The history of video games

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The history of video games. By: Richard Kunze. Video games: the50 s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The history of video games

The history of video games

By: Richard KunzeVideo games: the50sIn the 1950s computer technology greatly improved and computers were for the first time being used for entertainment. In 1958 Tennis for two "was invented by scientist William Higginbotham in New York. The game is simply a analog computer and a oscilloscope.

Video games in the 60sIn1962 Steve Russell invents space war based on DocSmiths sci-fi novels. The game was never patent or marketed. IN 1966 Sega invented its first video game periscope, the game was realistic and ahead of its time.

Space war Video games in the 70sIn January 1977 Magnavox made its first video game for home use odyssey. Meanwhile Atari introduced the VGS (video game system. In 1978 Space invaders "was invented by Toshihiro Nashikado. It was an extremely popular game until the arrival of Pac-man.

Video games in the 80sIn 1980 Atari made its first 3-D first person perspective game Battle field. In 1980 Pac-man was invented by 25 year old Toro Iwatani of Namco LTD. The first person die from video games was Jeff Daily who died of a heart attack while playing Berserk. Tetris was invented by a Soviet A-I researcher. Other games that were made in the 1980s include Mario, Donkey Kong, and Forger.

Video games in the 90sIn the 1990svideo games improved and in 1995 the first first person shooter game called Doom" was invented. Several types of platforms were invented such as Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation. Other video games that were invented include final fantasy, Ever Quest, and such.

Video games 2000-2012. In the next century video game production greatly increased and platforms such as the Nintendo Wii, X-box 360, and the PS3. Internet games such as world of war craft" are common as well. There are now games on cell phones, I-pods, and just about any electronic device.Games now a days include Grand thief auto, Halo, Angry Birds, COD(call of duty), and Red dead redemption.

The futureIn our amazing technology producing world we can only imagine what the future of video games holds. Todays video gaming technology is nothing compared to what there may be in the future. Will there be micro chips that go into your brain to create subconscious games? Who knows?


Resources The computer.By Mark Frauenfelder.2005. Bishop also helped me with some of the research.