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  • Best-in-Class

    Brand Advocacy


    We help brands tap into the most powerful

    source of influence: their own brand ambassadors


    Leading international network of consumer advocates promoting great brands and products ....

    through word-of-mouth.





    From Clients to Believers

    FMCG Luxe & Cosmetics Consumer electronics Services

  • Why WoM marketing?

    Plant a seed. Harness the power of word of mouth. Syndicate success.



    WoM marketing is unrivaled in influence! People trust people they know.

    Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising, 2015

    trust online ads

    47%trust ads on

    social networks


    trust ads on TV

    63%Online opinions

    66%of people trust

    recommendations from people they know



    WoM influences the entire purchase journey = #1 Influence Driver

    * Source: McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey

    Online posts & reactions

    Offline WoMis #1 trigger Education,

    community, personal follow up

    Face to Face conversations

    Webshop Reviews & Rating


    Brand advocates help break barriers to trial

    Non-consumer Consumer

    Most challenging barriers


    Three types of WoM campaigns w/many variations.All tailored to brands specific needs and objectives

    Offline (face-to-face) & Online mass activation with peer sampling

    Not limited to in-home settings

    Boost Online Ratings & Reviewson targeted web sites

    Measurable , scalable and yieldsgood ROI

    Brand incorporates ambassador platform on to its own site longer term approach

    Always-on platform: brand can activate/engage ambassadors when needed

    Brand manages its own community of advocates to share their story (WoM , Surveys, Pools, Co-creation)

    Ambassador hosts friends/family at home to share the product

    Boost demos & education/consideration (longer exposure)

    Focus on brand experience: creative, memorable, intense

    Convey and build Brand Equity


    Face to face conversations

    2/3of WoM impact

    Online reviews

    1/3of WoM impact

    Social content: consumer claims, pictures and testimonials

    Product experience &Peer to Peer sampling

    The Insiders deliver mass activation - offline and online

    SEO &Brand reputation


    Each Insider generates on average 135 face-to-face conversations & recommendations

    Insider First generation (i+1) Second generation (i+2)

    X30 X3,5

    Impact on purchase intentions (The Insiders benchmark)

    70% to 85% 10% to 20% 1.5% to 3%

    Insider campaigns leverage the multiplier effect


    WoM Marketing drives sales

    +13%of consumers sales

    Womma study, 2014

    Insiders group VS control group


    +33%Insiders group VS control group

    Insiders group VS control group


    Insiders group VS control group


    Insiders group VS control group


    Insiders group VS control group



    WoM activation delivers 4x ROI vs. other paid media







    TV Press OOH Radio Digital WoM

    IRi benchmarks. Results from 527 Marketing Mix Modelling studies. UK, 2015.

    0,60 0,67

    0,310,45 0,46


    Every 1 spent on WoM activation generated 2.38 in retail sales (vs. an average of 0.58)


    WoM marketing amplifies the effect of paid media




    Why do brands work with us?

    Long-term impact

    Brand Building

    Brand equity


    Branded content

    Earned media

    Relevance & Reputation

    Short-term impact

    Market Penetration & Sales

  • Insider campaigns: How do they work?


    Five step process : smooth from start to finish

    4 - 6 weeks

    Plan & prepare

    Announcement and careful selection

    Superior product experience via

    VIP packs

    Live campaign& activation

    Track & Report

    4 - 6 weeks 3 weeks2 weeks

  • We tailor each campaign to meet your specific brand challenges

    Personalized brand message


    Engagement process

    Plan & Prepare

  • New campaign is announcedto our whole database through various online touch points

    Campaign Website FacebookTwitterEmail Blog



    Interested Insiders fill out in-depth entry surveyMain criteria to hyper target best brand ambassadors

    with minimal waste

    Careful selection

    Macro data

    Socio Demo

    Socio Demo Plus

    Online profile

    Micro data

    Shopper profile

    Life style

    Brand attitudes


    We make your brands & products talkable(We create & develop all the print material )

    VIP Packs


    Insiders, family & friends engage through a superior product experience



    For 4-6 weeks, Insiders are activated with intensive community management

    WoM CenterOne-to-one relationship









    We deliver agreed-upon campaign KPIs

    Whats the outcome of an Insiders WoM campaign?


    Peer conversations Reputation Impact Content Equity

    Track & Report