The Effects of Natural Disasters

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  • Chapter 1: The effects of natural disasters.

    1.1. Axel Polus

    Destructive force of natural disasters, such as tsunamis and earthquakes, brings many

    misfortunes and problems to people touched by such cataclysms. All victims of natural

    calamities have to deal with a great deal of difficulties fulfilling their lives with pain,

    sorrow and helplessness, which are not known by people who never experienced

    situation like this. For some, this kind of scenario might seem like a horror movie, but

    unfortunately for others it is a reality. Three main effects all survivors of natural

    disasters struggle with, are destruction of environment, lack of supplies and injuries

    obtained during a catastrophe.

    Firstly, the effect which is most seen with the naked eye is the destruction of

    environment hit by natural cataclysms. When tsunami or earthquake strikes at city,

    many buildings are damaged or completely destroyed. For example, houses of people

    are razed to the ground, depriving them shelter and making them live among the ruins

    and in the streets. Other example is environmental devastation, such us contamination of

    drinking water or air full of dust and other harmful substances. What is more, such

    destroyed environment affects peoples health and makes their already difficult situation

    even worse.

    Another significant effect, is lack of resources during and after calamity. Usually,

    when such situation occurs ,and as it was stated above, many parts of the city are

    destroyed, people lack food, drinking water, manpower and medical supplies. For

    instance, the number of injured people more often than not, exceeds the number of

    medical supplies like painkillers and antibiotics available for them. Moreover, more

    serious injuries might not be cured at all because of small number of capable doctors

  • and difficult surgeries they have to perform in unfavorable conditions. Lack of food and

    drinking water leads to starvation and dehydration of many survivors, consequences of

    which in many cases results in death. Not to mention, that limited manpower makes it

    hard to create efficient rescue actions and reduces the area of search.

    The last but not least, are injuries acquired during natural disasters. Many people,

    who survived such tragedies, sadly didnt do it without being hurt in the process. A great

    deal of the physical wounds are incurable, making them crippled for life. For example,

    lost limbs, a loss of sight or even a paralysis. These impairments not only are health

    issues, but also they later consequently lead to poverty - because not being able to work,

    these people are lacking in possibilities to earn money and that ruins them financially.

    What is more, there are also mental illnesses like PTSD, which causes depression and

    makes people not being able to cope with their loses and with memories of what they

    have been through during natural disaster.

    To sum up, three greatest effects of natural disasters are destruction of cities and

    homes, depriving people of shelter, lack of resources necessary for their survival and

    injuries they acquire during these tragedies. All three effects are fateful in their

    consequences, leading to many grim outcomes such as starvation, impairment, poverty,

    or even death. And despite great efforts, it is difficult to counteract these effects.