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Mobility is very rapidly taking over the corporate realm: 90% of companies have already deployed mobile devices. Mobile application development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1 by 2015, according to Gartner. Yet, we see too many companies still pondering the benefits of mobility, while focusing on controlling the potential damage this mobile "invasion" may cause their IT systems. Mobility has brought innovation in the hands of everyone, and you have a unique opportunity to seize its benefits. We invite you to join us as we answer the frequently raised questions in enterprise mobility discussions: - What is the goal of mobility for my company? - What is the best implementation to most effectively achieve our goals? - How can I monitor and drive its progression within my company's workforce? What is at stake for my company's IT systems and data? How can I secure my corporate data once and for all? Join Apperian's Director of EMEA Business Development, Julien-David Nitlech, on August 30th at 2:00 PM CEST as he addresses these questions. There's only one rule: be innovative! JD will also provide an overview of the Apperian EASE® platform as the solution for your enterprise mobility needs. Apperian EASE® allows you to manage the deployment of your company's mobile applications, while maximizing productivity and security. We believe our technology enables you to seize the innovation benefits of mobility. 


  • 1. apperianThe Innovative CIOs Discussion of Enterprise MobilityEMEA Webinar, AUGUST 2012

2. Dear CIO... It is Back to School TIME!The PastThe PresentThe Future 3. Catch-up: Mobility in your company According to Cisco, July 2012According to Gartner, July 2012According to Heavy Reading,- 95% of organizations permitApril 2012- 90% have already deployed employee-owned devices inmobile devices, most widely some way - 73% expect an increase of 10smartphones- 84% provide some level of support to 25% in BYOD requests in the coming year- 86% plan to deploy media- 78% of U.S. white-collar- due to their perceived benets forthe companytablets employees use a mobile devicefor work purposes, 65% of - 32% provide technical support to - ~50% estimate that this trendwhite-collar workers require employee-owned smartphonesshall reduce their costs andmobile connectivity to work- 37% also service employee-owned - 3.3: expected average number of improve their customers tablets connected devices per knowledge productivity by 10 to 25%Panel: 938 qualied respondents from organizations with an in-house data center and500 or more total employees, from USA, UK, DE, AU, BR, RUS, INDI, CH, JAP) worker by 2014Panel: 35 operators (mobile, xed, cable), U.S., Europe, APAC and Central, South AmPanel: Cisco IBSG Horizons Study of 600 U.S. IT and business leadersAccording to Gartner, by 2015, mobile application development projects targeting smartphonesand tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1 4. Get on the good foot: Why Mobility?Your company is pulled onto mobilityYou PUSH YOUR company onto mobility Mobility as an environment request Mobility as a productivity tool - Part of a professional package - Your employees are mobile, need to be reachable - Mass markets habits, work market competitiveness - Your employees need mobile connectivity - Employees bring their own devices, want to use them- You have spotted productivity or ROI improvements - Top management requests it due to personal usage through usage of mobility - Business partners require you to use similar tools - You are using dedicated devices, or dedicated applications Your TAKE - BE InnovativeYour TAKE - BE ANTIciPATIVE Your mobility architecture choices shall anticipate:Manage your move towards mobility in order to: - future changes and opportunities: there shall be- create quick wins: mobility usage makes your employees more and more mobile professional usages, on more advancedmore productive, show it by creating POCs hardware - the key is to support them openly- build an adaptable implementation: choose a light - security needs: in an always changing devices environmentimplementation path that shall allow you to deploy mobility as (new products, unstoppable BYO), the key is to focus on yoursoon as you will need it, on employee or corporate eet corporate data security 5. who wants what out of mobility?Functional Head CIOEmployeeHow can iPads add valueHow can I manage the risk How can I use the same environment to my business?implied by mobility personally and professionally Growing number of qualitative and Data protection by removing any possible Personal smartphones, tablets and apps candata-leakage, end-to-endbe used at workproductive apps Team-engagement through crowdsourcing Scalable and seamless application and user Professional environment is embeddedmanagement, at all instantwithin a personal one 6. Mobility empowerment - use apps! Finance MarketingHR SalesProductionITPerformanceMarket studies Engagement Sales & RetailDelivery EquipmentFinancial indicatorsSet-up appsEngineering & Testing Tools KPIs Panel updateCorporate DirectoryKPIs monitoring Monitoring appsSupply chain live inventory Gross margin per SKUCompetitive analysis displaySocial Tools for TeamConguratorsEquipment requestsSKU inventory Sales Wizards Product Demos Manufacturing Pricing ToolsManagement PR & Comms PerformanceOrder Placement Manufacturing production KPIs Sourcing processes Manufacturing tools status Customer communityProcess DigitizationExpensesExpenditure and purchase management Measurement & ReportingCRMSocial network feed Training Delivery signing process a-CRM, o-CRM follow-up