The European Union. “Faire L’Europe C’est Faire Le Paix” Jean Monnet  Jean Monnet  Robert Shuman

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  • The European Union
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  • Faire LEurope Cest Faire Le Paix Jean Monnet Jean Monnet Robert Shuman
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  • Europe United The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), 1952 The European Community (EC) Treaty of Rome (1957) Single European Act (1986) common market European Union (EU) Maastricht treaty (1992)-monetary union Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe (2004)
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  • Levels of Economic Integration Free Trade Area (FTA): North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Customs Union: European Community before Single European Act MERCOSUR Common market: European Community after Single European Act (1986) implemented Economic and monetary union European Union after Maastricht treaty (1992) implemented
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  • European Union Enlargement 1973: Britain, Ireland, Denmark (9) 1980s: Greece, Portugal, Spain (12) 1994: Austria, Finland, and Sweden (15) 2004: 8 CEE countries, Malta, and Cyprus (25) Bulgaria, Romania bid for 2007 membership Turkey, Croatia started membership negotiations
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  • European Institutions (Supranational Institutions) European Council Heads of States Council of Ministers Government officials/Ministers European Parliament Directly elected country representatives European Commission 25 commissioners, civil servants Directorates Generals: Environment, Trade, Justice, External Relations, etc. European Court of Justice European Central Bank
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  • EU Legislation Case Study Directive 2001/80/EC limiting emissions of certain air pollutants large combustion plants (SO2, NOx, dust) European Commission 1997 Acidification Strategy Proposes directive to tighten emissions for power plants Council of Ministers and European Parliament adopt directive in 2001 European Commission monitors
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  • ECJ: Cassis de Dijon Germany bans import of Cassis de Dijon liqueur German import company Rowe-Zentral AG takes case to the ECJ Precedent for the mutual recognition principle
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  • European Budget Total (2005): 106bn Euros Agriculture (46%): with the amount of EU agricultural subsidies you can fly every EU cow across the Atlantic first class Regional and Structural Funds (30%) Source: 4/money/html/other.stm


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