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Some important milestones in the life of DTZ, founded in the year 1784


  • 1. The History of DTZ

2. 1784Founding predecessor firm, ChesshireGibson, established in Birmingham, UK 3. 1853 A second predecessor firm,Debenham and Tewson, is foundedin Cheapside, London, UK. - 4. 1914A merger created Debenham, Tewson &Chinnocks. 5. 1987Debenham, Tewson & Chinnocks Holdings plcfloated on the London Stock Exchange on 21January. 6. 1993A European joint venture with Jean Thouard ofFrance, and the Zadelhoff Group in Germanyand the Netherlands, creates the DTZ brand. Inthe same year, a merger with Bernard Thorpeand Partners completed national coverage in theUK. 7. 1999DTZ's French subsidiary acquired a majorityshareholding in DTZ Asset Management, France. 8. 2006UGL acquires Equis Corporation, a corporate realestate business founded in Chicago in 1984,establishing a presence in the United States 9. 2010DTZ acquired the remaining 33% minorityinterest in DTZ Barnicke Quebec Ltd, part of ourCanadian business 10. 2014On 3 September 2012, the UGL Servicesproperty business rebrands as 'DTZ'