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Keen to brush up on your mobile advertising lingo? This session will give you a back to basics overview of the mobile advertising ecosystem whilst leaving you excited and inspired about the opportunities mobile marketing has to offer. Focussing on the ever evolving ways in which companies and consumers communicate and purchase goods, we will look at how exactly mobile advertising is evolving and how it can be used to really elevate your brand. Using recent research on mobile media consumption and tablet usage, we will explore how innovative HTML5 rich media ad formats respond to the increased demand for targeted, personalised brand experiences. Finally we will highlight mobile advertising and rich media best practices in relation to how consumers are currently using their phones. You'll also learn how to: Produce a personalised, targeted, customer-specific mobile campaign Integrate mobile alongside your traditional marketing channels with a focus on "multi screening" Tailor your mobile marketing strategy to reflect current consumer media consumption trends Dispel the widely held myths about mobile adverts with a focus on rich media immersive experiences Can't make the call? Sign up anyway and we'll be sure to send you the recording. About the presenter: Zee Ahmad, Head of Business Development, InMobi UK Zee is InMobis Head of Business Development for the UK. He leads the UKs supply side strategy, developing InMobis publisher portfolio, product mix and third party partnerships. Prior to joining InMobi Zee was the UK Sales Lead for Navteq Media Solutions, Nokias location based mobile ad network. He has over 10 years experience in digital and mobile advertising.


  • 1.The Insider Track to Mobile MarketingZee Ahmad Head of Business Development, UK James RogersUK Agency Sales Manager

2. EME North America 124m124m APAC 246m JAPANLatin AmericaAfrica16m 22m 35m578M mobile consumers93.4B impressions per month 165 countriesOur NetworkReaches 40% of mobile internet users, 200 times a month, through 26,000+ sites and apps 3. Simplifying Mobile Advertising Mobile Analytics & PublisherMobile Reach Mobile Creative MonetizationResearchLargest Independent Leading HTML5Universal Analytics & Publisher Monetization & Mobile Ad NetworkAd Creation PlatformResearch Solutions Mediation Platform 4. Mobile Myths 5. Mobile isthe sameas online 6. 32%Media UsageSpending 71% While watching TVtime withfamily28% In the bathroom In the UK, mobile we 39% Commuting67% Lying in bed time is me time; it is usually a personal rather than a shared28% media experienceSocial event64% Waiting for something 36% Shopping| Base: All Respondents, n=999 7. Brand Advertisers and Agencies can build immersive adsolutions utilising the innate features of the devices 8. Mobile isNot a FocusChannel 9. UK Media ConsumptionMobile share hasovertaken traditionaldesktop/laptop mediaconsumption.InMobi & On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research, Wave 2: Q2 2012 N= 954 10. This offers a greatopportunity to further engagewith users through contentand brand re-messaging Source: InMobi May 2012; 11. Mobile Adsare NotEngaging 12. Standard vs Mobile Banner ClickthroughRate by Region1.60%14Difference(1X)1.40%121.20% 101.00% 8CTR0.80% 60.60% 40.40%0.20%20.00%0Asia-PacificEurope, Latin North Middle East America America and Africa Standard Banner Mobile Banner Difference (1X)Source: eMarketer H1 2012Mobile Banners Out-Preformed their Online Counterparts 13. AdvertisingMobile Display and Online DisplayEffectiveness Advertisings Effect on Brand Metrics201816Average Delta Above Control1412Mobile out-preformed in the 10average change per metric 8 6than the control groups4 2 0 Ad awarenessMessage Aided brand Purchase Brandassociation awareness intentfavorabilityMobileOnline Source: Dynamic Logic, Q1 2012 USA 14. Macys Winter Collection CampaignIncreases Purchase Intent 134%Objective Brand Awareness & Engagement Promote Macys Winter Collection and holiday promotions on iPadSolution Rich-media ad unit featuring: Branded Video Interactive Product Catalogue Store Locator, Social Media FeaturesResults Best Mobile Increased purchase intent 134% discover tomorrow, todayTM Campaign of 2011 15. I cant reachmy targetaudience 16. Advanced TargetingConnects brands to their target audience by CONTENTGEO TARGETINGDEVICE/CARRIER DEMOGRAPHICSBEHAVIORAL RETARGETINGCONTEXT 17. Mobile adsare Just forApplicationDevelopers 18. UKH1 2012 Sector Mobile Market Shares60% 50%50%40% 32%30% 18%20%10%0%Film and Other Games MusicSource: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)Some Industries are Adapting Quicker than Others 19. How well do you feel you understand mobile advertising In 2012 overall 24% on a scale from 1 to 10?42%48%50%50% Top 5 understanding stayed 1%2%5% 2% 3%2%3% 3% 3% box % the same, however, 14%12% 5%12%9% 6%10 Expert However, there is still8% 21%19% 9 room for improvement 25% 816%26%19%7 15%22%17% 6What single thing would the mobile advertising industry need to do in18%order for you to increase your spend on mobile?16%20% 5 18%22% 14%12% 412% 13% 314%12%11%12%7% 2 8% 8% 5%4%4%2% 3%0 2008 2009 2010 2011 20121 NoresultsresultsresultsresultsresultsunderstandingSource: IAB Snapshot ResearchBase: 2008 (115) ; 2009 (106) ; 2010 (160); 2011 (406); 2012 (353) 20. Contextual AdvertisingIndividual PersonalExperienceswith Mobile DeviceDevice learns userpatterns and is awareof its surroundings Bespoke, personalizedInformation aboutads are targetedthe user pinged backat the userto the ad serverbased off theassimilated context 21. Rich Media Examples 22. Simplifying Mobile Zee AhmadHead of Business Development, UK


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