The guide to EU Procurement and Research for SMEs

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<ul><li><p>How to be informed of business opportunities? Ted offers the creation of up to 15 search profiles that include:</p><p>&gt; the sector of activity (expressed in common procurement vocabulary (CPV) codes);</p><p>&gt; the regions where a company wishes to work;&gt; the type of contract a company is interested in (services, works, </p><p>supplies, etc.).</p><p>These profiles allow users to:</p><p>&gt; receive e-mail alerts every time a call for tender in their field of interest is published;</p><p>&gt; integrate this information via RSS in their usual webpage.</p><p>Ted: the publication of european tenders</p><p>Tenders electronic daily</p><p>SMes: how to participate </p><p>in european research projects</p><p> Community Research </p><p>and development Information Service</p><p>The european Union for SMes</p><p>ted</p><p>The free-of-charge source for public contracts</p><p>Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily), also known as the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, is the one-stop official source for timely information on public procurement opportunities in the european Union, the European Economic Area and beyond.</p><p>The awarding authority for tenders can be a central government, a local or regional authority, a body governed by public law, or an association consisting of one or more of these authorities or bodies governed by public law.</p><p>In compliance with EU directives and international agreements, notices for public works, services and supply contracts above certain thresholds must be published on the TED website.</p><p>Ted provides:</p><p>&gt; full coverage of open calls for tender above certain thresholds in the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond;</p><p>&gt; up to 1 500 new contract notices daily;&gt; a 23-language search interface, RSS and other interactive tools.</p><p>The thresholds for publication are:</p><p>&gt; supplies and services for central government authorities: EUR 125 000;</p><p>&gt; supplies and services for non-central government authorities: EUR 193 000;</p><p>&gt; supplies and services in the water, energy, transport and postal service sectors: EUR 387 000;</p><p>&gt; works: EUR 4 850 000.</p><p>OA</p><p>-78-09-819-EN-D</p></li><li><p>CORdIS: the Community Research and development Information Service</p><p>CORdIS offers you automatic e-mail notifications for calls published in the domain you are interested in, helps you search for partners and publish your own search profile, makes available the complete information package for every call for proposals you need for preparing your proposal and allows you to submit your proposals online.</p><p> CORDIS is a free online service managed by the Publications Office of the European Union</p><p> The CORDIS helpdesk can give you information and answer questions related to content and technical problems:Tel. +352 2929-42210</p><p>The European Unions seventh framework programme for research and technological development includes a special programme for SMEs. This research programme for the benefit of SMEs has the objective of:</p><p>&gt; fostering SMEs or SME associations that want to outsource their research activities;</p><p>&gt; developing and coordinating support to SMEs at national level;&gt; financing support measures.More detailed information on this funding scheme is available at:</p><p>Interested?CORdIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is the official source of information on the seventh framework programme (FP7) calls for proposals.</p><p>Its main aims are to:</p><p>&gt; facilitate participation in European research and technological development activities;</p><p>&gt; improve exploitation of research results by putting an emphasis on sectors crucial to Europes competitiveness;</p><p>&gt; promote the dissemination of knowledge, fostering the performance of enterprises;</p><p>&gt; promote acceptance of new technology within society.</p><p>Tenders Electronic Daily</p><p>Business opportunities </p><p>for SMes </p><p>Ted: the publication of european tenders</p><p>supplies</p><p>energyservices</p><p>transport</p><p>water</p><p>The european Union for SMesO</p><p>A-78-09-819-EN</p><p>-D</p><p>Online services offered by the Publications EU research and EU public procurement</p></li></ul>