The "Final Exam" Presentation for CMST 225

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  • 1. The Final ExamPresentation for CMST225 Sam Dunham

2. Throughout the class we were taught different ways topresent information to an audience. After going throught the class I realized there is that goesinto presenting something than just thinking of a topic andgetting info Picking the right medium to present your information is key Each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses whichmake it unique to the others.The power of the medium 3. Ive never done anything like thisin a class before, so it was fun tolearn all these new presentationmediums. Being a beginner in these toolsallowed me to have more of an open mind when workingwith something I am unfamiliar with I learned new things take time to learnand cant be rush if your now familiarLearning new things makes yourpresenting skills stronger 4. This class showed me some of the real power of theinternet. Anyone can read and view your podcasts,slideshares, blogs ect The internet is the super highway of information you canalmost find anything there I learned you must also use the resources available to you. The internet links many mediums andallows instant sharingThe power of the internet 5. The peer critiques on presentation days I believe was oneof the most beneficial part of our class time I think. Hearing what others have to say about your work alwayshelps you improve on it I learned not to take the critiques personal and take it asan opportunity to make something betterThe power of Critque 6. The big thing I got from this class is I was introduced to anentire new way of seeing things and presenting things. Before this if I had a presentation I would make apowerpoint stand in front of the class and talk yay thatsboring Now with so many options and new knowledge I canimpress people and myself with the work I can do. Also its no fun being a on trick pony having versatilitymakes completing tasks easier.Bringing it all together 7. The EndSpecial Thanks to Dave Engen for teaching us all these greatskills