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By Mrs Pang-Han Ah Yew. The Four Noble Truths. Foundation of Buddha’s teaching associated with so-called being Doctrine is homo-centric vs theo -centric religions Introvert not extrovert Do not and cannot change with time –eternal truths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Mrs Pang-Han Ah Yew

  • Foundation of Buddhas teaching associated with so-called beingDoctrine is homo-centric vs theo-centric religionsIntrovert not extrovertDo not and cannot change with time eternal truthsOriginal: With regard to things unheard before, there arose in me the eye, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insight and the lightCalled Ariya Saccani discovered by the greatest Ariya (far removed from passions)

  • Suffering (dukkha ariya sacca)Cause of suffering (dukkha samudaya ariya sacca)3. Cessation of suffering (dukkha nirodha ariya sacca)4. Path leading to the cessation of suffering (dukkha nirodha gamini patipada ariya sacca)

  • Dukkha=that which difficult to endureDu=comtemtible; kha=emptinessBirth is sufferingDecay is sufferingDisease is sufferingDeath is sufferingUnited with the unpleasant is sufferingSeparated from the pleasant is sufferingNot getting desires is suffering; Wish unfulfilled is sufferingIn brief, the 5 aggregates of attachment is suffering

  • Deals with the constituents of self (individuality & different phases of life)AnalysedScrutinisedExamineda proper understanding of self

  • Individual is composed of 5 phycho-physical parts:Matter (rupa)Feeling (vedana)Perception (sanna) -2 ) mind = 52Mental states (samkhara) -50 ) cetasikasConsciousness (vinnana)

  • Deals with past, present & future births implied kamma; deals with mental attitude of ordinary man towards external objects of senseCraving produces rebirth (ponobhavika) accompanied by passionate clinging, welcoming lifeCraving for sensual pleasures (kamatanha)Craving for existence (bhavatanha)Craving for non-existence (vibhavatanha)

  • Concerned with a powerful source latent in us all craving, causing ills of lifeComplete separation from, & destruction of cravingIts forsakingRenunciation of attachment to external worldRealised by developing Noble Eightfold Path - liberation therefrom nibbanaNon-attachment thereto

  • The Noble Eightfold PathPurely mentalBlessings: Absolute purity complete deliverance from all repeated birthsmind released from all passions immortality



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