the future of mobile learning in the workplace: qualcomm insights

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Presentation for BIIML14 event, in Bristol


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2. Geoff Stead,Head of Mobile LearningThe future of mobile learning at work Insights from an at work coal-face@geoffstead 3. Who is Qualcomm? The biggest mobile company you havent heard of . . . Global leader in mobile and wireless engineering development Partners with wireless operators, device manufacturers, software vendors and distribution suppliers3 4. Qualcomm employee landscape Over 30,000 employees ~65% have engineering backgrounds139 worldwide locations Headquartered in San Diego, CA 24% of employees located internationallyEmployee growth Total employee base grew 90% in past five years International employee base grew 200% in past five years4 5. My mission: using mobile to simplify work, and learning Apps to make work life easierMobile content from anywhere Support when you need it most Learning what works for us, then sharing outside QC 5 6. Some (typical) corporate challenges Learning Global business, California culture Rapid growth. Effective onboarding Resource abundance ! E-learning fatigue Lack of external evidence to drive innovationIT Very real security concerns (Corporate spying!) Multi-vendors BYOD 6 7. Mobile Learning in the Workplace (BYOD) One size can never fit all Device CharacteristicsUsabilityEmployee NeedsMobile Learning Security LogisticsStead, 2012 Koole, 2010Content Personalized EngagingEmployer / Organization NeedsSuccessful m-learning is built around specific needs, or contexts When designing a solution, need to balance the inter-relationship between device, employee & employer Success isnt only about a Learning Outcome! 7 8. A global, iterative test lab for mobile use! Launch and Learn culture Makr attitude extends to informal learningContained system = great analytics = continual iterative improvements DarwinianBeyond learning to --Mobile ecosystem Performance support. Workflow. etc Contextual awareness / support User generated: employee apps! 8 9. The Qualcomm Employee App Store Open ecosystem. BYOD. Web apps. Android apps. iOS apps Homemade apps. Vendor apps Wide range: Engineering Development Leadership Development Learning Productivity Culture & Orientation Reference 9 10. QC LingoHybrid game engine + Leitner memorising system 11 11. Exec Photo Booth. Tour 12 12. 3rd party vendors13 13. 14 14. Types of content delivered to employees via mobile devices 80% 70%Series 167.9%60%50.7%50%47.1%40%30.0%30% 20%10.0%10% 0% Reference materialPerformance supportSource: ASTD, Mobile Learning White Paper, 2012VideoFull coursesOther16 15. QC Mobile audience Current mobile activity = approx 18,000 staffAndroid dominates, but iOS comes a close second Small but significant WinPhone audience, with strong regional variation AndroidEmailAppStore49iOSWinPhoneBB356173246.5 17 16. Global differences Devices WinPhone in India iOS and low Android in China China is different: No Play. Multiple competing markets Many niche Android devices Many MANY custom Android ROMsConnectivity Native vs Web? (big differences!)Behaviours The myth of learning during the commute Bragging apps Language learning Is it a course? Certificates vs Learning18 17. Digital Reality Real + Digital + Virtual19 18. Real + Digital + Virtual You already do this . . .20 19. Real + Digital + Virtual Indoor positioning. Geofence. Device to device. Internet of Everything21 20. Real + Digital + Virtual Wearables. Waveables Glass = no hands Gesture = no touch Toq / smartwatch = glance22 21. Real + Digital + Virtual Augmented Reality, Smart Terrain, SLAM 23 22. Working on the next generation of mobile technologiesAugmented realityPeer-to-peer communicationContext awarenessFaster performance, longer battery lifeConnecting the physical to the virtualCollaborating between devices, without going online. Sharing files. Collaborative apps and games.Your phone understands where you are, and offers appropriate contentApps can access special hardware-optimised features for higher 26 23. Sharing our lessons on Free news, advice and resources from across the industry Everything you need to know abut mobile learning at workEncouraging smarter use of mlearning for all! worklearnmobile.orgExpert Insights Free advice from the expertsCase Studies Find out what others are doingNews & Views Insights from Qualcomms m-learning teamResources Links to all the resources that matter 27 24. MLL14Influencing Employers: 28 25. Where to get some of these apps Battery GuruGoogle *AppStore, Google Play & Web (not free)Pathgather.comAppStore & WebAnatomy 4DAppStore & Google PlaySpacecraft 3DAppStore & Google PlayQC Lingo 29


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