the importance of ux/ui design in the software/app development framework

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  1. 1. The importance of UX/UI design in the software/app development framework Engaging Human-Computer Interaction & Ergonomics Experts to Boost User Experience and Profitability
  2. 2. The Panel Mark Garnish Development Director / Tikit (@MarkGarnish) Peter Zver President / Tikit North America (@PeterZver) Justin Hectus CIO / Keesal Young and Logan (@JustinHectus) Jeffrey Brandt Owner, Brandt Professional Services / Editor, PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest (@Jeffrey_Brandt)
  3. 3. Why all the fuss UX and UI No need for UX consideration when : The computer interaction was input/output focused, executed by trained staff in a predictable environment . and delivered as a service (using paper reports as the medium of consumption).
  4. 4. Today, interaction introduces many variables and is in no way predictable either input or output .. hence a potential experience ranging from great to ugly UX is key!!! Why all the fuss UX and UI
  5. 5. Accessibility today, but at a cost There are many endpoints for consumption and access. However, most UI being delivered is legacy resulting in negative UX. Touch where????
  6. 6. UI is what an app looks like. UX is what an app is like. What's in a name?
  7. 7. This is a real homepage no joke! [Check it out at]
  8. 8. Bad design
  9. 9. Icons did we get it wrong? Investment in time and cost to design icons that require hovers to explain what they mean. Why not skip the icon and explain the action in English? Add time
  10. 10. Make it obvious A good design should make it obvious to the user what they should have to do within seconds of viewing!!!
  11. 11. Not only about clicks Its not only about the clicks. Just because I can do something in 3 clicks doesnt mean I should. Sometimes a user will intuitively do something better in 5 clicks. The UX is just better that way. Go with it.
  12. 12. Engaging the user a balancing act
  13. 13. Focusing only on simplicity is simplistic thinking Simplicity is just one consideration among many that contributes to the design of the UX User personas Environment of engagement Cognitive behavior Existing reflex Opportunity cost Propensity to invest for high value
  14. 14. Effective interface with sub optimal experience but warranted Sometime extra UI overhead is warranted to avoid a huge cost or take advantage of a huge opportunity
  15. 15. A UX journey QWERTY Qwerty keyboard is an example of sub-optimal design (to essentially slow down the user) in order save on the cost of repairs to the keys and ribbon . However its evolution to a standard now makes the UX untouchable to optimization.
  16. 16. Dont underestimate propensity to invest for value Who would have thought that high profile busy attorneys (who are allergic to the full keyboard) would become Blackberry power users often wearing out the touch keys on the device? Why did they engage in this negative UX? Because the value (extremely high) of instant communication any time, any where outweighed the effort.
  17. 17. Measure Analyze Present Keesal, Young & Logans MAPing process
  18. 18. 1 The importance of Metrics to gauge personas
  19. 19. 1 The importance of Velocity of Capture
  20. 20. Lack of rigor in time recording is contrary to the principles of trust and integrity 1 As lag to capture increases, quality erodes
  21. 21. 1 Timers Mobile App Express Time Day List Workspace Dashboard Passive Multiple capture points are necessary to serve multiple user personas, but they inherently lend themselves to variations in velocity of capture.
  22. 22. 1 But the data shows that capture points may have impact beyond that one point (a halo effect): Timekeepers who regularly use timers also had greater velocity of capture across the board Timekeepers who use mobile time entry at least once per week achieved a velocity of capture 60% closer to 1.0 in non-mobile and time entry areas vs. their peers Timekeepers who used timers or mobile entries on a regular basis were subject to significantly less write offs on a consistent basis
  23. 23. Outstanding interface Perfect integration with device Installation handled by IT Training provided by IT Promo by firm champion Its in the app store 44% increase in entries 40% smaller entries on average 2010 Mobile Time Entry 2014 Mobile Time Entry Application reflex arrived with iOS
  24. 24. Takeaways The bar for the end user experience (UX) for business applications is being reset. Making a consumer grade UX/UI available to busy professionals ensures high adoption and ROI. Understanding user personas in UX/UI design is critical Obtaining objective metrics to support user persona definition key in that it eliminates stereotyping. Understanding and leveraging existing human behavior/interaction into the design delivers an easy win. Start with biggest challenge delivering usability on the smallest footprint (i.e. smartphone).
  25. 25. Interested in seeing modern UI/UX at work? Check out Tikits next generation of Carpe Diem timekeeping software. For more information: Peter Zver President, Tikit North America | Follow @TikitNA and @PeterZver