sensor

  • Connected Camera Systems Capture around-the-truck video and pictures

    Real-time, complete visibility

  • Sensors for Weight Management IoT powered scale sensors

    Zero manual intervention

    More accurate waste weight management

    Supports weight-based Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) programs

  • Benefits of IoT to Waste Fleets

  • Smarter, Cleaner, Safer FleetsWhat you can achieve with IoT-powered smart fleets:

    Measure accuracy, efficiency for pick-up and delivery commitments

    Decrease administrative time wasted on data entry go paperless!

    Improve the driver experience and efficiencies

    Ensure accurate billing

    Improve fuel consumption and mileage management

    Heighten accountability and visibility

    Improve customer service

    Be greener and operate safely at peak performance

    Significantly reduce resource requirements

    Lower communications costs

    Ensure integrated activity management

    View servicing problems in real-time to improve customer satisfaction

    Improve maintenance and safety initiatives

    Help reduce amounts of household waste

  • Complete Visibility Managers need 360 views

    Impacts risk factors, safety records, operating costs

    IoT-powered smart displays connect everyone, everything

    Like a supervisor in every truck

  • Less Driver Distractions Drivers need to focus on driving

    IoT-connected smart displays provide single interface point

    Easy touchscreen communications

    Performance threshold alerts

    Eliminates guesswork and manual requirements

  • More Eco-friendly Operations Green fleets minimize fuel consumption, mileage and exhaust emissions

    IoT-connected OBC with driver direction capabilities optimize routes

    Reduces time spent on the road and number of engine hours per day

    Generates alarms to monitor/reduce idling, identify aggressive driving, identify vehicle maintenance issues

  • Improved Preventative Maintenance IoT-connected OBCs flag vehicle


    Ensure vehicle is properly maintained and functional

    Immediate ECM-related alarms to flag any issues for repair and maintenance

    Drivers are safer and vehicles perform better.

  • Enhanced Data Collection Masses of information for driver

    activity, driver performance, driver scoring, fuel consumption, fleet performance, etc.

    Before, collected manually with information gaps, human error

    IoT now enables enhanced operations/performance statistics tracking for key indicators

    Unprecedented, total visibility into all information from macro company to individual driver

    Ability to identify and solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency & decision-making

  • Route OptimizationReal-time IoT-driven fleet tracking and driver directions minimize distance, fuel and time:

    Know how your vehicles are being handled

    Identify non-productive time in seconds

    Determine which drivers generated alarms and where

    Plot locations of alarm occurrences

    Access all your fleets activities by divisions

    Supervise real-time route progress

    Check overall route completion status

  • Conclusion Sustainable waste collection is fundamental to Smart Cities

    IoT can optimize waste collection with RFID tracking, sensors and cameras

    Smart fleet systems enable connected data sharing, route optimization, asset management, safety, more efficient, sustainable operations.

  • Questions?

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