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  • 1. Talk with schools and media teachers Junior High and High Schools Curriculum standards and projects Software and Equipment Find out what children/teens are interested inlearning Listen in! Surveys Use resources from your community Foster local teen talent Trial and Error

2. Free, open-source, 2D illustration software Good alternative to Adobe Flash Expensive No educational discount 3. Ages 11-16 15 teens maximum 2 hour sessions Summer Workshops Meet 1x/week for 4 weeks Meet 4 days in a row, same time 4. Teens ages 14-18 have the opportunity to work together withyounger teens when taking apart a computer and putting itback together the following week. Registration required.Wonder what goes on inside a computer? Teens ages 14-18can learn the inner workings of a computer in this 2 partworkshop. Teens will take apart the computer during the 1stsession and re-build it during the 2nd session. Registrationrequired. 5. Check the status and number of computers availablewith IT Buy quality screwdrivers Collect boxes and envelopes to hold the computers andcontents Label the computers with teen names Remove hazardous andsensitive materials 6. PSUFLoppyVideoCard HDRAMCPU 7. Photography Contest PhotoshopPair a program with a contestTeen Tech Week- Design Your Ultimate Gadget Contest March 10 16, 2013 Check In @ your library. 8. Warn I.T. or computer assistance 1 week and 1hour before program Test the equipment/software minimum 1 daybefore Expect the unexpected Its okay not to be an expert 9. 10. Michael CampagnaBarrington Area Librarymcampagna@balibrary.orgAmanda Barnett JacoverGlenview Public Libraryabjacover@glenviewpl.orgKatie LaMantiaSchaumburg Township District Libraryklamantia@stdl.orgJanet PiehlWilmette Public


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