the golden ball game. the golden ball game is based of the prisoner's dilemma from game theory. two...

Download The Golden Ball Game. The Golden Ball Game is based of the Prisoner's Dilemma from game theory. Two prisoners are sentenced to jail, and are given an

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Student Teaching Nugget

Student Teaching NuggetThe Golden Ball Game

Prisoners DilemmaThe Golden Ball Game is based of the Prisoner's Dilemma from game theory.

Two prisoners are sentenced to jail, and are given an option. They can stay silent or rat out the other prisoner.

Golden Ball GameThe Golden Ball Game is similar, where two contestants are given two options. They can either split the jackpot or steal the jackpot. The difference here is that the contestants her given the opportunity to try and convince one another to make a decision. (99% of the time, they convinced each other to split, though that rarely actually happened)If they both split, then they each split the jackpotIf contestant A splits and contestant B steals, then B gets all the money and A gets nothing (Vice versa)If they both steal, then they both get nothing.

Golden Ball GameSPLITSTEAL

Golden Ball GameRoundPoints1102103204205306407MysteryMath and HistoryIsaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz were both credited for discovering Calculus, but who really was the real father of Calculus? Take the role of one of these famous mathematicians to decide who is the true father. If they both give credit where credit is due, they both share the title of father of calculus and share the wealthIf Newton gives credit, and Leibniz take credit, then Leibniz becomes the father of calculus and Newton gets nothing. (Vice versa)If they both take credit, then neither gets credit, their discoveries are invalid, and Guillaume de l'Hpital takes all the credit

Social StudiesEngland and France are having a war and it's been going on for 100 years! Take a side and make a decision to end this war! If they both come to a truce, then they keep their countries and no one gets hurt. If England comes to a truce and France lies, then France takes over and England is no more (vice versa)If they both continue to go to war, then both countries will fall and Spain will take over

ScienceYou are a new species looking to evolve in a cruel world where everything is trying to eat you. Debate with another species and how you will both survive and evolve. If they both decide to share the environment, then both species will evolve without any issuesIf species A decides to share and species B becomes a predator, then Species B will evolve and flourish much faster and species A will die out and become extinct. (Vice versa)If both species become predators, then both species will become extinct.

Language ArtsBig Brother is watching! You are both going to prison, but have the opportunity to lessen your sentence. If they both stay silent, then they each get one year in prisonIf prisoner A stays silent and prisoner B rats, then B goes free and A goes to prison for life (Vice versa)If they both rat, then they both spend are given the death penalty

Pop CultureWho had the best music video of all time? Take the role of Beyonce or Taylor Swift and decide who had the best music video of all time. If they both are modest, then they both will share the reward as co-best music video of all timeIf Beyonce is modest and T-Swift is greedy, then T-Swift will have the greatest music video of all time (vice versa)If they both are greedy, then neither of them wins the award and Rebecca Black will get the title of having the greatest music video of all time