The Future of WordPress UI & UX

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The Future of WordPress UI & UX

The web design has undergone some very interesting and noteworthy changes with the advancement in technology and innovations. Today, software applications, web applications and tools are availing UI designers with amazing features which is helping them design faster and come up with improved and high quality user experiences.

With development frameworks like WordPress, life has become much easier for those who wish to develop a website. It made it a laymans job. It avails convenience in development but there is still some improvement expected in the coming years.

Predictions of WordPress User Interface DesignMinimalistic & Simplistic UI DesignIf you are thinking of the future in UI, you need to start practicing building very minimal and simplistic designs. Although WordPress avails themes, but these themes can be further simplified. Because the future calls for simplified appearance of graphics and usability of websites.

Scrolling ElementsWhen we talk about WordPress UI future, we can much to be introduced in the context of scrolling. This will happen due to the increase in the use of mobile phones and more users shifting to mobile browsing. Endless scrolling are being preferred by web developers and

IT professional recommend having scrolling than buttons as it provides with better user experiences with minimum efforts while browsing. It also helps in increasing the overall speed of browsing the website in comparison to clicking on the buttons when an entire page loads!

User Interface with Go Flat!Web design is an aspect which cannot be perfected; it will always have a scope of improvement. Because it is designs and user experience that keep receiving updates in technology and new methods that leave a scope to keep on improving the user interface.

Gone are the days when shadows and 3D buttons were used in websites. Flat designs and Material designs will be the future of web designs and User interfaces. Also, this will be prominent because it suits the mobile appearance of the website.

Mobile ReadyIt is the mobile first generation and thus WordPress is moving towards creating experiences that focus mobile experiences. We have already seen that more websites are becoming responsive in order to reach out to the audience on the smart phones and tablets. In the future, we will WordPress adding more features that will account mobile friendliness as a prime factor.

Also, Googles OS and Windows have already headed towards mobile first generation with the recent introductions. It is time that UI designers and front end developers need to focus on screen that will cater to mobile phones and its audiences and then appearance needs to have that understanding.

Dynamic Backgrounds & VideosWe can already see this among websites. Gradually, more website will be doing this. Also, there are many WordPress theme that provides a structure for full background images and video integration to the website layout. They work wonders,

take the attention of the user for longer spans and also drive further interaction. It helps in creation of simplistic designs and elaborative content. Furthermore, we will see use of videos that offer self explanatory experiences so users do not waste time reading.

Voice ControlsGiving directions while navigation sounds good. This engages the audience and also leaves an impression in their minds. Voice controls are slowly gaining popularity among WordPress website and also many themes are aiming to provide voice controls. It is indeed going to be a part of the future innovations.Originally posted by :

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