The experience of chronic pain, loss and grief

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  • 174 Abstracts / Scandinavian Journal of Pain 1 (2010) 167176

    VD somatocognitive therapy resulted in signicantly reduction inpain scores (by an average of 66%), and signicant improvement ofmotor patterns, especially for the scores for gait (56%) and respira-tion (88%).Conclusions: Somatocognitive therapy is a new approach thatappears to be very promising in the management of chronic gynae-cological pain.Short-term out-patient treatment signicantly reduces pain scoresand improvtion, gait anThe approavention stushoulder, an


    The Manuacombinatiotocol of a r

    Eva Skillgat

    1 Institute oSE-17177, S2 Scandinav23A, SE-114

    Objective:examining,pain/dysfunaims to rednective tissother jointsals show thback/neck pcombinatioto examineafter NMT,benet fromMethods: Anumber: 10at the studManuel Meback pain (10 point NRrecent traumTreatmentcombinatioulation/mobut not strePatients wiquestionnaweb basedtimes withiPrimary ouintensity ofof life and pResults: Atake place iprocess andpilot trial.


    The experience of chronic pain, loss and grief

    Bodil Furnes, Elin Dysvik

    Universitetet i Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway

    Introductiogrief theoryory, 12 an

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    intraes motor function, especially with respect to respira-d movement (ability to relax).ch is now being used in a randomized, controlled inter-dy including patient with chronic low back, neck andd widespread pain.


    l Intervention Trial (MINT)The effect of variousns of naprapathic manual therapy. The study pro-andomized controlled trial

    e1,2, Lena Holm2, Helene Schulte1

    f Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Box 210,tockholm, Swedenian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine, Krftriket19, Stockholm, Sweden

    Naprapathy is dened as a specic system fordiagnostics, manual treatment and rehabilitation ofction in the neuromusculoskeletal system. The therapy

    uce pain and dysfunction through treatment of the con-ue, muscle- and neural tissue in/around the spine and, by a combination of manual techniques. Earlier tri-at Naprapathy is effective for patients with unspecicain. The current trial aims to compare the effect of threens of Naprapathic manual therapy (NMT) on such pain,prevalence, severity and duration of adverse reactionsand to identify subgroups of patients who have greater

    the treatments.randomized controlled trial with three arms (target50 patients). Inclusion criteria: Patients 1865 years

    ent clinic at The Scandinavian College of Naprapathicdicine with a new episode of non-specic neck and/orduration one week). Exclusion criteria: Pain


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