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The history of Gangster crime films. Korede Balogun A2 Media. What is a gangster crime film?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Korede BalogunA2 Media

  • Gangster crime films are developed around the sinister actions and rituals of criminals or gangsters, predominantly bank robbers, underworld figures, or ruthless hoodlums who defy the law, stealing and violently murdering their way through life.The aims of many films in this genre is purely not to glorify the gangster lifestyle but awaken the audience to it and mainly to empathize with the hardships that the antagonists, protagonists or crime victims face.

  • Gangster/crime films are usually set in busy cities, to provide a view of the secret world of the criminalThe gangsters are usually materialistic and street-smart. Wanting large sums of money and being ruthless in the attempt to get it, murder is just a minor glitch on their path. Although a gangster comes across as relentless and money hungry, their character tends to have family, alliances and loyalties, these people are to be protected, assisted or even shielded from the brutality of the gangster living. Depending n the type of gangster crime and the target audience aimed for the clothing can range from tuxes and shoes to hoodies (characters wearing jersey hoods) and trainers in a more urban type of film.

  • The biggest gangster i.e. The boss is normally more smartly dressed than the rest of his crew in order to emphasise how much money, power and control he has. He rarely does the dirty workThe Boss isnt ideally the largest person amongst his colleagues this is the irony of the genre but the boss tends to be vastly older with more experience and knowledge of how things work and whos who in the buisness.Police chases, traces or monitoring are constant fears of the gangsters and is often made apparent in the film with visual aids of point of view shot resembling that of a possible CCTV and detective style snap shots. The genre isnt ever given a lenient certificate rating due to its sometimes sexual content, violence and foul language. In the UK the age certificate given would be at least a 15

  • Cinematography: Gangster Crime films would tend to use mostly mid shots and over-shoulder or mid close-ups amongst two or more people. This I presume is because these frames can show the relationship between two people and reflect any things that occur. The genre is more likely to use panning or tracking as opposed to hand held camera to follow movement as these are sophisticated methods of filming and doesnt disturb the audiences viewing. Zooms in are done at times to focus on important actions such as the checking or a watch or a hand firing a pistol.Mise-En-Scene: having a reputation as a brutal genre the expected props are guns and/or other weapons such as bats. the lighting of films from this genre tends to be dim as they are filmed in hidden locations (bars, alleyways, casinos, warehouses etc) of busy cities. The dim lighting gives of vibes of seriousness and secrets. The costumes is a very vital component in the formation of a character, this part of the character along with other things has to be successfully achieved in order to give off a true representation of the character. As in Godfather, American Gangster , The Departed and Public Enemy the boss is often wearing a suit to show his high position and his high level of power while the rest of their gangs are more casually dressed.Editing: the relevant and most appealing portions of the filming will specifically cut down and edited for the final piece. The editor job is to add the appropriate visual effects and transitions to make viewing exciting and comfortable. Editing in gangster crime genres are not fancy at all and appear to be near invisible in montage form. Rhythmic editing is used at turning points in the film. Special effects are rarely used if at all, too many special effects will make the film seem cheesy and unrealistic Sound: depending on the location the film is meant to be set the accent of the characters should represent this in order to be believable, appeal to the right audience and be a true representation. Other diegetic sounds that are often used by the foley artist to exaggerate the screeching of tyres, gun fire, brutality (fighting or torture of victims using weapons) and very often footsteps. These sounds contribute to the atmosphere of a film and can pinpoint region it represents. However non-diegetic music that can often be used is fast paced music during police chases.. Music will be used to emphasise certain situations such as very slow paced piano or violin music if a member of the gang died during a gang crossfire although moments before there may have been fast paced music to accentuate the moment of the battle.

  • Gangster crime films were amongst those out in the silent era of televisionOne of the first to start off the gangster/crime genre was The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) by D. W. Griffith's in which the storyline was about organised crime. Note It wasn't the first gangster movie ever made, but it was the first significant gangster film that has survivedIt was also shown in Leeds Film Festival in November 2008, as part of Back to the Electric Palace, this shows that this film nearly a century onwards still has influence in contemporary society of film making.

  • Since the creation of black and white silent films all films have had the opportunity to develop in graphics, colour imagery and storyline.

    Out of the past released in 1947 tells the tale of an ordinary gas worker whos mysterious past catches up with him

    Out of the past (in colour) originally released in Britain as Build My Gallows High) in 1991was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

  • The most successful Gangster Crime films tend to be produced or funded by US companies.Because American scenery and lifestyle is where the originals of the genre began with the likes of The Big Sleep and The Godfather the typical conventions of what is expected in the genre was formed such as guns, (sometimes drug sprung) females.These typical conventions appeal to a macro audienceWith exceptions of the likes of Italian Mafia Films or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels directed, filmed and produced in Britain by British Director Guy Ritchie most Gangster Crime films are of success in the US

  • Godfather as from what I have researched from various votes, surveys and opinions is by far the most anticipated Gangster Film of all times. Modestly earning its place in many catagories on The American Film Institute (AFI) such as best quotes, best film and featuring best actor (Marlon Brando) the original film was a massive hit worldwide. Now able to purchase on a DVD trilogy set and also as a console game the films reputation still lives.


  • With features of mise-en-scene of gadgets, vans, cars, exotic women and a mysterious underworld the Gangster crime genre would assumingly be stereotypically appeal to a macho male audience of any ethnicity between the ages of 16-50.But however with twists of romance and attractive male characters the genre makes attempts to reach out to a teen to middle aged female audiences as well.

  • Robert De Niro Jnr (actor) Goodfellas, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Casino, Once Upon a Time in America, The Untouchables (and turned down a role in Th Departed)

    Leornado DiCaprio (Actor) The Departed, Gangs Of New York

    Quentin Tarantino (Director): Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown

    Guy Ritchie (Writer/Director):Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, Snatch, RocknRolla, Revolver

  • The gross revenue is the amount of money earned by all companies involved before the price of expenses are deducted.

    The Departed: $290 Million (worldwide)American Gangster: $266, 465,637The Godfather 2: $193,000,000Heat: $187,436,818