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<ul><li>1.the future of video games by kelly mccrossin </li></ul> <p>2. hypothesis The meaning of virtual reality will be completely shifted from solely a video game perspective and will have been spilled out in physical reality, due to a continued resurgence and interest in gaming culture from popular media and playing games on-the-go. 1 3. 2 according to market trends, mobile gaming will increase 106% by 2016 handheld consoles sales will increase 61% by 2016 game summit-digiworld 2013 4. 3 the major players in the video game industry have been slow to enter the social games fray 2 out of 5 uk and us internet users play social games for more than 15 minutes per week 1.6 gamers in every US household game summit-digiworld 2013 5. 4 conventions have gone from quirky to cool in only a matter of years cosplay has become more widely accepted and celebrated due to popular media heroes of cosplay, features in time magazine 6. 7 social gaming play and toss games are dominating the gaming market gaming has bled into mainstream culture due to social gaming with 6 million mobile players daily, this trend is hard to ignore codes distraction addiction trendy whats trending 7. 6 gaming culture/ conventions what began as small gatherings for hardcore fans has blown up in popularity, attracting celebrities and the not-ness of gamers codes interaction obsession dedication SD Comic Con Otakon Megacon Katsucon Anime Expo Anime North Anime Boston SakuraCon FanimeCon 8. 5 codes innovative immersive intense the market for virtual reality headsets is growing larger and becoming more of an actual reality 9. 8 escapist culture introversion passion fandom 10. 9 cosplay costume play performance art or hobby in which participants wear costumes to represent a specific character 11. 10 behavior unwavering dedication 24/7 socialization word of mouth talent exchange 12. 11 virtual reality in media Her Because this was set in the future and game technology evolves so rapidly, we didnt want to reference any typical or contemporary game motifs. The goal was to make it visually elegant and mechanically complex. So for example, in one scene we see the avatar character running for 30 seconds. The movement needed to be organic and varied rather than a looped cycle, the character had to feel aware of his environment. There was also enormous focus put on the subtlety the Alien Childs acting, more than I had employed in any previous project. Her is advertised as a quirky dramedy in which Joaquin Phoenix plays a non- social loner who distances himself from others and has difficulty with human emotions who falls in love with an unbelievably attractive character played by Scarlett Johansson, who never actually appears on film, because she essentially plays the voice of a super-advanced Siri hypothesis in action: virtual reality in physical reality -david oreilly, game designer of Her 13. 12 the games in Her Any character in this film, when presented with the topic of gaming, treats it much the same way as someone today might talk about movies or TV. That is to say, it is both pervasive and accepted. ...shows off a casual RPG game about trying to be the best mom in the school district. "Mom points" are awarded for things like controlling your children's behavior, cutting in line to get your kid to school first, and bribing school faculty with baked goods - all in an effort to make the other moms jealous of your mad mom skills. The game uses Kinect-like hand gestures to control an open-world exploratory game that utilizes deceptively simple artificial intelligence to challenge players into thinking outside the box. Perfect Mom Alien Child 14. 13 what does it mean? I think theres sort of two camps in video games right now--one that is heading toward ever more realistic and immersive/escapist games, and the other (which I think has developed in large part from the super strong indie game world) is toward creating games purely for fun and finding new ways to engage people through innovative gameplay or devices that offer new types of interactivity. I think Nintendo continues to be the corporate leader in that camp, and the unfortunately ignored Wii U has tons of potential for unique gaming opportunities that I would love to see people explore more. I think while the Wii U offers new ways to play games, other technologies like Oculus Rift and Kinect offer ways to immerse yourself deeper into the game worlds. I think the games Spike dreamed up for Her are awesome because he couldve really easily gone down the route of super immersive virtual reality or something, but instead these games seem purely for entertainment, and showcase some really unique worlds and types of gameplay. I also like how the hologram game integrates with social media, like when Theos checking messages with Samantha, which Im sure will continue to become a bigger part of the games we play. I think its a really hopeful vision for the future of video games and technology, and personally I would love to play a hologram game like that someday! -Kevin Dart, game designer of Her 15. 14 key insights video games have moved on from being literally social to creating social environments focus has shifted from the makers to the players bringing video games into physical reality has become the new virtual reality 16. 15 sony an industry leader in the electronics, gaming, and entertainment sectors 17. 16 what sony is doing now sony has released the PS vita, a handheld console featuring games exclusive to the vita launched one stadium live, a social media platform for the world cup project morpheus, sonys answer to oculus rift 18. 17 what can sony learn focus on the consumers, not the market sony should develop unique games for oculus rift, as well as morpheus cut the price of the vita, and provide bundling options to attract a larger consumer base 19. 18 thank you </p>