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Why is UX important in the creation of software for the Web and devices. What's changed to make it more important? What's coming next? What are Microsoft tools to allow professional designers to work with .NET? It's all here.


  • The Future of UXChris Bernard, User Experience Evangelist, MicrosoftOctober 9th, Tulsa TechFest 2008

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    PresenterPresentation NotesHeres a presentation I did on October 9th in Tulsa Oklahoma for a keynote. This was mostly a developer audience that was enthusiastic about learning about UX. We talked about some general principals and what Microsoft is doing in this space. For those of you that are familiar with my presentations youll see familiar content but youll also hear me talk about some new things in some new ways. Plus, theres some extra stuff in here too.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesUX equals user experience.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesGotta talk about the economy today.
  • Clement Mok

    There has clearly been a steady decline in the design profession for over 30 years, and the source of that decline is the professions intractable stasis.

    We are unchanged professionals in a changingprofessional climate, clutching at old idols, while failing to create new offerings, failing to reinvent and reinvigorate the practice when needed, failing to inculcate a professional culture that is accessible and fair.

    Source: Communication Arts, 2003

    PresenterPresentation NotesSome quotes to frame our discussion.
  • A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    Robert Heinlein, Author

    PresenterPresentation NotesIn fact, theres an apt quote from a famous science fiction writer, the author of Starship Troopers that sums up design pretty well.So if design is so complex and no one person can do it all how do you do it well in an organization that has no designers or perhaps only a few?
  • Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two, and only two, basic

    functions: marketing and innovation

    Peter Drucker

    PresenterPresentation NotesIf you arent interested in business this one fact well let you go pretty far.
  • User Experience

  • Lets define it.

  • Understand why its important.

  • Talk about how to walk the walk.

  • Talk about how Microsoft is walking the walk.

  • PresenterPresentation NotesWell talk about things that matter if you are big
  • small

    PresenterPresentation NotesSmall
  • 1000

    PresenterPresentation NotesHave 1000 employees
  • 1

    PresenterPresentation NotesOr one.
  • First Impressions

    PresenterPresentation NotesI also need to get first impressions out of the way with Microsoft. Lets get them on the table.
  • Hard to Use

  • Unintuitive

  • Confusing

  • Ugly

  • Designed By Engineers

  • But we also think about things like this

    PresenterPresentation Notesa cool video I had to pull that you cant see. From Microsoft Research Labs, it shows flying cars, etc.
  • So, what is UX?

  • Maybe we should talk about what its not first.

  • Its not

  • Icing on a cake

    PresenterPresentation NotesUser interfaces that are applied after an application is created are a bit like putting icing on a cake. I can make a great cake and lousy decorating job will obscure the value that an application brings. Contrarily, a bad cake cant be fixed by a nice decorating job.
  • Or

  • PresenterPresentation NotesNo Palin jokes please.
  • Or

  • How something looks

    PresenterPresentation NotesHow something looks is only a small part of things.
  • So what then?

  • 4 Concepts

    PresenterPresentation NotesNow weve talked about design and business principals but lets put some big concepts around this. Id like to focus on four concepts.Four concepts that will help us understand if our object or creation is providinga successful User Experience.
  • 1

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe first concept is
  • Function

    PresenterPresentation NotesFunction.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesIn this metaphor the function is to open a can. You can certainly open a can using a knife but a can opener will always give you a much better functional user experience. You can do things faster, in a more reliable way, in a more secure way. You can claim you object or creation is providing a successful user experience when users can simply say
  • It Works Great!

    PresenterPresentation NotesIt Works!
  • 2

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe first concept is
  • Aesthetic

    PresenterPresentation NotesAesthetic.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesThis surround sound system goes beyond providing only the functional solution to a problem. It is giving us an extra, a plus which is its beautiful appearance. Color, Shape, Design, Layout and Style are important values in a great aesthetic or visual user experience. You can claim your object or creation provides a successful aesthetic or visual user experience when users are able to say
  • It Looks Great!

    PresenterPresentation NotesIt Looks Great!
  • 3

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe third concept is
  • Interaction

    PresenterPresentation NotesInteraction.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesHere we have a coffee machine. This coffee machine looks great and works great but it goes even beyond that. This coffee machine is able to understand and relate to its users and their needs. If you pay attention to the center of the coffee machine you will see that you can actually prepare 2 cups of coffee at the same time, enhancing the user experience of having coffee with a friend. No longer you need to wait double time to get 2 different cups of coffee made and no longer will your friends coffee will start cooling down waiting for your cup of coffee to be ready. All these subtle sometimes small interactions make the difference between objects that are able to relate to users. You can claim that your object or creation is providing a successful Interactive user experience when the object
  • It Relates to You!

    PresenterPresentation Notesrelates to you.
  • 4

    PresenterPresentation NotesAnd the fourth concept is
  • Story

    PresenterPresentation NotesProcess.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesWe have all been through the process of going on vacation and visiting a hotel but if you think about it, user experience begins much before that
  • PresenterPresentation Notesuser experience begins at the time you start planning on going on vacation with your family or friends, by the time you place your reservation
  • PresenterPresentation Notesand take an airplane or cruise to get to this probably exotic country or city.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesBy the time you get that beautiful place
  • PresenterPresentation Notesand then arrive to the lobby of the hotel receiving a warm welcome from the hotel staff, getting your room assigned
  • PresenterPresentation Notesand discovering you got an spectacular view of the ocean
  • PresenterPresentation Notesyou take a walk on the beach and take some pictures
  • PresenterPresentation NotesAll these small moments are connected and they all represent the process of user experience. This tells us that a user experience is not only about providing sporadic or isolated moments of user experience but about providing an end to end solution, and end to end user experience. When you deliver a great process in user experience you
  • Generates Memories

    PresenterPresentation Notesgenerate Memories and
  • Emotional Connection

    PresenterPresentation Notesmemories generate emotional connection. Once you generate emotional connection with your customers, believe me, they wont forget about you and your object or creation.Technology and software are often the GLUE of these experiences. Thats why the jobs of designers and developers are so important.
  • Why is UX so important?

  • Three trends

    PresenterPresentation Notes
  • Technology

    PresenterPresentation Notes
  • Business

    PresenterPresentation Notes
  • You!

    PresenterPresentation Notes
  • So, what does this have to do with software?

    PresenterPresentation NotesThere are also dynamics that fall outside of pure design and pure IT domains. Doblin Group an Innovation Planning firm came up with what some in the design world call the holy trinity. Smart designers always are thinking about the answers to the following questions
  • Business Principals

    PresenterPresentation NotesThere are also dynamics that fall outside of pure design and pure IT domains. Doblin Group an Innovation Planning firm came up with what some in the design world call the holy trinity. Smart designers always are thinking about the answers to the following questions
  • Technology tries to answer What is possible?

    Source: Larry Keeley, Doblin

    PresenterPresentation NotesWhat is possible?
  • PresenterPresentation NotesDeep Zoom is something new that cant be done elsewhere. (
  • Business tries to answer What is viable in the market


    Source: Larry Keeley, Doblin

    PresenterPresentation NotesWhat is viable?
  • PresenterPresentation NotesCue cat was a great idea with a poor business plan
  • PresenterPresentation NotesSo was this.
  • PresenterPresentation NotesDesign isnt what sold this id