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  • The Fight Over ReconstructionThe Radical RepublicansPresident Johnson vs. CongressFourteenth AmendmentFifteenth Amendment

  • Radical RepublicansMost in Congress are moderate RepublicansFeel the South is trying to return to old ways by using Black CodesRadical Repubs want to punish the South for black codesGain support of moderates when President Johnson ignored the black codes

  • Thaddeus Stevens (PA) Charles Sumner (MA)

  • Have not loyal blacks quite as good a right to choose rulers and make laws as rebel whites? Every man, no matter what his race or color has an equal right to justice, honesty, and fair play with every other man; and the law should secure him those rights.- Con. Thaddeus Stevens (PA)

  • Johnson v. Congress

    JohnsonCongressFreedmans BureauThinks its UnconstitutionalPassed it under LincolnStrengthen Freedmans BureauVetoed itAngry but no overrideCivil Rights Act of 1866 (blacks and whites have same rights)Vetoed it - says blacks shouldnt be equal to whitesOverrode the veto by 2/3s majority

  • Fourteenth Amendment (1866)All people born in US (except Native Americans) are citizensAll citizens get equal protection under the lawState laws can be overruled by Federal Courts (Federal law superior to state law)Banned CSA officials from state or federal govt

  • 1) Create a caption or title for the cartoon

  • 2) What emotion is being displayed in the drawing?3) Creative Writing: Create a dialogue for what this man is thinking

  • Congress Take Charge

    Reconstruction Acts

    Johnson ImpeachedRepublicans get 2/3s of seats in Congress in 1866 (can now override President)

    Creates five military districts in South (took away statehood)To get back in, states must approve the 14th Amendment

    Johnson criticizes the Reconstruction ActsCongress impeaches himOne vote short of 2/3s majority in Senate needed to remove him from officeJohnson did nothing wrong aside from disagreeing with Congress

  • Fifteenth Amendment (1870)African American males (over 21) have the right to vote

  • 4) Why is voting important in a democracy?Discussion:Why dont more people take the time on election day to vote?Why will you/wont you vote?