the fine art and hard science of marketing

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The Marketing Department often gets a bad rap. We're too pushy or not pushy enough. We can't quantify how we're doing. This presentation demonstrates to business owners and marketers alike why a good marketing strategy is essential, and what tactics can be used to accomplish measurable financial & creative results.


  • 1. Marla Schuchman The Fine Art and Hard Science of Marketing
  • 2. Art Source:ErikKwakkel Science Creativity Practice Experimentation Facts & Figures Strategic Planning
  • 3. Marketing is reaching a relevant audience and encouraging them to take an action that will benefit your business.
  • 4. The Worst Area of Business?
  • 5. The Worst Area of Business Everyone Hates Marketing
  • 6. Sistine Chapel ceiling is a great marketing campaign for the Catholic Church Raises Awareness Enhances Brand Brings Organic Traffic
  • 7. Big Picture Perspective + Targeted Tactics Holistic Marketing
  • 8. Big Picture: Know Your Audience
  • 9. Tactics: Define your audience using research-backed personas Determine how they can & should act to your benefit All customer engagement is not a like Comments vs. Likes vs. Shares
  • 10. Big Picture: Define Your Footprint
  • 11. Reality: Marketing analytics tools have a lot of competition. Find one that works for you. Assumption: Marketing is hard to quantify.
  • 12. Tactics: Results-oriented metrics - focus on actions taken, not page views Tools - CRM, CMS, email automation, customer support platforms, analytics Monitor & involve other departments Sales, Finance, Support, R&D, et al. affect and are affected by marketing efforts
  • 13. Big Picture: Embrace Creativity
  • 14. Tactics: Allow room for creative freedom Experiment & find inspiration
  • 15. Know Your Audience Define Your Footprint Embrace Creativity
  • 16. May 30th, 12:302:00pm @ Peninsula Technology Incubator
  • 17. 757-932-5080