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  • 1. Jack Peeples

2. It is an clever scheming man/woman withintricate plots They typically are evil beyond reason and havea lack of understanding of human emotions Hubris is common, leading them to reveal theirplots to their enemies in confidence, sometimesleading to their downfall They also often have a difficult childhood 3. Marduk is a Sumerian god He led a battle with the new gods against theold gods according to the poem Enuma Elish 4. He is very clever and had a difficult childhood He hid his evil when he was young throughbeing polite and clever He eventually used his evil to steal the ElderWand, murder tons of people, and almost killHarry several times 5. The old witch is an example of an evil genius She builds her house from candy and temptsthe children inside, knowing they would likecandy She then, if the plan had worked out, wouldhave eaten them 6. Plankton constantly hasdevious plans to destroythe Krusty Krab In the SpongeBob Squarepants movie, he initiates aplot where he turns theentire town into his ownpersonal zombies 7. Though not consider a villain to humanity, heis a villain to the Gods He first tricks Zeus into choosing a pooroffering, just to be superior, and stole fire fromhim because he felt Zeus shouldnt keep it tohimself 8. Supermans arch rival He doesnt have anysuper powers but iswealthy andintelligent, using hisinventive powers totry and destroy theworld His plans typicallyinvolve killingsuperman, typically asa stepping stone toworld domination 9. This man runs acarnival and trickPinocchio intojoining him and thenlocks him up, to usefor profit 10.


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