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<ul><li><p>What Everybody Ought To Know About The Golden Chariot Train </p><p>The Golden Chariot derives its name from the famous stone chariot in Hampi, a UNESCO World </p><p>Heritage Site in the region. It is run and managed by Karnataka State Tourism Development </p><p>Corporation (KSTDC), a veteran tour operator in the state of Karnataka. The train comprises of </p><p>18 beautifully adorned coaches that reflect the architecture, art and culture of the state. Each of </p><p>these coaches is named after a dynasty who reigned over the state of Karnataka. The train </p><p>operates weekly from October to April every year as it is the best time to visit different tourist </p><p>destinations in India. </p><p>Figure 1: The Golden Chariot </p><p>The Indian luxury train, The Golden Chariot offers two exclusive journeys one is Pride of </p><p>the South and second is the Southern Splendour. Both are weeklong journeys that depart and </p><p>conclude in Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka. Starting from the garden city </p><p></p></li><li><p>Bangalore, The Golden Chariot passes through Kabini, Mysore, Hassan, Hospet, Badami and </p><p>Goa and finally returns to Bangalore completing a full circuit. </p><p>You will be mesmerized by the tourist highlights such as National Park at Nagarhole, Golden </p><p>Palace of Mysore, cave temples at Badami and many more. As you pass these exotic places you </p><p>can get to see that an architectural movement happened on the whole in the bygone era. The </p><p>Maharaja at the time did not leave single stone upturned in creating awe inspiring splendor in the </p><p>backdrop of magnificent landscapes. </p><p>The Golden Chariot luxury trains of India offers hi-tech facilities to the guest, some of which are </p><p>unique in any luxury train in the world. Features such as WI FI internet access and television in </p><p>each cabin are unique features not available with any other trains. This luxury train also has a </p><p>conference room for the discerning corporate honchos who like to execute their business in a </p><p>regal way. </p><p>The gymnasium is one of the trendiest and well-equipped one where the health buffs can do their </p><p>day's work out. You can also shed away your stress in the rejuvenating spa with herbal and </p><p>Ayurvedic massages. </p><p>Figure 2: Cabin of The Golden Chariot </p><p>There is nothing better than a journey in luxury trains of India which gives you a real insight into </p><p>the myriad colors and heritage of India. Enjoy a laid back view from one of the 44 cabins in the </p><p>chariot. For more details and query visit </p><p></p></li></ul>