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Agenda meets entrepreneurs with a passion to make Beijing fitter!


<ul><li><p>DM 201000068 93 10 2801 96 2012 2 2 </p><p>FEB 9FEB 22,</p><p>Yonnie Fung's pursuit of inner peace</p><p>Cheat Sheet: Get up to speed on Chinas athletes</p><p>Need some gear?We know where you can find it</p><p>Cover Feature</p><p>Fit for BusinessLinus Holmster and other Beijing executives share how theyget in shape</p></li><li><p>2 AGENDA</p><p>A True Run Media PublicationGeneral Manager: Michael Wester </p><p>Operation Director: Toni Ma Editorial Director: Jerry Chan</p><p></p><p>Managing Editor Jennifer ThomContributing Editor Jerry Chan</p><p>ContributorsJoana Melo, Ophelia Ren</p><p>DesignChief Art Director Jacopo Della Ragione</p><p>Art Director Susu LuoVisual Planning Joey Guo</p><p>Photographers Sui, Judy Zhou, Nature Zhang </p><p>Designers Yuki Jia, Helen He, Li Xing, Sun Zheng</p><p> (010) 8520 7700</p><p>Account ExecutivesCarren Andreo-Winters, Lynn Cui, Ashley Lendrum, </p><p>Phoebe Li, Naomi Liu, Hailie Song, Jackie Yu, Sophia Zhou</p><p></p><p>Marketing Director Shana ZhangBrand Managers Cao Yue, Jiang Lei, Victoria </p><p>Yang, Theresa Ahdieh</p><p></p><p>Distribution Manager Jenny WangDistribution Executive Victoria Wang</p><p>:()Advertising Agency: Immersion International </p><p>Advertising (Beijing) Co., Limited:5820 7700</p><p>Subscribe to Agenda for RMB 120 a year. Contact</p><p>Linus Holmster does Heyrobics. Photo by Sui</p><p></p><p> agendabeijing</p></li><li><p>3AGENDA</p><p>Letter from the editor</p><p>4 Sports Groups</p><p>6 fitness equipment and Sporting Goods</p><p>8 Adrian LiCEO and co-founder of</p><p>10 tom Lanhove Founder of The Peloton Beijing</p><p>12 Linus holmster GM a Heyrobics International</p><p>16 Sports Bars</p><p>18 Chinas top Athletes </p><p>22 Yonnie fungFounder of the Beijing Yoga Space</p><p>26 Valentines day SpecialsWokai Founder and CEO</p><p>28 try these restaurants, Bars, Shops and Spas</p><p>40 my Perfect day: Sarah Keenlyside of Bespoke Beijing</p><p>42 the Agenda </p><p>44 day-by-day events </p><p>Contents</p><p>my earliest memories of exercise stem from my school days in england when i was 10. every week during winter we were forced to complete a three-mile cross country run in the woods around the school. it was a cold, wet and windy experience every time but the routine of daily exercise was engrained in my youth as an important and necessary part of life. Now, over 20 years later in Beijing, i would pay thousands of rmB to be able to regularly run through those leafy paths.</p><p>there are many excuses to put off exercise in Beijing but ive found that with some simple planning and prioritization ive managed to squeeze it all in. As a result im fitter than i have ever been in my life and have formed closer bonds with my colleagues. ive also met many interesting people through running groups and playing other sports in town.</p><p>As an internet start-up Ceo i typically have a tight schedule that can become quite unpredictable. So to keep me on track i use three simple techniques: having a clear goal or event i regularly train towards, making sure to involve others in this plan and always setting aside a specific time each day to exercise. </p><p>A few years ago when i trained with about 20 of my em-ployees for the 2008 Beijing marathon, we had the goal set six months ahead of the october start date and scheduled time for three training runs a week. everyone would do two runs in their own time during the week and we would meet for a long run most Sundays over the weeks prior to the event. this routine helped us bond as a team and also inspired everyone to realize how they could achieve some-thing they thought of as impossible in just six months. </p><p>Nowadays i tend to exercise first thing in the morning. ive found that making exercise super convenient is the key to sticking to a schedule and im fortunate to have a gym downstairs from my apartment. </p><p>i hope that through this collection of articles and interviews of people passionate about sport and exercise everyone can find a space in your 2012 New Year resolutions for exercise. i promise it will be one of the best decisions you can make for the year.</p><p>Adrian Li</p><p>Ceo and co-founder of and bona fide fitness fanatic</p></li><li><p>4 AGENDA</p><p>the List</p><p>Game On!Get a leg up on Beijings best sports and activity clubsCompiled by Jerry Chan</p><p>Beijing Devils Rugby Club now in its 20th year, the Devils get down and dirty every tuesday at 7.15pm at Dulwich Legend Gar-dens in shunyi (with a bus leaving at 7.15pm from the Den). training resumes in march. Check for more details.</p><p>Beijing Ducks Water Polo the Beijing Ducks practice on sundays from 2-4pm at the international school of Beijing. For more info e-mail or </p><p>Beijing Gaelic Football Club take one part football, one part rugby and mix with a gener-ous portion of Guinness, and you get Gaelic football. mens and Womens teams available and training is usually tuesday evenings from </p><p>7-9pm at Chaoyang Park and sundays from noon-2pm at WaB. Beginners welcome. Play should resume in march but no exact time or location had been confirmed at the time of print. Visit for more info.