Knowledge Management Live news watch Employee evolution plan Sales Call Management Customer segmenting Financial commsCustomer proleLive feedBusiness to Business AppsNews reporting Service at the Point of Contact BloombergSelf Service CRM May require: API/SDKs/Web Services 7. such as... FinanceMarketingHRSales ProductionIT Salesforce.comBigTinCan sharing appExpensify expense appApperians EpicenterRoamBI dashboard app storage Retail catalogue app 8. Focus, anticipate, innovateDene What is the benet you are after: which productivity/ROI gain, in which area, on The benetwhich population... Establish a potential roadmap of mobile solutions/developments, prioritizeyou are after Specify your needs, your deliverables Take your rst element of the roadmap Focus On a rst What is the goal you are trying to accomplish? What kind of a development does deliverable it require? What kind of hardware? What is company-critical, how critical is it, how do you want to secure it?Anticipate What is your implementation path? - see next slide Difculties and At each of its steps, which kind of difculties will you encounter, and how do you next stepsintend to address them? Innovate: do not take the usual road, take the smartest road Choose the solution that allows you to deliver smoothly: consider you will have DeliverAnd monitorto change population, application, to update, to explain... Choose the solution that allows you what needs to be secured the results Monitor the adoption and the performance of your solution, and get feedback, comments, evaluation from users Repeat 9. App Lifecycle Gets Apps from dev to[dev][device] Acquiring AppsUnderstanding App behaviorSecuring mobile apps & devices Managing it allDeploying AppsMAM#Lifecycle#SourcePrepare protect managepublish 10. Defining your implementation pathMAM#Lifecycle# Source Prepare protect manage publish Specs of apps What is critical to How do I distributeprotect?the app? Specs of associated What is the goal? hardware: minimumIs the app secure, How do I congure required?Which areas certied, clean?devices: physically orproductivity do wefrom a distance? Specs of use caseswant to improve Is the channel of to dene employee How do I ensurecommunication How do I check environment employees are usingIs there a public appbetween the app and which device the the app properly?or a service for that,the server secure?employee is using, if Shall employees useor shall I spec and his conguration is their own devices or How do I getdevelop? Is the server secure? good-enough? do they need eet feedback, extend the devices?usage, improve the Whoin the company Is the employee Can I have a role- app?are the targets?authentication secure based management, If BYOD ok, how toenough? from app to device? allow non corporate How sensitive is the devices onto theinfo? How exposed Do I need to secure Should I restrict app network?are the targets?the device physically usage?in addition to all the How to congureabove? How do I audit devices ? 11. A key choice: MDM vs MAM...Manage apps?Manage devices?GOAL: Manage the tasks GOAL: Secure data onacross app lifecycle;device in case of physicalsecuring, preparing, loss or employmentprotecting, managing & terminationdeploying apps MAMMDMempowermentinsurance 12. ... may actually not be an issue MAMMDM Non-invasive approach, ideal for all Device-invasive lock-downdevices including BYO device policies approach for corporate issued &kiosk devices, not BYO devices Manages all aspects of deploying appsin the enterprise Device security protects afterphysical loss by wiping device Continually protects apps and datawhile in-use against malware Complex conguration settings forIT Admin Cloud-based MAM = App catalog Admin intuitive & simplied Both approaches are actually quite complementary- depending on your need, you may rst choose one, then add the other- It all depends on your dened priorities and the features focus 13. The quote Alan Murray, our SVP of products:"If the corporation owns the device, it should manage it.When is it valid to manage the application? Always." 14. Typical MAM ActivitiesMAM#Lifecycle#Source Prepareprotectmanage publish Inspect apps for non-conformance & malware Apply set of policies to an App le with no coding Install Apps over-air to multiple devices to scale Provide private app catalog to deliver custom apps Create analytics on app usage by user/app/group Collect user feedback & ratings on apps 15. EASE: a MAM PlatformCustom Market apps placeAdmin portal Catalog inspect secure extendpersonalize Analyzeengage AppBusEnterprise App Services Environment (EASE)inspectsecure extendpersonalizeanalyzeengage Code check & Device wipe SDK: notications, Custom EULA App Inventory App ratingsreporting Device lockver checking & Branded catalog Usage reports Crowdsourcingforced updates Signing validation App deleteApp categories Device details Beta testing SSO (SAML 2.0) segmenting App wrapping: data integration Limit app access by Malware detection encryption, copy/role paste prevention, required passcode App-level VPN 16. EASE overview Cloud-based MAM solution Controlled user access Push notications Over-the-air updates Centralized admin consoleEASE App inspection for malicious code Customizable App catalog Reporting MDM device registration & deviceprotection App-level security policies 17. Worker benefits Role-based catalogs Highly customizable App ratings for dev feedback Crowdsourcing for idea curation Secure content streaming 18. IT benefits Minimal IT effort Cloud-based & scalable Support for: Enterprise SSO BYOD, corporate-owned & kiosk device support 19. We Drive M


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