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This tells the story of the War in Heaven, the fall of Lucifer, the Creation, and the fall of Man with an emphasis on the symbols of the snake (evil), the fruit (temptation), and the fig leaf (shame/secrets/masks). Final slides make connections to Faust, Alladin and introduce the absolute phrase giving students an opportunity to use the absolute phrase to describe scenes from "The Monkey's Paw." Notes at the bottom of each slide provide narration, commentary, and questions for analysis--they are viewable in PowerPoint if you download the presentation. I've used this slideshow with 9th, 12th, and AP Lit students adapting it to introduce short story units emphasizing allusion, Frankenstein, Paradise Lost, and Heart of Darkness.


  • 1. The Absolute Phrase A noun, followed by a participle or participial phrase the cat scratching the bell ringing dog barking teacher teaching student learning