</p><p>Beijing Golfers Club this club puts on week-end tournaments and is open to two skill levels Class a for those with a handicap of 18 and lower and Class B for those with a handicap over 18. Play should resume in march. Check for more info.</p><p>Beijing Guardians Full-contact tackle american football is the name of the game for the Guardians, who meet every tuesday and sunday at 7pm for two hours of warm-ups, drills, training and more. RmB 400-600 for the </p><p>Who says exercise has to be all work and no play? There are dozens of clubs in Beijing, each offering a fun way to get in shape and meet new friends. The following are some of the most popular and active groups in the city.</p></li><li><p>5AGENDA</p><p>full season. training should resume in march but prices and times were unconfirmed at the time of print. Check for more info.</p><p>Beijing Hash House Harriers the running club with a drinking problem take to the streets every week in search of beer, exercise and as much fun as possible. the group meets each sunday at 2.30pm but dates and times can vary. Runs usually last an hour, covering 7-10 km. sign up on their site for the weekly email.</p><p>Beijing Hikers the Beijing hikers Club has been organizing weekend and midweek hikes in the hills around Beijing every weekend since 2001. advance reservations are neces-sary. hikes cost around RmB 300 per person (discounts available for children under 12) and include meals and transportation. mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Rm 601, Bldg 2, Xinhualian Ligang, 26 Jiuxianqiao Zhonglu, Chaoyang District (6432 2786) 262601</p><p>Beijing International Ice Hockey With six teams with over 100 players from over a doz-en countries, this local hockey league plays three nights a week and on sunday nights. saturday pick-up games on houhai (10am) run throughout February and cost RmB 20 to join in. Visit</p><p>Beijing Ladies Golf Comprised of ladies of different nationalities who share a love for golf, this group meets thursday at courses around Beijing. all skill levels are welcome and club championships are held at the end of every year. season opening lunch is march 8.e-mail and check for more info.</p><p>China Club Football Brings the Beautiful Game to all. Offers mens and womens 5-a-side, adult and year-round junior leagues (for boys and girls ages 4-18) and football coach-</p><p>ing by experienced Fa qualified personnel. membership costs RmB 300. see for more information. mens spring league starts on march 6. </p><p>Dandelion Hiking Organizes hiking and bike trips around the city in groups of no more than ten people. some trips consist of over-night stays. Visit for more info.</p><p>Expat Squash League make a racquet every thursday and sunday at 7pm. Court rental costs are shared. e-mail for more info. </p><p>Fixed Gear Bike Club Bikers with a need for speed will want to look into this group of fixed-gear bikers who ride weekly around Beijing. they can even get you involved with bike polo. more info on their facebook page or e-mail . </p><p>International Friendship Football Club established in 1994, iFFC has players of all nationalities who regularly compete in an 11-a-side league. if soccer (or football, if you will) is your thing, this is for you. Get involved by joining an existing team. match fees help pay for referees. Check out the website for information about membership, teams, and fees. (157 1005 0115) </p><p>Mashup Sports mashups website describes themselves as the largest organizer of adult sports leagues, social events and tournaments in Beijing and organizes a wide range of sports activities from basketball and bowl-ing to dodge ball, flag football, tennis and even beer pong. Check for more info.</p><p>SinoScuba Run by longtime Beijing resident and experienced diver steven schwankert, sinoscuba offers PaDi courses in english and Chinese and periodically organizes diving trips in China and overseas. Visit for more info. </p></li><li><p>6 AGENDA</p><p>the List</p><p>GeaR UPThe best places to buy sporting goods and equipment in BeijingText by Ophelia Ren</p><p>ALSACE alsace never fails to fascinate lovers of military gear. it of-fers a series of French style military supplies, including bags, caps, clothing, boots, socks and camping goods, plus Us Woodland and 3-color Desert camouflage patterns. Designed with various rugged environments in mind, the goods at alsace are perfect for outdoor camping enthusiasts. Daily 10am-6pm. Ren2 aimin street, Xicheng District. (5260 9788, 6618 3078) 2.</p><p>Decathalon this well-known French brand carries equipment for 65 different sports, from baseball to horseback riding, at their five Beijing locations. they also offer an indoor stadium for their customers and a 30-day return policy. 1) Yizhuang store, mon-thu 9am-9pm; Fri-sat 9am-10pm, sun 9am-9pm. West road of Yizhuang Cultural Park, eco-nomic and technological Development Zone, Yizhuang. (6782 6100) 2) Laiguangying store: mon-thu 9am-9pm; Fri -sat 9am-10pm; sun 9am-9pm. 66-1 Xiangbin Lu, Laiguangying, </p><p>Throw away those old sneakers and get ready to hit the ground running in the Year of the Dragon. Finding good sporting equipment can be tough, so we compiled this list to help you get from your track meet to your yoga class in the most stylish and comfortable way possible. Read on to find out where to find what youre looking for. </p></li><li><p>7AGENDA</p><p>Chaoyang district. (6779 8886) 3) Dajiaot-ing store: Daily 10am-9pm. 195 Dongsihuan Zhonglu (near Dajiaoting), Chaoyang District. (8777 8788) 1) (,,), 2) 66-1 (. . . ), 3) 195 ()</p><p>Donus Dono does all things tennis, including rackets, strings, balls, tennis bags and more. Just about every brand and model is available and they claim their prices are cheaper than most sporting goods stores in malls (prices are generally 40% less). sitongqiao store, 1-4 Zhongguancun nan Dajie, haidian District. (6894 0140) 1-4</p><p>HONMA honma from Japan manufactures golf clubs that boast superior performance and design, making it one of the worlds leading brands. Beijings massive 300-square-meter flagship store offers clubs for every skill range, from beginner to profession-al, and tend to be pricier (ranging from tens of thousands to millions RmB). attire, bags, golf shoes and other accessories are also available. Daily 9am-9pm. a101 hOnma, F1, Jiaming Centre, 27 Dongsanhuan Beilu , Chaoyang District. (6550 5688) 27A101 HONMA</p><p>Lantian Badminton Sporting Store Popular amongst badminton enthusiasts, Lantian sells international and domestic brands and products are suitable for all skill levels. some items sold in this store are said to be even cheaper than on taobao. 1/F Bldg 5,Weigongcun Lu, haidian District. (6218 9648) 851 </p><p>Li Sheng Mall Located in Wangfu-jing (opposite the Wangfujing Cathedral) and featuring the iconic rocket-shaped bungee ride at its front entrance, this four-story mall sells a large variety of sporting goods, accessories and footwear on its first and second floors. You </p><p>can find most famous domestic and interna-tional brands here. sun-thu 9am-9pm, Fri-sat 9am-10pm. 201 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6525 2746) 201 </p><p>L.L.Bean this american brand focuses on outdoor supplies and camping gear and has a flagship store located in the solana mall that covers over 350 square meters and is filled with a wide variety of merchandise, from active wear and canvas bags to fishing rods and tents. 1) solana store: Daily 10am-10pm. BL2-06 solana, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. 2) Juntai store: Juntai shopping mall, 133 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. 1)6BL2-06 () 2)133</p><p>Nirvana Yoga aside from Yoga courses, nirvana Yoga Center also offers a full range of yoga equipment and clothing from brands like aumnie, known for its light-weight, durable and quick drying clothing (around RmB 700-800 per clothing outfit). nirvana also offers two brands of anti-slip yoga mats, includ-ing premium imported manduka from the Us (RmB 998) and a less expensive domestically produced mat (RmB 360). Daily 9.30am-9-pm.2a, Unit 5, shijicheng, Yuanda Lu (100m south of the Golden Resource shopping mall), haidian District. (5198 0591) 52A100</p><p>Redrain Redrain supplies all kinds of dance and performance costumes at reasonable prices. Daily 9am-7pm. 29 Zhong-guancun nandajie, haidian District. (6842 1815) 29</p><p> and Both taobao and offer many types and brands of sporting equipment for cheap prices, but be-ware of fakes. Visit and look up the We Love taobao Guide for informa-tion on how you can get started using Chinas leading e-commerce site. </p></li><li><p>8 AGENDA</p><p>entRePReneURiaL iROnmanAdrian Li is a British-born Chinese with a degree in Economics from Cambridge University. After working for JPMorgan he came to Beijing in 2006 and sold his first company, Idapted, and is now CEO and co-founder of, a short term rental website for private accommodations. Agenda spoke with Adrian and he gave some insight on how he thinks his sports training has helped him get ahead in business. Interview by Joana Melo, photo by Judy Zhou</p><p>Have you always been into sports? i had exercise instilled in me in the early days of my education in england. While at school i had the opportunity to participate in many sports, particularly Judo, which i competed in for London in the UK University nationals and won gold for the sub 63KG category. But after graduating i found it more difficult to schedule team sports versus individual sports such as running, so ive gradually gotten into endurance sports. ive since completed five marathons a 70.3 half ironman and several Olympic distance triathlons. </p><p>How have sports been a vital part of your professional life, and how has that crossed over into yo...</p></li></ul>